Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very hardworking, creative, supportive, and energetic classmates!




The are alot! of students at Ohio State.


The Ohio State University student body is full of goal-oriented, hard working, fun loving, pre-professional from all around the world.


Ohio State students, are high achieving smart students who were all ranked very high in their high school classes, however they are friendly and very willing to help out.


My classmates are what makes my time here at The Ohio State University so enjoyable and memorable. The atmosphere of my classes is extremely friendly and open-minded, so it makes for lasting friendships in each class. However, the friendships go beyond the classmates. In a campus with nearly 60,000 students, any individual is bound to find someone else of which they can create a lifelong relationship with. The abundance of friendly people at Ohio State is overwhelming to an extent due to the rarity of that atmosphere in this world; but that's what makes it so unique!


My classmates are the friendliest and most helpful people I've ever met.


It's cliche to say, but Ohio State is incredibly diverse and anyone can fit in. There are so many different types of people it's hard to believe anyone could feel left out. If you're not a sports fan you might feel a little distant on Saturdays in the fall but nothing problematic. Most students are in-state but there are tons of out-of-state and international students. As an out-of-state student I never felt excluded or isolated because of where I was from. Students are incredibly laid back and pretty much anything goes. People can go to class in their PJs or get dressed up, it's completely up to you and will go judgement free.


My classmates are all fun and loving but are also very serious about their studies and have a great work ethic.


My classmates at Ohio State served as my family away from home; they were the support group I turned to in times of pleasure and pain, constantly challenging yet encouraging my personal growth.


It is difficult to generalize since I am at so large of a school, but most of my classmates are friendly and we often have some area of interest in common.


The majority of the students are white though Ohio State does have a large number of international students. Though the majority of the students are white, there are all kinds of diverse races at Ohio State and students are very accepting of all kinds of people so students will most likely not have a problem fitting in. Most students are very casual and wear jeans and t-shirts or athletic shorts. There is a lot of Ohio State gear worn, many of it being free from events.Most of the students are from Ohio though I am personally a out of state student from Chicago. The financial background that seems the most prevalent is the middle class.


My classmates are friendly and while we are competitive we do want to see one another succeed.


My classmates are full of pride for their Buckeyes, from football games to cookouts, my former classmates are energetic and extremely gregarious.


My classmates are driven, eager and interactive as well as interested in learning for the sake of gaining valuable knowledge and further developing their character and skills for a hopeful future.


Very diverse, friendly.


My classmates are very intelligent, and have driven to do my best at Ohio State.


Very interesting people.


My classmates are driven, intelligent, enthusiastic and engaging.


On a campus where there are over 50,000 enrolled students, there are few adjectives that describe everyone, but at the Ohio State University you'll be sure to find tens of thousands of incredibly inteligent people with all kinds of backgrounds and interests.


My classmates are diverse, interesting, and all have the desire to learn and become successful in their adult lives.


Students at Ohio State are like chili brewing in a pot- an array of very different indgredients coming together to produce one fabulous outcome.


As I have said before, OSU maintains a wide and diverse demographic, and doesn't short-change any one group. While there may be a plethora of white students, it is not particularly different from the racial makeup of the United States as a whole. Politically Ohio State is very divided, though also very active.


They're nice to talk to, but many of them already have a circle of friends here from high school, so it can be hard for an introverted student from out-of-state like me to make friends.


My classmates have brought unique perspectives to class that benefit my own learning experience.


In one word: diversity; In one sentence: Our classmates come from all walks of life with the determination to reach their goals and make memories at one of the greatest universities in the nation.


At a large school like Ohio State, my classmates can only be defined as "diverse," as I had many classes with a wide variety of people.




My classmates have the same zeal I do when it comes to schoolwork, however most of them are better off financially. Most of my classmates are in honors engineering courses with me, so we tend to share interests. I, along with most of my classmates, put schoolwork first. I really enjoy studying with my classmates because we all support one another, even though we compete directly against one another. Politically speaking, my friends are all over the spectrum and I really enjoy hearing their stances on social issues.


There are a whole lot of people here, so it can be hard to describe them all, but the more I am here, the more I come to learn that everyone is ready to talk to you and are just as scared of you as you are of them.


