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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dont go to the school that promises the moon, they never deliever. Go for the more modest college.


My advice would be to first look for a good program for the major you want and then to narrow it down with location preferences, cost, extra-curricular activities, etc. If the student is undecided, pick a larger school with many majors and a good reputation. Research colleges early and make a reference sheet with all of your criteria for each college so you can compare schools easily. When you get to college, get out as much as you can. Get involved in things in might have never tried before. This way you can meet a lot of new people easily and make new friends.


Find a college You want to go to - something that seems to fit you and your personality. Don't go to a school just because every one you know will be there, or because it looks like a lot of fun. The fun will end, and you'll be in the real world. It's possible to have a good time at a quality institution. Money is not always the main focus either. Some schools are harder to swallow financially than others, but if you're working hard, the future will smile brightly on you, and those college loans will be something that you're grateful for - they gave you the opportunity to obtain an education that many do not have an opportunity to experience. Study hard. Take time to relax. Someone's always watching you - mom and dad hopeful for good grades and a bright future for you; someone unexpected modeling their actions after yours. The right college will find you, you just have to make the most out of that college. Pay it forward.


There are many important factors that go into choosing the right college: programs/majors offered, academic reputation, class size, accessibility of the professors, financial aid awards, and location, among others. But the most important thing is that it feels right. When you step onto the campus, it should feel like home?not necessarily like your current home, but a place that could be your home for the next four years. You should be able to envision yourself living there happily for four years and wanting to stay there even if you were to change your major. Knowing that, above all else, is what makes the difference between loving your school and hating it and/or transferring. Once you have found the perfect school, be sure to get involved in campus activities. Yes, it is very important to study and stay on top of your class work, but you will be very dissatisfied with your college experience if that is all you do. So get out and find something that you love. Be involved and invest yourself in the school, and college will be an incredible experience that you will not want to end.


Choose many different colleges and look at them all before deciding. Never go with just one and always look at financial aid options!


I would definately say that you have to listen to your gut feeling about a school. Listening to your parent's opinion on a school is also important. I definately did not want my mom to be right about what school was best for me, however after being at ONU for two weeks she was right. I loved it and could not see myself at any other school. Doing research and talking to students at the univeristy to make sure you are a fit is very important. A bit of advice to students is to get involved! I know that is said all of the time...but it really makes college so much better! You meet so many more people by getting involved. These people may not be your best friends, but you know more people who share your same opinions, career goals, etc. It is also important to be open to people. I tend to be a shy person at first, but eventually learned that it is so much easier to just try a little each day to be more open. Overall, it is just important to find a school where the student and parents feel most comfortable!