Ohio Northern University Top Questions

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The most unique thing is the quality. Out of the colleges thatI had looked at, Ohio Northern had the friendliest people. Even now that I am enrolled as a full-time student here, the people are still incredibly friendly and nice. Walking around campus you can always expect at least five people to say hello to you, and most of the time, those people are complete strangers. The people here truely care about you and treat you as another friendly individual.


Ohio Northern is a small school that genuinely cares about its students and wants them to do well. It allowed me to play sports, be involved in clubs on campus, and also keep up with my school work load. The campus is beautiful and there is always something going on that students can get involved in. Most of the other schools that I looked at were larger schools and to them, it seemed like I would be just another student. But at Northern, I am a person, and the professors actually know your name and want you to do well.


I find that at my school there are so many things that make it special and unique. The experince and memories you make on and off campus are ones that last a lifetime! At ONU, there is a distinct drive in everyone to do something with their lives, and to be somebody. No one wants to be anonymous in my opinon and that is what makes for such a wonderful student body, staff, and faculty. The interactions that I have with everyone are personal and genuine. This school has allowed me to be my own person.


At Ohio Northern, despite a shortage of things to do and see, the students are very involved and friendly, and for the most part, people stay on weekends. The faculty (including the president) are also very involved; most professors make the effort to learn their students' names and can usually tell when a particular student is struggling.


Very small campus allows students and staff to form strong bonds socially and academically. Students are treated as individuals here!


We are a small and somewhat isolated school and that is seen as a disadvantage by some outsiders. We prefer it this way though. The atmosphere is fun, personal and focused on education. What we lack in location and size we make up for in opportunity. If we can't do something because of these restrictions we bring what need to us, such as guest artists and professional speakers. And groups on campus are always taking trips to learn about their professions and the outside world. We really are lucky students.


Definately the people & size! I applied to schools of all sizes...but ended up knowing that the smaller classes were more condusive to my learning style. I loved the personal relationships that I saw students having with the professors. It was really nice to see that the professors weren't out of touch with the students. Also I could not find one person that disliked the school (I really did try to find someone). I immediately knew why I couldn't .... Its hard not to love the school!