Some are quiet, some are loud. In such a big place, there are people of all sorts. You never know who you're going to get.


Everyone is their own individual and eager to learn.


Students at my school are very diverse, open minded and tolerant. We have active student organizations that represent all sort of ethnicities, religions, political views, sexual orientations, and other interests.


Starting answering! Amazing LGBTQ community at OSU


For the most part, lucky.


I am constantly surrounded by classmates who exceed expectations in the classroom and out, and are kind-hearted, open-minded people that I know will some day be the strong leaders in our country.


My classmates are typically all very approachable people, and everybody tends to be extremely supportive of everybody else!


Diversity: our school is public and huge and thus diverse with all kinds of groups and courses about such groups: religious, LGBT, socio-economic, out-of-state students, international students, politically diverse students, athletic, smart. Students out of place: I cannot think of any kind of person who wouldn't find his niche at Ohio State Wear: OSU gear, sweat pants and sweat shirts, jeans Different types interact: yes, more than any other place I've seen. You'd see Asians joining fraternities for Blacks or Hispanics. You'd see international students and Utahans preach. You'd see Muslims getting involved in inter-religious groups. Tables in dining hall: four sophomore male athletes enjoying fun talk with one or two girls, 7 freshmen dorm residents trying to seem fun and college material to their peers, two female junior students tired of work and school work, venting out to each other, three students debating serious matters like politics, or science or their class material. Most students from: Ohio Financial background: lower-middle class to middle class. You'll hear: I'm a student, I'm broke wherever you go on campus. Most students aren't politically aware, not active, predominantly left, but right-wingers, don't let that discourage you. I haven't heard a student say how much they'd like to earn one day. There's a lot more focus on how much am I serving instead.


Ohio State is an incredibly diverse campus. I don't believe anyone could feel out of place here. There are so many resources, clubs, classes organizations, etc that allow people to find something they relate to. This also allows them to connect with people they have things in common with. Students come from all different backgrounds and parts of the world. Some students wear sweatpants and a jacket to class, some wear suits, some wear dresses and heels. There are many kinds of people, wardrobes and looks. From my experiences people don't choose their friends based on just looks or money or background. There are so many diverse groups of people that end up being friends past college. It is very different for me than high school where there are the cliques of people. Ohio State was so refreshing to come to. I met so many different kinds of people and became friends with people that came from all different places in the works, different backgrounds, and races. It is an atmosphere not based on money or looks, its is an overall accepting and diverse atmosphere, which I believe is one of the best things about Ohio State.



It is impossible to describe Ohio State students in one short paragraph. The students are extremely diverse, with tons of different ethnicities, sexual orientation, socio-economic status etc. For this reason, I find that most OSU students are accepting of people other than themselves and open to other cultures and practices. No student could ever feel out of place at Ohio State because there are a 1,000 groups to get involved with, and there is surely something that you would share in common with others. Most students are laid back, wearing casual clothes to class and simply being there to get the class over with. On the weekends, people hang out with their own groups of friends and do what they like to do-such as getting dressed up and going dancing, or just staying in to relax and watch a movie. There are all types of people represented at OSU!


My classmates at OSU are diverse, intelligent, adventurous and independent which inspires me to mingle often with them.


It is hard to generalize one statement to so many students; however, I will say that, those that I do know, are intelligent and hardworking, but definitely know how to go out and have a great time.


My classmates at Ohio State University are very diverse in that some are very career focused, while others are more focused on networking and searching for the ultimate college experience; you're best bet is to go to college for the education and get involved in just a few activities to stay focused on why you are there.


Most of my classmates are very hardworking and committed.


Were all hard working and were all currently under the same stress level as far as being in a new place goes. Everyone on campus seems very accepting and kind. There are so many opportunities to find your own niche.


Ohio State is such a big school that you have the opportunity to meet so many new wonderful people.


Most Ohio State students are friendly and fun.


Peers at Ohio State share the exact same pride you would if you attened. They are very friendly and are approachable. I met a ton of people and formed awesome study groups. Classes are tough and these classmate can be of great assistance.


I am transfer student from a smaller college next door to The Ohio State, but it was the interaction with the sudents and my future classmates there that encouaged me to attend, and I feel honored to finally be apart of it.