Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very energetic and hardworking people.


Everyone here loves OSU. School spirt is in abundance. Students are friendly and a there's a sense of brotherhood among all Buckeyes.


Most of the classmates that I have had are incredibly helpful; if it werent for the study groups that I made with people in my math and chemistry classes, i'm not sure that I would have passes those classes.




They are kids who are trying to get jobs.


Very diverse and extremely helpful.


I wasn't very interested in my classmates, but when i had to do work with them i was satisfied.


Classmates are fun, outgoing, interesting, different people. They are people from within the city and across the country and across the world. They share their history and become good friends. Most of us are able to find a common bond, and at least be good aquaintences for life.


Fun great people to study with.


Working towards a degree for a job but looking to have a diverse and socially fulfilling journey.


My classmates are extremely intelligent, helpful, and friendly; Everyone is willing to learn and have fun while doing it.


Determined and inntellectual.


Very helpful, and willing to get together for study groups.


They are helpful, and personable like me.


Very diverse and friendly.


My classmates are diverse.


large classes, diverse, mix of students.. some who work hard, some who party hard


My classmates were very diverse.


Classmates are generally intelligent, work hard and do well in school.




My classmates are outgoing, hardworking, and like to have fun.


My classmates are friendly and have a similar major to my major.




My classmates are intuitive, eager, and ready to learn people who are always helping their fellow peers succeed.


My classmates are hard working and career focused. They are friendly and willing to help and also open to making new friends.


My classmates have the same general views and do the same things for fun.


The classmates I have encountered at this school are very diverse and talented individuals.


My classmates are enjoying their lives. They do not over-pressure themselves with schoolwork, but know how to live life. My classmates are individuals who love being with people. The majority of them are ignorant to the realities of life. They acknowledge that there are a lot of problems in the world, but do not know the true effect they have on other people.


Despite there being so many of them , if you put in some effort you can feel a lot more comfortable and the large campus isn't usually a big deal


OSU is pretty diverse but people usually hang out with their own crowd. People dress very casual for class. Different types of students dont really interact all that much. Only freshman eat in the dining halls really. People are middle class ohioans...whatever that means.


No one should feel out of place here. There is a ton of diversity, of all kinds. It's kind of shocking if you come from a small town like me, but you get used to it eventually. Most people are from in state. Most people wear t-shirts and hoodies to class, it's very relaxed fashion here, although people go all out for parties.


OSU does have a DIVERSE student body. There is a great percentage of Asian students. They seem to have much greater academic success, and it comes easier to them. It can be frustrating. The students here could almost represent every group from a typical high school. There's the girls that wear mini skirts and wear too much make up, the jocks, the book nerds, the smart Asians, the over-achievers, the well-balanced individuals... The only groups missing are the D average students. It gets old after so much academic talk and it would be nice to have some of these students around just for a little piece of mind.


I've met so many different kinds of people here. The most different are the foreign kids. I have friends who are from India, Singapore, China, Pakistan, Togo, and Lebanon. They are some of the coolest kids I know. You will find all kinds of kids here. Most student are not that politically active, but its not hard to find the ones that are. Most students are of course from Ohio, but I have friends from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and Michigan.


There are approximately 6000 freshman at Ohio State. That means if you are here for 300 days, you could meet 20 other freshman EVERY SINGLE DAY and never have to talk to the same person again. No matter who you are, it is easy to find a place to fit in at The Ohio State University.


Most of the students wear very casual clothing while on campus. Of course, like everything, there is a broad spectrum, but for the most part blue jeans and t-shirts/hoodies are popular. The earlier the class, the more sloopy people dress.


There are all different groups/organizations that represent all different types of beliefs and that come from all different backgrounds. OSU is very very diverse. There are a lot of Asian students as well.


OSU is very accepting of all people. There are clubs and groups for just about every religion, sexual orientation, race, etc. In a social setting, I rarely see any racial tension.


I have been involved with some racial groups as I am Indian and I tend to have a lot of Asian friends. Religiously, I started going to a group called Real life which is a Christian group that meets once a week in a large lecture hall to sing and talk about religion. Most of the students at Ohio State are from Ohio, but there are plenty from all over the country and even the world as OSU is the biggest campus in the world. Students tend to change majors a lot and don't about too much about how much they will earn someday. It is all about getting through the classes first.


