Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for school spirit and high graduation and job placement rates.


Ohio State is a large university that offers something for all students. Stellar academic programs, a wide variety of degree options, excellent support systems, a multitude of student clubs and Greek life, endless social opportunities and one of the top NCAA athletic programs in the country merely scratches the surface of what OSU offers. Within degree programs the university does an excellent job of creating a smaller atmosphere for the student - this helps tremendously to balance the sheer size of the campus. As an added bonus, Ohio State is located in the vibrant metro area of Columbus.


The Ohio State University is known for its unassailable reputation. The prestigious university hosts a diversity of students who are dedicated to succeeding in life, which is prevalent through myriad rankings and statistics. In addition, Ohio State University alumni stretch all across the world. The networking capabilities are tremendous due to the high volume of connections. Evenmore, the large public school is in the center of one of the most economic-thriving cities in the nation. Its location is prime to the amount of success students encounter following graduation. Not to mention, the football team is legendary!


My school is best known for the school spirit (go bucks!) and the great academic values.


Our varsity sports and our enthusiastic alumni are known around the world.


The Ohio State University is best known for our football team in sports, our medical, engineering, and business degree programs in acedemics, and our multiple student opportunities to utilize collaborations with companies who are leaders in their industry.


Ohio State is one of the top universities in the field of academics. There is a strong focus in student success and it is a very competitive school. Ohio State is also very popular for their football team, the buckeyes. One of the best in the nation! GO BUCKS! OH-IO!


Ohio State has to be best known for its sports and the almost cult-like following by its students, alumni, and just regular fans. But not only does the school excel in sports, its reputation on an academic level is quite impressive. This is thanks in part to upscale research labs, top-notch teaching staff, and seemingly limitless resources for students.The main campus is famous for being one of the largest in the nation, but it seems to shrink in size the longer you're there. It's beautiful, and thousands of students have come to call it home.


FOOTBALL!!! and Sports! A big emphasis on school spirit revolving around the Buckeyes and the rivalry between OSU and U of [email protected] A large student enrollment provides for a spansive networking base. The school is kind of a party school. Drinking is a big part of this school's culture. So large, in fact, that the president of the university is pursuing interest in lowering the drinking age to 18. However, if you don't drink, the school has a wealth of other extra-cirricular opportunities from intramural sports to clubs and organizations.


Ohio State is best known for the great educational experience ... and football.


My school is best known for the football team since we are undefeated and for great academic.


Ohio state is best known for its' size and athletics. It is a big school. But like the city around it, it allows the students to find their own corner without feeling left. Ohio State and Columbus has a since of community that is unprecedented. So although OSU is an extremely large school, with all of the activities and events students don’t feel lost. In a weird twisted way it feels like everyone knows everyone, though it’s impossible with a campus this size. OSU is also known for its’ athletics and involvement in the Big 10!


OSU is known for being one of the biggest schools in the nation. In turn, this also indicates that there is no shortage of opportunities offered here. OSU offers one of the best athletics programs in the country, as well as a premiere academic and research driven school. The Buckeye nation is the best any college could ever offer. OH!


The Ohio State University is a very well known school in the United States for our football team, the Buckeyes. The amount of spirit and pride for the "Bucks" that students, alumni, and fans hold is unmatched to any other team in the nation :) It is something that truly brings us all together. Like we say here, no matter where you go, you will always come across an OH-IO!


The Ohio State University is best known for it's great sense of community through academics, sports, organizations, clubs, and fraternities, internships, and countless opportunities in Columbus and within Ohio. The Ohio State University's students are the perfect example of the pride that our university brings out in us, and the lasting relationships between students, alumni, and community members could not be made without attending The Ohio State University.


I would say the school is best known for both its football and its research. Ohio State fans are enourmous! Everyone who comes here must have at least a little intrest in football and the games offer an excellent way to get to know your fellow student body, form great memories, and really catch a glimps of the true Ohio State spirit! Ohio State is also a research university and as such you can always find a professor who needs help with their research. This can help students get an idea of the work they want to do after graduation.


We're best known for our sports teams. Mainly football and basketball, but most of our other sports teams are nationally ranked and really successful. Everyone enjoys going to games and supporting our teams. Not only do we have many varsity teams, but also many intramural teams that are extremely popular among students. All of our sports and gym facilities are amazing as well and very accessible.


OSU is best known for its athletic program and being a large diverse university. Ohio State has a terrific athletic program that is fueled by the student body's passion for them to succeed. Current and former buckeyes flock to athletic events to supports their school and show their pride in front of national audiences.


We are probably best known for our football team, but that is not even close to the best part of this university. The atmosphere and people make it great. We have the most alumni in the world and known professionals in almost every field.


Our school is best known for its football team, although we also have strong academics


Ohio State is known for so much. But I would say we are most known for our passion about our school. Ohio State is said to have the most obnoxious fans, and it's true because we are all crazy about Ohio State. That's why thousands of people from all over the country apply to come to school here. There is an energy of love flowing through this campus. OSU students are passionate about learnin and about their infamous school.


I believe that OSU is best known for its spirit and unwillingness to give up. Attending this college really makes you feel like you are part of something larger than yourself.


While we certainly best known outside of Ohio for being a Big Ten powerhouse in both football and basketball, in Ohio and the academic community we are also known for being an outstanding research institution that concentrates on undergraduate education.


