Ohio Northern University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is four hours away from my hometown, where so much of my family and friends live. While it is not impossible to get home for a weekend, it makes it much more difficult. It requires much more planning than my friends whom are mostly native Ohioans, which means I can’t see everyone as much as I would like. I love being at ONU, but after being in Lexington for my entire life before college, it is so frustrating to have part of my life so far away.


It's in the middle of nowhere.


The most frustrating thing about Ohio Northern is wifi connectablity. In the freshmen dorms, wifi is very spotty. An ethernet cord is a must for dorm life. Even in some of the buildings I have not been able to pick up wifi. I only use my laptop in my dorm, and it is always connected to the Internet through an ethernet cord. There is only one corner of my dorm room that has wifi, and I can only pick it up if I sit very still in that one spot.


I have not started the year yet....


It is pretty expensive, and sometimes feels like you are throwing away a lot of money.


The most frustrating thing about Ohio Northern University is the very small size and also the lack of immediate off campus extra-curricular options for the students.


The most frusterating thing is the town. There is not much to do here in Ada. For the most part you have to drive outside of town to find something to do.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the location. I enjoy the small town atmosphere, but there really is not a lot to do in Ada. The nearest mall and actual city is about 30 minutes away. So I am often stuck in town bored and wondering what to do. In the winter when it snows and the weather is bad, th situation is even worse, as there is no possible way to get out of town.


It is in the middle of no where. It is 15 miles to big stores.


Having to be off campus when it closes for holidays, but am unable to leave campus due to living too far away, or playing sports, and can't leave campus.


The most frustrating thing about ONU is probably the location, although it lets us have some really awesome grounds. The closest "city", Lima, OH, is about 30 minutes drive from campus, and the town of Ada is really small and quaint.


The cost to attend this school is high because it is a small, private university.


The most frustrating things are the wireless internet losing signal in the dorms, the lack of flexibility for campus meal plans, and the school's somewhat negative attitude towards fraternities