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We are Undisputed National Champs.


I would definitely say the spirit and loyalty towards being a Buckeye. People live, eat, breathe, and die Ohio State and that is what I loved about it.


There is so much school spirit here that I wanted to be appart the community. It's hard not to make life long friends here. They also offer a ton of majors which gives people lots of opportunity to find out what they want to do as a career.


Very strong sense of community and breadth of resource available.


The size of Ohio State (nearly 40,000 students on the main campus) itself makes the school unique. I believe what really sets it apart though is its ability to make the school seem so much smaller; there are so many opportunities, events, clubs and activities. The students also really add a special element to Ohio State because they really help make the campus feel more like a community, and truly embody the final line of the alma mater "How firm thy friendship..." because people are so kind and our insane school pride brings everyone together.


The Ohio State University is unequivocally unique in its ability to unite students of various backgrounds for the sake of gaining a well-rounded and personal educational experience. Although one of the largest universities in the nation, I would always pass people I knew on the way to classes due to the large involvement of every student in academic and social extracurriculars. Most importantly, the immense spirit present at my school wasn't there because of a strong football team, but a shared sense that everyone was gaining a once in a lifetime experience in a lively and supportive community.


The size and diversity of Ohio State University makes it very unique in itself. I took a leap of faith and came knowing hardly anybody, a factor only present at this school. I was able to have an entirely open mind when it came to meeting new people and have made life long friends from all over the world that I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to meet if it weren't for Ohio State. Attending this university was a huge step outside my comfort zone and I couldn't stress how glad I am that I'm here.


Go to any other "big-city" school, and one will not find the comfort and spirit that is found at Ohio State. I applied to colleges in huge cities, and I visited all of them, yet nothing stood out to me besides the beautiful skyscrapers. However, when I visited OSU, I immediately fell in love with all the students yelling "O-H!" at the new student group tours. Also, unlike other schools, OSU offers an alternative to city life; there are lakes and fields on campus that help people be in tune with nature.


The students at Ohio State really reached out to me when I came to visit and when I attended orientation. I also recieved several calls to ask if I had any questions about the university. I truly felt like they cared if I attended the university. While the university is huge, there are several clubs and programs available. They have a club for basically everything, and if they don't have the club, you can make it! My scholars program is like a family to me and I would not have stayed at OSU without this program.


The Agricultural College is one of the best around my area. They have outstanding professors and graduate students to assist in your endevors!


What makes Ohio State so unique is the diversity of things that it has to offer to students. The Ohio State University not only has excellent academics, but it also is situated within a city full of interesting and fun things to do, it has over 1000 student organizations in which to participate, it has over 50,000 students on its main campus to get to know, it has small class sizes to facilitate socialization and engagement within the classroom, it has incredible sports programs, and for Ohio residents it costs only $20,000 or so a year to attend.


Ohio State was the largest school that I applied to, yet I felt more welcomed there than any where else. Even though there are so many people in just the undergraduate class, the school makes it easy for you to get involved and to find a place where you belong.


My three options of schools were Ohio State, University of Cincinatti, and Ohio University. After visiting OSU, I fell in love with the campus. It was an amazing feeling thinking that I could potentially be a student there. Ohio State also stands high above the other two considerations academically. My biggest deciding factor was the fact that the Ohio State Fisher College of Business is one of the top Business schools in the nations. Ohio State was by far more appealing to me than UC and OU.


The first thing that really the number of programs they offer, including the scholars programs, of which I am involved in now. The International Affairs program at the Ohio State University has accepted me, and shown me programs in which I'm interested in declaring as my major (International Relations). The foriegn language department is also really something to brag about. I have always been interested in learning Korean, and this is the only university I found in Ohio that does offer Korean. Another thing was the diverse, friendly environment on campus. It feels really homely here.


The school spirit here is ridiculous.


Being a buckeye is such a priviledge! Everyone is estatic about this place and we all truly love being here. At Ohio State there are unlimited opportunites for education, whatever you want we have it. The clubs and student organizations have something for everyone and are always welcoming to new members. I have looked at so many schools and even chose to go to Southeastern University in Florida last year because I thought it was the right fit for me. I was very wrong though because Ohio State has everything I could ever ask for and more in a school!


OSU is extremely diverse with students coming from all over the world. There are many people to meet who are different then me and it's interesting. This school is also really large, one of the largest in the nation. Being so spread out and with so many people who go here can make it seem a little intimidating. The sense of community at OSU is so different from other schools and makes me feel comfortable. Even being out of state, I have been able to connect with OSU andmake many friends from all different backgrounds and feel at home.


