Ohio Northern University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Best thing: everything! I'd change: a little closer to civilization aka a bigger city Size: just right. 3400 undergrads. you can walk across campus in about 20 min. People's reaction: Where's Ada, OH? Most time spent: all overrr. in class. in my sorority. in the library. at meetings for clubs. "College town": definitely, we make up most of Ada. and yes, there are parties. ;) Administration: "President Baker is my Homeboy" Recent controversy: we're switching from quarter to semester in 2011-2012 School pride: lots! go polar bears! Fav Memory: sorority recruitment freshman year :) Student complaints: bad cell phone service. only verizon and sprint work. and that varies from place to place. also, cafeteria food in Macintosh. personally, i think it's not bad.


Northern is a student's campus. Students are able to do whatever they dream to do and have the support of the faculty and administration to do it.