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What are the most popular student activities/groups?




I don't really know much about the activities or groups that go on, it's not really my forte. However, going to sports events is definitely a highlight aspect of being a student here. I don't even like the Buckeyes, but if you go to the student section at one of our football games I guarantee you'll be chanting along with the crowd. Also for students, women's games and all men's sports except football and basketball are free entry. I've been to more women's basketball games than anything to be completely honest.




So much stuff to do off campus along High street. You can never be bored at Ohio State.


BuckeyeThon is by far the largest group as well as the one with the most influence I have seen on campus.




The most active student groups at my school are the public interest law foundation, the black law students association, and the federalist society. Student government is also quite popular/active.


There are activities and groups for everyone of every interest. If you're into partying, there are people who party. There are fraternities and sororities, but less than 10% of the school is Greek, so no pressure. If you're not into the drinking scene, don't feel alone, because there are others out there for you. This is a tradition-rich school. Just look at Michigan Week. That's a slew of opportunities to immerse oneself in a long-standing culture.


Starting answering!LGBTQ!!


There are over a 1,000 student groups on campus at Ohio State (main campus)! A ton of people like to get involved with intramural sports as well as service organizations. There are lots of fun clubs too, like Buckeye BBQ Club! If there is something that you're interested in-there is a probably at club at OSU for it.


Fraternities and sororities are pretty popular, many freshman pledge in their first year. College Republicans and Democrats are big. Students in dorms have their doors open sometimes, mostly closed, but people feel very free and close enough to open each others' doors and initiate conversations Athletic events are pretty popular, especially football. Guest speakers and theaters are popular also but it depends on how hard they publicize it. Dating scene is a nice one. You see students often getting married on campus. I had all of my first dates with my boyfriend at the food court at the Ohio Union My closest friend is one I met from high school, but my boyfriend who could really and correctly be defined as my closest friend, I met him in a student organization. Awake at 2 am on a Tuesday: I'll be studying Traditions/event: Football games, involvement fairs, career fairs, the mirror lake jump in the spirit of beating Michigan People party on thirsty Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Greek life is not necessarily dominant but it's pretty big. If you're looking for a Greek niche, you'll find it. Last week I studied, had a midterm and a quiz. Worked on my resume and FAFSA Saturday not involving drinking? Not much .. you can dance without drinking! I don't do almost anything off campus, everything I do is on campus: movies, restaurants, parties, student org.s, events .. anything


There are over one thousand clubs/organizations at Ohio State. Everything from soccer club to Pre-Health clubs to volunteer clubs. There is something for everyone at Ohio State. I am involved in many volunteer organizations at Ohio State like Buck-i-Serv that does trip all around the country doing volunteer work. There is nothing like going to an Ohio State football game. The streets flood with red as Ohio State fans proudly walk to the stadium for the game. Basketball games are also incredibly exciting. The fans never stop cheering and showing their pride. Other than sports, there are many plays and musicals that are put on at the Wexner Center. I have been to a fews plays for classes that were very interesting and entertaining. There are also many quest speakers that come to Ohio State to talk about a variety of subject. With all of these organizations and events, I have met so many amazing friends that I have formed friendships with. I have met many of my close friends through greek life events. I am apart of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Ohio State is it is one of the best decisions I have made here. It has provided me with amazing friends, opportunities and insight. I have also made some of my closest friends in the dorms. My dorm floor was incredibly close and we are still all friends today. I have been able to meet so many different people who enjoy doing different things. I have friends who like to go to parties on the weekends or the bars. I have friends who would rather go see a movie or go downtown or to the short north. There is always something new to do at Ohio State and so many people to interact with. I have also been able to find organizations that help me find shadowing jobs at dentists offices around the city that provide observations hours and experience for dental school. Ohio State not only provides a student with an amazing education, but it makes it interesting, engaging, and positive through its many other opportunities both on and off campus.


Ohio State has a ton of different groups and numerous things to do at all times. Each year students participate in the mirror lake jump before the Michigan football game. There is a great off campus community where there's always something to do.


I think we have something like 500+ sanctioned university organizations, so it's be hard to pinpoint the most popular ones. There are lots of intramural sports, LGBTQ stuff, environmental clubs, art and literary magazines, improv and a cappella groups, you name it. People really seem to like one particular club called the Buckeye Barbecue Club, where, for a yearly fee, you can attend their parties and consume all of the free barbecue and keg beer you want. I went once, and it was pretty fun. There's also the Tie-Dye club, Musicians Collective, and Jewish Folk Dancing...


