Ohio Dominican University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any one looking for a small, close-knit community. We're a liberal arts college so a person can study nearly anything, or even put majors together to create your own major.


Anyone is open to attend Ohio Dominican University. I must say though, if you're looking for a big party, you're not going to find it there. It's a small, and for the most part, quiet campus. I also suggest that you have a challenged work ethic coming to ODU. The work is not hard, but it does require time and effort.


Ohio Dominican University requires the top in academics, the classes are small and every teacher knows you by name. If you do not show up to class, your friends and teacher are the first to get on you. The school itself is very clicky, and it seems like everyone has their friend groups. Ultimate Frisbee is the best club on campus, they accept everyone for who you are and it?s a great way to make friends.


A person who loves diversity, learning, an a variety of opprotunity both socially and academically should attend this school.


A rich person who has help from his or her parents to pay for school. You can't survive it alone.


The kind of person that should attend Ohio Dominican is someone is is outgoing and loves a small atmosphere because the classes are small, which I like. The person should try their hardest on their school work, and know that teachers are definately watching them and checking up on them.


A person who enjoys small classes and desires a one on one experience with professors. Ohio Dominican may be a Catholic University, but the liberal arts education suits anyone. This isn't a good school for art.


Someone who wants a good liberal arts learning experience. Someone who wants to go some place and who will share what they learned with others to help them grow to be a fuller person. A creative engaged person ready to learn and have fun.


Someone looking for a good education from a small school


A person who is independent and friendly. As well as open minded about things.