Ohio Northern University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Ohio Northern University?


When I applied to Ohio Northern, I was lucky enough to be accepted into their Honors Program. Since then, I have met so many wonderful people because all of the freshmen in the program live in the same hall. We do so much together and have a great time, but still respect that everyone is at ONU to receive an education. Therefore, I know I can always get my work done while still knowing I have a friend to talk to and play Euchre with. This community is the reason that I am so proud to be a polar bear.


I brag about the small size. I love how small the classes are. It allows you to get to know your classmates and professors on a more personal level.


The professors are amazing here at Ohio Northern University! They are, for the most part, always available to studnets. I've had several teachers give me their home phone numbers and say " call if you have any questions". The professors are interested in your life and seeing you succeed. They are aware when we have ups and downs in our lives and are genuinely concerned or happy for the students.


We have ice cream at lunch!


It's small and welcoming.


Beautiful campus, good theatre shows, teachers


The friendliness, how good all of the programs are, and all my good friends I met.


I'm going to look very good on paper, and I know my education is top notch.