It goes without saying that Buckeye football is the most popular student activity. In terms of sports, a close second is Buckeye men's basketball. However, there is also the not-so-old tradition of the Mirror Lake jump (which is not university sanctioned, as an important side note) before the OSU vs. Michigan football game. The Ohio Union Activities Board is one of the largest student organizations on campus in which students can get involved, and there is also the Undergraduate Student Government, for which annual elections are held. Plus, there are literally thousands of smaller student organizations that students can join. I was in the Humanities Scholars program, Student Leadership Advocates, and Kappa Phi Kappa (not social Greek--academic: professional education fraternity). As I said in a previous answer, everyone has the potential to find their niche at Ohio State.


There are over 900 student groups, so it's hard to pick the most "popular." Student government is big, as well as the student-alumni association. Block "O" is the student section of our athletics, organizing massive fan demonstrations for every sport. The Ohio Union Activities Board decide on what musical/comedy acts to bring to campus, and we get some great names here for free. Greek life is big because our university is big, but by no means do you have to join to have an active social life on campus. There are three areas of on-campus living: North, West, and South. North is notoriously the quieter, study-friendlier area. West is the farthest away from everything, the only suite-style living on campus. South has a lot of freshmen, known as the party part of campus. Honestly, though, I've met nerds and partyers and greeks all over campus. The dorms are friendly and almost all my friends now I somehow met through the connections I made in my dorm my freshman year. Obviously there's a huge drinking culture here. Weed is also very common. Other drugs are definitely available but not too prominent. It's college, I guess. There are lots of alternatives, though--comedy shows by one of our many groups, free events put on by the union, dances, festivals--you name it, we got it.


Football and basketball are the obvious frontrunners of student activities. If you're not playing in the games you're cheering and being a fan. Athletic events are by far the most popular, because with Ohio State football and basketball- well enough said. I joined a fraternity but I've met all my closest friends doing other things. I play club roller hockey here and I joined ski club too. You meet one friend, and another and they invite you to join one group, and another and it just blossoms from there. The dating scene is all mixed up between these groups. You can tailgate for a football game and meet a girl, or meet a girl through a fraternity event, or even just in class. Despite the fraternity, club hockey and ski club, I've met my closest friends through class and meeting the friends of my friends. I have some friends that party all the time and others that never party, some who spend Saturday nights in the cafe reading and some that spend it in the bar drinking. It's easy to bounce between groups and choose friends along the way here.


OSU offers a broad array of clubs and groups (not to mention the fraternities and sororities). Clubs range from teh BBQ club to the Engineering club, and if you can't find any groups of clubs you want, you can make your own. OSU offers a wide variety of intramural sports as well (seasonal of course), and there is always student government and volunteer groups to consider too.


Athletic events are very popular, particularly football and basketball games. Many people participate in intramurals. One of the craziest traditions at OSU is the Mirror Lake Jump, which occurs the week before the Ohio State vs. Michigan game (the biggest game of the year).


football is most popular as a sport to watch, too many organizations to keep track of


Greek life is pretty big, the sporting culture is obviously huge, and the club/intramural sport attendance is fairly significant


Greek life seems fairly popular, I like it. Also club and intramural sports have quite a few people involved


Athletic events are of course big here. The student activites board is always put on free/cheap events for students. Being in a big city, tons of places are open late. The bar scene is pretty good too.


There are so many popular groups on campus. I really like the Scholars Programs. I am a Health Science Scholar. In this organization I can make great connections and have awesome resources! However, sport activities are common too! I play intramural volleyball which is lots of fun. We have sports from club soccer to quiddich! Even if you're not an athlete, there is a level for you.


There are so many popular groups on campus. I really like the Scholars Programs. I am a Health Science Scholar. In this organization I can make great connections and have awesome resources! However, sport activities are common too! I play intramural volleyball which is lots of fun. We have sports from club soccer to quiddich! Even if you're not an athlete, there is a level for you.