The large scale of The Ohio State University is fairly unique--it is one of the largest universities in the country. Consequently, it does not excel in only one aspect, as many other universities do. No matter one's major, he or she can be assured a top-notch education that will prepare them for a future career.


The thing I love about Ohio State that I wouldn't have had at any of my other college choices is the sheer number of study abroad, and internship opportunities along with so many events to attend. I was surprised with the amount of emails I have received informing me about these opportunities. It is as though Ohio State places them in your lap. This is largely due to the university's large size and is something I wouldn't have gotten had I attended another university.


School spirit is at a premium at Ohio State. On gamedays it is like nothing I have ever seen, the unity the students display is out of this world. When singing "Carmen Ohio" every student feels a strong attachment to one another and the values they represent by attending this university. Integrity, knowledge, and love is what we represent and we live and breathe it everyday. Stepping into The Horseshoe on a football Saturday will captivate any student or alumni from Ohio State as they see everything they've lived for inside one stadium.


Awesome spirit and community. Good classes and teachers. If you are determined and value your education, people here can help you get there.


I don't really know how to answer this question. OSU is a really good school, has a very good science program and medical facility. Ultimately, I ended up going to OSU because the VA is paying for my education and kind of forced me to go to OSU.


We are undoubtedly one of the biggest college campuses across America yet this has not hindered our ability to form close knit communities in all aspects of our college life. By uniting under OSU traditions, school spirit and general love for our school, we have been able to make a big school seem so much smaller. This way we are able to feel like we belong and are appreciated yet we are also provided with every resource imaginable that OSU's broad ranging campus is able to provide.


Ohio State is the largest college I applied to, and I think its size is part of the reason I chose it. I like having many options and opportunities, and although it can be overwhelming, I really enjoy how much Ohio State has to offer. It was easy for me to make Ohio State seem smaller once I adapted to life there, but there's no way I could have made other colleges I applied to seem bigger.


The only remotely "unique" thing about Ohio State, to me, is that it is in-state, and I was able to get a discount in tuition. I got into schools all over the country, and I was not thrilled when I was told I had to stay in Ohio. I never had any desire to go here as I viewed it as failing to launch. But now that I am here, I really enjoy it. I suppose that this school being closer to home has its many benefits. Since becoming an OSU student, I've realized the prestige here.


There is a Manuscript study area.


There are so many choices in everything you do! There's no shortage of clubs to join, classes to take, people to meet, or places to go. You get exposed to a lot of things, some you didn't even know you would enjoy! It opens your eyes to a lot of different experiences.


Ohio State's huge size is its advantage; students can do anything and everything they could possibly want to in college, and they learn to do it independently and as an adult insetead of being coddled by advisers and teachers like students sometimes are in small schools.


There is a sense of community that is hard to find anywhere else. People everywhere know about Ohio State, but actually being a part of it and belonging there gives you a feeling that you have never felt before. Even though it seems like such a big school at first, after just a few weeks it begins to feel small, and that is when you can really appreciate what a tight-knit school this really is.


Even though the Ohio State University is one of the largest school's in the nation, there is a real sense of community and Buckeye Pride among the students and faculty. There is nothing better than fall quarter weekends and football games, GO BUCKS. The professors are (for the most part) accomodating, if individuals have any type of dissablilty, or pop up illness. and there is a myriad of majors, minors and classes to choose from.


OSU is unique because even though it is a diverse school we help eachother and get along great. In the Agiculture department the teachers are willing to help you and make sure you do great.


OSU has this unqiue school spirit that drew me to it; after I went to a football game I could see the pride that it brought all the students together. Also OSU was one of the few schools in Ohio that had a lot of diversity, and being an Asian American in a middle white class I was not exposed to much diveristy.


The interplay between the professional schools and the undergraduate programs is what sold me on OSU. I plan to go to vet school, and the fact that teachers are actively involved with both the vet students and undergrad students is immensely helpful.


Ohio State has a lot of pride compared to other schools and are very ferverous about their sports. I'm not really into the sports here, although I do love sports. Also, this school is always going out of its way to constantly improve. It's almost like you feel OK with them raising tuition every year because every year it gets better.


