Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is large, spirited, and outgoing.


Ohio State is a very large school that can be overwhelming but with the right attitude, you can find all the resources you need there.


Ohio State is a very big and beautiful campus and there's always something to do; it's a great school academically and athletically.


The Ohio State University, a very demanding school academic wise yet culturaly aware. Ohio state offeres you the best of both worlds. You get to receive top of the line education while also having the ability to express the form of culture you represent, and the football team is a plus. There are cultural groups for practically everyone. From the latino student associtation to the malaysian student association. At least each continent has a group represenation at Ohio State and if you don't seem to find a group that relates to your culture, you can create one.


All the variety of the world and education all in one place.


Big campus, with big school pride which matches its supreme academic values.


The largest campus in the nation - bringing with it the largest variety of opportunities, activities, and teaching staff.


My college is the most awesome place to be; it has everything anyone would need.


The Ohio State University has school spirit.


THE nuttiest family in the nation.


The Ohio State University is a social mecca that allows individuals to fully express themselves while receiving a fantastic education.


The Ohio State University is a diverse college that allows everyone to live up to their potential and offers every student a chance to find out who they are, whether it's through the Bacon Club, the various youth groups, the volunteer groups, or the amazing football games every fall Saturday.


At Ohio State, we are extremely passionate about everything we represent.


OSU is so diverse, there is something for everyone no matter what your interests are or what your major is.


The Ohio State University is a large school that offers many opportunities as well as a community oriented environment that is warm, welcoming and academically stimulating.


Ohio State is about pride, tradition, hard work, and respect.


My school is a multi-cultural melting pot that combines diversity and education into one big community.


High sprited environment of students on the path towards success.


Ohio State is a university for people who want access: it's humongous, so one has access to nearly unlimited people, resources, and contacts.


The Ohio State University is a spirited school that is focused on academics and making students become the best person they can be.


I truly believe the people at Ohio State are some the proudest, happiest, intelligent, and most high-spirited people in the nation.


The Ohio State University is the best damn university in the land (a play off of "the best damn band in the land")!


My school is the best damn school in the land.


Ohio State is a place for dreamers, academics, people who are unsure of what they want to do with their lives, people of different ethnicities, and absolutely anyone who has an unimpeded desire to learn about themselves and the world.


A city with in a city.


My school is a great place to learn and a ball of fun all rolled into one.


Its out of a movie, There are beautiful old buildings around the oval (14 acre green space) 1960s/70s science buildings (not the prettiest) and busy kids everywhere, state of the art facilities for class, hanging out, exercising, and everything else you can imagine. The only thing that isn't out of a movie is the construction. They are constantly rebuilding streets and buildings. But as Gordon Gee (the university president) says, "if there is no construction where you are living, get out because that place is going no where" <--- not a direct quote but the same general message.


Crazy amount of school spirit!


The Ohio State University diverse university with high standards and a great staff.


Best campus ever!


The Ohio State University is a place of opportunity, you can be whatever you want to be, it is whatever you want it to be.


The Ohio State University is a microcosm of the world beyond college, with people from all different economic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds, an array of opportunities in various fields, and an expansive community which brings together people going in many different directions.


The Ohio State University is an ambitious college student's playground; they offer everything, and depending on what you need, it can be as large or small as you want.


A large, inclusive community that pushes students to excell, strive for their best, and realize their potential while instilling a strong sense of school pride.


I've never been anywhere in the world where I've felt like I can fit in perfectly, be surrounded by so many intelligent and open-minded people, make life-long friendships, and learn so much all in the same place!


The Ohio State University is an extremely large school with a beautiful campus and a thriving atmosphere that gives students the ability to either hide themselves in the mass of people or seize the available opportunities and stand out.


OSU provides every kind of student with several opportunities to get involved and find what they are interested in.


There's someone for everyone at Ohio State.


Ohio State Univeristy is one of the largest universities in the country, yet with efforts can become a community atmosphere that encourages students to be open minded, strive for success, and turn dreams into realities.


Large and spirited


Ohio State University is an incredible school, with limitless oppurtunities and excellence in education with dedicated peers and faculty, and a euphoric atomsphere.


The Ohio Sate University is an exciting college with many opportunities, and is bursting with innovative young minds that learn from experienced professors, and create a bright future for us all.


My school is the most spirited, enthusiastic, optimistic, and community-orientated university I have ever visited; it is a place that fosters learning and the development of lifelong friendships.


In one word, intimidating. People come to visit Ohio State and they're in awe. After a week and a half on campus, it gets a lot smaller. I've never had to walk more than 10 minutes between classes, but when I first transferred here I thought I'd be riding the bus around the city getting to and from class and work. In another few words, a big party. People come to football games here with energy and ready to party, tailgate, cheer at the games and make their Saturdays count. Ohio State has a feel of superiority to someone who's never seen it. Because it's THE Ohio State University and prestigious.


I love OSU. The campus has so much to do and is convenient due to the campus area bus service provided. The education here is amazing. The professors are helpful. There are so many different classes and majors to choose from. There are tutoring buildings for classes such as math and chemistry and many different advisors to assist you in your career and education search. The housing and meal plan is great here too!


My school is obnoxious yet amazing.


Ohio State is a large university with lots of opportunities to get involved and to succeed in areas that you are interested in.


Ohio State University is always very exciting whether it's classes or extra-curricular events.


Ohio State is a place filled with overflowing school spirit.; even though it is one of the biggest schools in the country, the Buckeye name unifies every student and member in the community. You can not ask for anything more.


My school is very large in size and with its quanity of people.