Name a group, it's here, if you can't accept that, then you'll have issues.


When I read through the suggested topics for this prompt, the question that jumped out at me was, "What kind of student would feel out of place at OSU?" I answer this question with complete honesty: NO student would feel out of place on this campus. I have seen so many different people with so many different personalities; everyone is friendly, helpful, and polite, no matter their race, gender, or religious or sexual affiliation. I've been asked for directions on campus, and I've asked for directions on campus. I've made friends in my classes and talked to people I might not have ever talked to before. I stepped out of my own "bubble" and decided to take a women's studies class this quarter; much to my surprise, there are six boys in that class and a variety of races, cultures, and religions. Our discussions are never dull, and the boys always make their opinions heard! Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people, even if you think they're not like you. You'll see unlikely pairs walking around, but it's perfectly normal. No one will judge you, and you'll be much happier making as many friends as possible!


Again, OSU is so big that you can find any kind of niche that may interest you. You can avoid the things/people that may offend or you may not agree with and participate in just about anything that strikes your fancy.


diverse more help needed for nontrads at regionals


Any type of people can find their niche at OSU, from the geeks to the preppies to the athletes; everyone has a place at THE Ohio State Uni.


Again, OSU has a very diverse student body with many different groups on campus. I do not think any student would feel out place at OSU because there is something for everyone. Often different types of students do interact and work towards accomplishing common goals.


OSU's student body is massive. Regardless of how weird or quirky you are, there are at least 500 people you can be great friends with.


With such a large student population around and on campus it's VERY Hard to have some kind of interaction with some diverse group. If you feel out of place at OSU it is no one's fault but your own, tOSU has not only the largest campus in the US but also one of the largest varities of student groups. well, pretty much anything, from pajamas to three-piece suits, you see it all! I would say middle class, pretty average joe, but I don't pay attention to that stuff so I really just don't care! Yeppers! Especially with groups like College Dems and Republicans. Well, there's one in every group. I don't know, I don't have time to pay attention to that stuff, nor do I honestly care- for me my major is not about finding the highest paying job, but about helping people restore their lives by improving their communication abilities.


OSU students are apathetic. There is a relatively small and overly active bunch who run the student organizations and other student positions. If you want to get involved it is entirely way too easy.


I mostly covered these issues in the section about stereotypes; there are so many different types people that everybody is forced to live with and tolerate one another. In that way we are not as sheltered as students from, say, small Bible colleges or expensive East-Coast schools where everyone's parents make six figures a year. I don't want to make it sound like everyone is totally accepting all the time or that there aren't problems, though; we still have our comfort zones. People of the similar political affiliations, religions, and races still form cliques together. Frat boys still shout homophobic slurs at gay couples walking by. Kids who are living off scholarships and student loans still grudgingly serve coffee to their carefree peers who get their rent and bills paid by their wealthy parents. Still, I have a suspicion that, despite such differences, most alumni will smile and strike up conversations with other alumni in OSU sweatshirts they encounter later in life. I know I probably will.


Ohio State has such a diverse student body. I've met people from all kinds of cultural backgrounds and walks of life that I would never have been exposed to at a smaller school. Over the past four years I've been pretty involved with student organizations geared toward Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered (GLBT) students. Overall, I've found that Ohio State is very welcoming of GLBT students - I've experienced very few instances of homophobia first hand. Most of the students that I've talked to about it seem curious, mostly.


-a lot of groups post fliers about their events everywhere as if people who aren't involved already will just show up and jump right in, meaning that people who have any level of self-consciousness will be lost -most students wear jeans/hoodies/pjs to class -students seem to stick to their own racial groups, particularly the foreign exchange students -most students are from around Ohio, no city or area in particular -most kids seem to be middle class, but no one really goes around asking that kind of stuff -some people care more than others about politics...I think most are left-winged because we're "rebels" -I think we're all just so concerned with getting out of college that anything far beyond that is totally up in the air

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