One unique aspect of The Ohio State University is its size. Many see this as a bad thing, but because this university is so large, there are so many opportunities. Besides over 1000 clubs and organizations to join, the academic opportunites are incredible. The medical center is right on campus, and research oppurtunites as well as travel and work are everywhere. This campus is very diverse, which has made it easier to discover who I am and who I want to be. The Ohio State University is giving me a great foundation for my future.


Ohio State has every thing you could ask for in a school. Nice people, great classes, and helpful teachers. Another great thing is that Ohio State has pretty much any major you can think of so you never feel left out.


Ohio State is unique for many reasons. One of the largest reasons is the school spirit held by the students, alumni and surrounding community. On the day of a sports event , most notably football games, the atmousphere on campus is unlike any other. People are buzzing with energy and school pride that i believe is not matched by any other college or university.


I have attended three other colleges in the past and know that The Ohio State University is different than most. At The Ohio State University, one is with over 52,000 people. This leads to so many different oppertunites. There are nearly 1,000 different groups and clubs to get involved with. Not many other schools have that many clubs! With OSU being such a large school there are many oppertunities for people who are outstanding in their feilds to get to come and speak. The Ohio State University allow for more opperunites than came be fully described.


The amount of opportunities to get involved whether its clubs, internships, work-study, research, intramurals, or other student organizations.


Ohio State University is unique from other schools I considered for many different ways. It is the second largest school with the number one football and basketball team. The fan base is incredible. Its underrated for its academics. I never thought of OSU for academics but mostly for sports, but the classes I am taking are the hardest I have ever taken. It is an accepting atmosphere and anyone could fit in anywhere here. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone.


The atmosphere is the most unique out of anything. It's so large yet inviting. You feel as though you're not just a number in a sea of 60,000+ students, which is invaluable. The academics are amazing while still having many on campus activities and opportunities to get involved. I grew up in a family of Buckeyes and couldn't imagine going anywhere else.


Ohio State has great resources for all students such as tutoring, a career center, and many activites were you can meet new people. The atmosphere is amazing. There are manys students who love OSU sports. There is a strong sense of communinty and belonging.


To suceed at Ohio State is simple- use your resources. The campus is huge, and to some that can draw them away, but the beauty of Ohio State is its size. This college has thousands of resources for students of all majors and of all levels of learning. Ohio State helps you with the baby steps to become overall successful. Also, buckeye pride is like nothing else. When you are a buckeye, you join a family. The best way to feel apart of this famliy is joing clubs and taking advantage of all the opportunites provided.


Ohio State is unique because even though it is a huge school, it is as small as you make it. You can choose to get involved with a group, such as a club or a sorority/fraternity, and create a tight knit group to stick with. You can also join multiple groups and have many different groups of friends. I've heard people say that Ohio State is too big for them, but really, it is as big as you make it. I think that's one reason why Ohio State is so awesome!


We have a strong sense of community here and we are accepting of those who are different politically, religiously and racially. Our school offers opprotunities for people to express their diversity freely and allows others the chance to learn about other people. The school is located in a good spot with lots of buisness, restaurants, busses catering to us. Its size is big but by living in the dorm and joining various groups you make friends easily and it makes it seema lot smaller.


Unlike other colleges, Ohio State is like a bustling town in which there are so many opportunities. Almost every week I receive an e-mail about outreach, research, or other outlets to become involved. Another unique aspect about Ohio State is that so many graduate schools are located on campus, so it is easy to become involved within a particular career field.


It is huge. This is great because you have opportunities to pursue thousands of various fields and meet an incredible variety of people. It can be a pain though with large classes and long walks to class.


My school is ranked as number twenty-five by "U.S.News" on their list of top one hundred engineering schools in the United States. It is also the second biggest school in the entire United States. With many people attending this University, there is a great opportunity to exprience the variety of attributes that each person has to offer. This fact also provides opportunities to learn how to manage and maintain many different relationships.


It is very urban, but the campus itself feels like a very traditional college campus. Downtown is 2 miles south, with an amazing arts district bordering the south end of campus. You can come to OSU and be an OSU student--engaged in clubs and such, but you can also come and make your own life with all the things to do in the city of Columbus, outside of OSU.


Ohio State's campus is the most unique aspect of the school. You can go to any school where they have supreme academic standing, but you will never come across a campus so large in size and diverse in cultures. Ohio State is a world of its own. With the overly populated school, Ohio State University provides an environment where students can learn and grow, and come across real life situations they never experienced back in their sheltered home life. Ohio State's diverse population teaches us that we're all different individuals.

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