Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Diversity is at a premium at Ohio State. No student ever feels singled out as a student at Ohio State. I have never felt anything but support from all my classmates. When I face uncertainty they help me work through it. When I have an idea they listen instinctively. When they talk I do the same. We work together to get the best possible educational outcome possible because each student came here for an education and they all respect that.


Ohio State is the largest campus in the country. That being said, we quite clearly have a very diverse student population. It seems that many of our students are from Ohio, which is a common occurrence among all universities, but we also represent the majority (if not all) of the states and many international countries. Just a year ago I had class with a girl from China who had only been in the States for a couple of months and only came here to attend Ohio State. No matter where you go or what classes you take, you have the opportunity to meet someone very different from you.


We have a great amount of diversity here at Ohio State. A lot of ethnic minorities, international students, LGBT, etc., etc. I think (I know) it could be better, but at least the white suburbanness is diluted a little. As an out of state student sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the number of Ohio natives, but there's always some place to stay if we want to travel in-state for a weekend trip or something. I wouldn't say we're the most attractive group of people in any university ever, but I see it more as a pro than as a con. We have a lot of people from all over the spectrum, and bars/parties/societies usually (to my experience at least) aren't discriminatory. Ohio State is said to be a very fit campus, and I believe it. But there's a lot of body diversity as well. It's hard to pinpoint the students at OSU because we're so huge. We've got everyone in droves.


Students at Ohio State come in all shapes and sizes. We are black, white, gay, straight, rich, poor, atheists and Catholics. You can't feel out of place here because nobody really knows what in place actually is. It's easy to make friends in a class even if you don' t know anyone, especially if you don't know anyone. There's a good chance you have somethign in common with the person beside you. Often, I'll have conversations with people about their hometown, their major, their age, the high school they went to, the boyfriend/girlfriend they have, and even how they ever ended up at Ohio State, and after pointing out a list of differences, there will always be one thing we have in common, and that's dealing with this same professor for ten weeks. Most of my friends are from Ohio, paying in-state tuition, but I know a lot of other students who have gotten scholarships and come from places as far away as Lebanon and India.


OSU is such a massive university that it's really impossible to describe a generic student. There are so many majors and clubs that the subgroups into which a person can fall are nearly infinite. The only thing that I would say connects almost all of us is football season. When the Buckeyes take the field in the fall, watch out 'cuz we're all nuts.


Students here are diverse and full of spirit, energy, and pride for our university. We have a large international student population, many students from Ohio, and many from out-of-state. Students wear anything from business casual to sweatpants to class. I truly believe that anyone can find their place and fit in here.


My classmates are like me, helpful, thoughtful, creative, and ready to learn.


My classmates are all aspiring, successful students with ambition, goals and dreams.


Mostly from the midwest but many from all over the world and the rest of the us.


60% of the students here are basically the same, whether they be Greek or "geed"; they like the Buckeyes and they like to party. There does seem to be a growing hipster/alternative movement, inspired a lot by Columbus itself. Then there are the athletes and the students and the kids who take sports and class and staying in shape over getting wasted.


There are people here from everywhere. Every county of Ohio, every state of the USA, and although I don't have proof, i would bet someone from every single country. If you are a minority or just "different", you will find that here.


Every kind of student goes to Ohio State. I have met the international, LGBTQ, atheists, catholics, nerds, jocks, greeks, stoners, organic garden loving, whatever, students. They all attend OSU and they all walk away with friends and respect for each other. But be forewarned, if you are not ready for someone to disagree with you, I'm looking at you religious folks, you are going to have to get over that. Everyone is accepting of others beliefs but a big part of Ohio State is learning how to interact with people different than you. You will be leaving your bubble and meeting some amazing individuals and sharing your experiences with them as well, so don't close yourself off to it.


Ohio State students, for the most part, are very driven and want to succeed, while also having fun.


My classmates are all extremely focused, hard working, friendly individuals who have both their own and their own classmates interests at heart and never settle for less than their best.


Ohio State Students are very out going with great attitudes and personalities. We know what it takes to be a buckeye because we show our love for our university by going to all kinds of Ohio State games and wearing our OSU gear.