Ohio State is best known for being one of the largest public universities in the United States with over 50,000 students currently enrolled in a wide variety of programs. The diversity among students, faculty, and alumni sets Ohio State apart from other universities. Being enrolled in such a large university can initially be intimidating, however the distinct culture embedded in the academics and various student organizations create opportunities for students to stand out and not feel like a small fish in a big pond. The opportunities offered at Ohio State demonstrate what it means to be an OSU buckeye.


I would say my school is best known for their success in the ahtletic department and how large of a school they are. Ohio State has great athletic programs, and that is all they were known for for a long time. However, I believe they are becoming more known for their academics but their football team definitely takes the most credit for what people know about The Ohio State University.


Ohio State is definitely most known for our athletics. Football is a huge part of Ohio State and the students here take serious pride in their team. I've attempted to participate in the very spirited football tailgates and attending the games, but it seems sports just isn't my calling. WIth that said, I do love coming from a place where I know everyone loves where they are. I love feeling the pride coming from almost all of my fellow classmates.


Social psychology, the buckeyes, Big Ten sports, research.


My school is best known for it's small class sizes in the state of florida as well the most securest campuses in the nation. We're ranked 19th from the princeton review because of our low tuition rates, low student debt amongst other things.


The Ohio State University is best known for it's school spirit and demanding math and sciences classes. Just in the short time I have been here I have not seen one person that is not proud to say that they attend this university. Every single day there are thousands of people wearing "OHIO STATE" shirts and gear. Due to the university being a research school, the math and sciences classes are known to be some of the hardest.


My school is best known for its football team, The Ohio State Buckeyes.


I have never attended Ohio State University. Since I am a prospective student, I will tell you why I chose to attend Ohio State over other colleges. I am entering the School of Environment and Natural Resources. Because of the size of the university, Ohio State offers the greatest quantity and quality of outside-the-classroom education. I know that college isn't just about classwork, it is about on-the-job, in-the-field experience. I hope to receive those experiences at Ohio State University.


Dakota State University is best known for there large technology programs. The moto here at DSU is "Technically We're Better" because we are the most advaced school in technology here in South Dakota. Every student that attended DSU is required to have a laptop or tablet. The teachers at DSU do a lot of online homework and quizes. There are a few teachers that do not use anything other than the technology provided. Because so much is done on the computer, you could also say DSU is very green and does not use much paper. Technically We're Better.


My school is know for it's acedemic excellence, research and The OHIO STATE BUCKEYES! It is a large campus in the middle of Columbus, Ohio. It is a lively campus with a diverse group of people. Ohio State provides a professional educational expericence while keeping the friendly traditional atmosphere. Meeting new friends and making life-long connections is an ease at Ohio State.


Football, lots of things to do


A great education. At Ohio State, students will receive and excellent education. The average ACT score accepted into the freshman class this year was a 28 and the current freshman students were the top 10% in their senior class in high school. Ohio State is also very well known for their football team. Lots of pride at Ohio State and a great sense of community.


School spirit, sports, academics.


My school is best known for its diversity.


Ohio State is best known for its Football team, although us Buckeyes are proud of our superior academics as well. We additionally have a well known Medical Center and a highly ranked Medical School.


The Ohio State University is best known for its football and men's basketball team. Year after year, both the football team and men's basketball team have very successful seasons and win plenty of awards, big and small. Although OSU is infamous for its athletic teams, it is also well known for its college of business, Fisher. Fisher graduates the best business majors in the nations.


Our school is most known for being a Christian school, as well as producing many prominent people involved in conservative carreers.


Most likely football, then outside of sports it's medical center and veterinary hospital.


I believe Utah Valley University is best known for their willingness to help provide for the students. From what I have seen, UVU faculty and staff are more then willing to help answer questions to students seeking answers. I also feel that the school does a wonderful job overall providing activities and opportunities for students to engage in the college life. Examples include service fairs, discount passes for events and activities, diversity night, dances, and guest speakers.


The Ohio State University is best known for their graduate schools and their sports teams. The business, law, and medical schools are all very popular across the state and country. In fact, OSU has one of the best research hospitals in the midwest. As for the sports teams, Ohio State is well known for their basketball team, track team, and especially their football team, the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes are in the Top Ten college teams in the U.S.


Exciting and successful athletics, research based and creative projects, numerous opportunities, and an unmatched sense of school pride. The Buckeye honor, spirit, and pride is ever present. Whether you're at a sporting event, research forum, community volunteering event, or special guest lecture, you are proud to say that you are an Ohio State Buckeye. With a huge student population, many think the school would feel too big for them but with the activities, clubs, and stundent groups on campus, a person can make it as small and special as they like.


Outside the academic community the school is best known for athletics. But within the academic community Ohio State is known as a renound institution with a focus on research and involvement.


Sports and strength of academics across the board


Being the larges university in the United States, it's fanatical football fan following, and being the school for the average person. This isn't an Ivy league type of college, they want you to suceed.


The Ohio State University is known for their diversity, and dedication in every aspect of college life. It is also a leader in every field of education in the world. They have numerous clubs and activies to fit all walks of life. The Ohio State University is also known for their competetiveness in all sports activities as well as their engineering department and medical fields. The University keeps you so busy that students do not have time to become home sick. The Ohio State University is well known and is like a big family.


My school is best known for having the largest student body of any school


My school is best know for it's size and the football team. "Buckeye Country" as we like to call it, spreads from coast to coast. By attending this university you are instantly part of the large network of Buckeyes who will help you in your future and watch a football game with you.

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