Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


If there is ever a place to experience an array of differences in the human race, it is at OSU. I don't think that there is a race, religion, socio-economic, or sexual orientation that I have not been exposed to while at Ohio State. Students seem to be aware of the variety and have embraced them with activities, clubs, and groups. The Multicultural center allows for incorporation of racial diversity. LGBT and religious organizations are common and widely used. Numerous religious centers are located within or close to campus. Students come from all over the United States to attend OSU, so there is not an overwhelming student population from one particular area. With the presidential primaries coming up soon, many students have taken an active role in supporting and soliciting for their particular candidate. Students are also trying to get others aware of the candidates, issues, and making it a point to stress the importance of our votes. One student in my class is part of a political organization on campus and brought absentee application forms to class to hand out to anyone who is not registered in Franklin County to vote and also offered to send them in for us free of charge. This proactive stance is exactly what our nation needs to help get everyone out to the polls.

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