Ohio Dominican University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school mainly is dealing with scheduling classes for the upcoming semester. It is usually done online, but before we schedule we must meet with our Academic Advisor. It's really frustrating especially if we decide to change majors. It takes a lot of additional time, especially since there are multiple steps involved.


The most frusturating is the lack of willing accomodations for students with medical barriers. Dealing with recent brain damage myself, I set up a meeting with the school administration, asking for them to help me be successful. I was upset to find that they were not willing to help. The Dean of Student Life used the worlds "within reason," and said while my doctor may recommend accomodations, that does not mean that they will follow those accomodations. I have always been a hard worker, and through perseverence, without their help, I have found a way to succeed, despite my troubles.


Only going one night a week there is a ton of homework which means spending at least 25 hours a week on school work besides going to work and other responsiblities.


The most frustrating concepts at Ohio Dominican University are: its lack of tradition and its lack of school spirit. Ohio Dominican has a few traditions but they are insignificant. In the view of school spirit, Ohio Dominican Students have none - or if they do they certainly don't show it. When our football team made it to national in the fall of 2007, there wasn't much enthusiasm traversing campus.


It's too liberal, it does not recognize conservatiism at all not in its faculty nor in its on campus speakers.