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We are Undisputed National Champs.


I would definitely say the spirit and loyalty towards being a Buckeye. People live, eat, breathe, and die Ohio State and that is what I loved about it.


There is so much school spirit here that I wanted to be appart the community. It's hard not to make life long friends here. They also offer a ton of majors which gives people lots of opportunity to find out what they want to do as a career.


Very strong sense of community and breadth of resource available.


The size of Ohio State (nearly 40,000 students on the main campus) itself makes the school unique. I believe what really sets it apart though is its ability to make the school seem so much smaller; there are so many opportunities, events, clubs and activities. The students also really add a special element to Ohio State because they really help make the campus feel more like a community, and truly embody the final line of the alma mater "How firm thy friendship..." because people are so kind and our insane school pride brings everyone together.


The Ohio State University is unequivocally unique in its ability to unite students of various backgrounds for the sake of gaining a well-rounded and personal educational experience. Although one of the largest universities in the nation, I would always pass people I knew on the way to classes due to the large involvement of every student in academic and social extracurriculars. Most importantly, the immense spirit present at my school wasn't there because of a strong football team, but a shared sense that everyone was gaining a once in a lifetime experience in a lively and supportive community.


The size and diversity of Ohio State University makes it very unique in itself. I took a leap of faith and came knowing hardly anybody, a factor only present at this school. I was able to have an entirely open mind when it came to meeting new people and have made life long friends from all over the world that I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to meet if it weren't for Ohio State. Attending this university was a huge step outside my comfort zone and I couldn't stress how glad I am that I'm here.


Go to any other "big-city" school, and one will not find the comfort and spirit that is found at Ohio State. I applied to colleges in huge cities, and I visited all of them, yet nothing stood out to me besides the beautiful skyscrapers. However, when I visited OSU, I immediately fell in love with all the students yelling "O-H!" at the new student group tours. Also, unlike other schools, OSU offers an alternative to city life; there are lakes and fields on campus that help people be in tune with nature.


The students at Ohio State really reached out to me when I came to visit and when I attended orientation. I also recieved several calls to ask if I had any questions about the university. I truly felt like they cared if I attended the university. While the university is huge, there are several clubs and programs available. They have a club for basically everything, and if they don't have the club, you can make it! My scholars program is like a family to me and I would not have stayed at OSU without this program.


The Agricultural College is one of the best around my area. They have outstanding professors and graduate students to assist in your endevors!