My classmates are very diverse from all around the state, country, and the world.


My classmates are proud, hard-working students who aspire not only to succeed but also to help others succeed.


Classmates at ohio Ohio state are very nice, respectful, helpful, and understanding of you.


My classmates at The Ohio State University are very eager to make the most of their college experience.


My classmates are very driven, hard working, but often willing to work together.


My classmates are driven to excel. These students have worked extremely hard to get into the University and continue to work at this rate so that they can achieve top grades in their class. They are motivated both internally and externally. While students study hard in order to receive good grades, they also do so because they want to achieve their best.


My classmates are fun, enjoyable, nerdy, helpful, outgoing, successful peers that are willing to meet up and study with me.


Eager, competitive, and diligent, but always willing to lend a helping hand.


There are alot of people here in general and all that I have come across are respectful, kind, and help you out if at all possible.


My classmates are mostly nice, definitely competitive.


my classmates are smart funny and great learners.


A group of extremely diverse, hard working, and competitive students who make me an overall better person, and an overall better student by making me strive to work harder and succeed.


You won't find there is much of a typical classmate, but there will be people of all types here.


My classes are hard-working students strivng to get most out of the college experience


Friendly, intelligent individuals who are eager to learn new things and are full of life.


The students at The Ohio State University are a large, slightly dysfunctional family that will always come together at the end of the day despite potential differences.


My classmates are goal oriented people that are willing to learn as much as possible.


The student population at Ohio State is very diverse; with around 50,000 students, there is no way to sum up the student body in just one sentance.




My classmates are diverse, intelligent, and determined.


My classmates are intelligent, creative and fun to be around.


My classmates at Ohio State are all very different. Most students are on the shy side but want to make friends and are just a little too nervous to reach out. Then there are some students who want to be everybody's friend. All in all you will make friends that will last you a lifetime!


everybody is dedicated into doing well in class. we motivate and help each other out.


Friendly, diverse, open, engaged, hardworking, intelligent, creative, leaders and aspiring are all words that describe my classmates, but what defines each classmate the most is the differences, unlike any other school of conforming, similar students, the differences in personality that make each classmate their own individual and create an everlasting balance of amazing archetypes. Together, we can accomplish anything.


My classmates vary widely in their passion for learning. Because Ohio State is such a large school there are a lot of foreign students which helps me in learning how to communicate more effectively and become more well rounded. This also provides a view into what my competition is instead of just on a national level.


Many of my classmates are average 20 year olds. Many of them are smart and driven individuals who work hard to achieve good grades. There are also students who don't care much about school but would rather party every night. At OSU there are pleanty of both type of student, you can decide your own path.


The students at The Ohio State University are fairly diverse, with varied interests and backgrounds. Overall, the majority of the students aer white, although there is a substantial amount of diversity when comparing the university against the demographics of the state. Many seem to be academically driven, although there will always be a range of motives as to why students are in college.


People here are friendly, eager-to-help, and approachable.


My classmates are very diverse.


In my Japanese, Math, Business Survey and Linguistics class, my classmates are respectful and fun to be with.


My classmates cannot be described in one sentense due to the extreme diversity our school offers.


Most are academically and socially well rounded, career driven students.


My classmates at Ohio State University came from all corners of the world each with their own perspectives and unique life experiences adding richness to each of our many class discussions as well as to the total Ohio State campus experience.


Ohio State is big enough that pretty much every race, religion, and socio-economic class is represented, but everyone is brought together through their role as a Buckeye. I have friends from all different demographics and many who are from different countries. Most students in the business school are middle class or wealthy, but financial aid does a great job of evening the playing field for those who are less fortunate. A few years back OSU students predominatley wore athletic clothing most of the time, but recently there has been a shift to more of "J-Crew U" type of style. Kids still rock sweat pants every once in a while, but not as much as in the past. Campus definitely feels stylish but casual.


Due to the fact that I have over 3,000 classmates, I would describe them as diverse, accepting, open , intelligent, and fun.

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