Ohio Northern University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Ohio Northern University?


Anybody that can't stand the cold should not consider Ohio Northern. The wind here is a blistering cold and there is a reason that our mascot is a Polar Bear. It got so cold here that our school even coined its own twitter tag #PolarBearUp. Also, any person looking to go to parties every weekend should not consider Ohio Northern. The campus is a dry campus and parties are hard to find. That's not to say there aren't parties, but if you're looking to get blackout drunk, Northern isn't for you.


Everyone should attend Ohio Northern no matter what social class, religious affiliation, gender or race. Most hobbies and skills are represented by campus organizations. There is not discrimination based on anything here at Ohio Northern. It is a place for all to grow no matter where they came from.


I don't think there is anyone who should not attend this school. Ohio Northern University offers everything a college student could ask for. ONU has expections programs as well as extra-cirricular activities. There is definately something for everyone at Ohio Northern University.


Someone who is not dedicated to school. You have to work hard, and you have to want to succeed.


If you like the city and the busy life that comes with it, you probably would not enjoy living in Ada. Campus life is strong, but off campus there isn't much going on.


Anyone who doesn't like to sit down and do homework or likes to coast by shouldn't attend this school. This school is very geared toward academics.


An academically savy student who is very career oriented should attend Northern.


One who doesn't like to attend class on a regular basis, and one who does not know what they want to do as a future career after their second year.


A person that doesn't take their academics seriously should not attend. To succeed at this universities you must be focused and hard working.