I am a little biased here because I was involved in numerous organizations but I would have to say the most popular are OUAB (the group that plans all the cool concerts and speakers), Greek Life, Block O (the athletic appreciation/support group) and maybe the student governments because they have so much money. But overall there is so much to do here and every major has its own student groups (SO FUN) so thats a great way to liven up your classes. People go out all the time, you would have to lock yourself in your room not to make friends. Even the library and the gym are social activities.


There are over 900 student organizations on campus at Ohio State and the application for new organizations is pretty easy. Chances are if you want to do something on campus, Ohio State will have the opportunity. One club that I'm involved with is FisherCares, a service oriented group through the business school. This past year I went once a week to an elementary school in downtown Columbus to tutor students in a variety of subjects. Also, the Business Honors Learning Community (BHLC) was a great opportunity that I participated in. This past year we teamed up with executives and recruiters from PriceWaterHouseCoopers for weekly activities and speaker series. We also participated in a case competition and a business etiquette dinner at The Blackwell Hotel. I met my closest friends in the BHLC and through my classes and dorm. This coming year a group of us are moving off campus to townhouses, which are amazing! OSU students definitely know how to party. 15th street, Frats and Sororities, is always a good time and house parties are everywhere. North campus is probably the best place to live if you want to be in control of your own sleep schedule. South campus is known for being more wild, but North Campus kids can always walk down.


OSU football is a staple of Fall Quarter. It is pretty important. There is a very active social life. There are also 800 organizations to join at OSU. There is everything from a Kendo club to a Free Pizza club. Generally, the best way to meet people the first week is to have your dorm door open. People will go around and meet people. We usually have our door open. There are parties every weekend, starting Thursday night. However, if you don't want to go to a party, there is usually some sort of free event on campus as well. Last year I went to COSI and the Columbus Museum of Art for free. There are also many other things to do like movies, shopping, theater, art galleries, conventions in downtown Columbus, and most other things you can imagine. The dating scene is very relaxed. People generally don't care who you're with and it's not about superficial standards. OSU is the place for all the non-academic activities anyone would like to enjoy and really, it is impossible to do everything offered.


Religion is popular at OSU...check out Brother Jed on the Oval or join one of the forty or more religious organizations. Sports is also huge. Frat and sorority life is pretty big also. Lots of drinking everynight of the week. Parties all the time. If you are awake at 2am on tuesday, you are probably drinking.


There is hardly any college dating. I've been asked on a real date only once here at school. Freshman year in the dorms a common past time is hanging out watching movies. Here, it's more than normal to watch a movie with a guy friend. After the dorms, though, when everyone's in a house or apartment, if a guy asks you over to watch a movie he's going to hit on you. He has expectations more than just enjoying watching a good movie in your company. Be warned. All my closest friends are from my dorm. All but 2 lived on the same floor. Our floor was really friendly and we always had our doors open. Ground floor had a few pot heads, so they were the strange floor. Floor 2 was the quiet floor that kept to themselves; their doors were normally shut. Floor 3 was very similar to my floor and a lot of us all hung out. They were even bigger partiers than we were. It all depends on luck, and living on a floor with closed doors will be a completely different experience than one with open doors.


First off south campus is the more social/party area of campus while north campus is the smarter/studious area of campus. The study activities board gets the best people from around the country to do concerts and shows at OSU. Once a quarter they'll have some big event thats always free for students and its always awesome. Examples: concert featuring M.I.A. and Soulja Boy, Will Ferrel's funny or die comedy tour (Z.Galfinakis, D.Martin, N.Swardson), Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, huge dance parties (some of the best times on campus). We've had Al Gore and Alberto Gonzales speak (on different occasions). Frats are fun but usually difficult to get into. Off campus theres a ton of bars, shows, sporting events, art galleries, nice restraunts, whatever. Theres a huge city to experience. The Easton shopping center is one of the best shopping centers in the country. Its about a 15-30 minutes away from campus. The South Campus Gateway right off campus is awesome. Theres shops, bars, places to eat, and a movie theater.


If partying is your scene, there are multiple parties just about every weekend. Lots of the bars also are 18 and up. There are tons of other activities too. You can go to the RPAC and go off the high dive, swim laps, go to the indoor driving range, play racquetball, play squash, play pool, go to the ARC and rock climb, work out at one of the J.O. gyms which include basketball courts and ping pong tables, join a club or two, watch a movie in the gateway, or just hang out in the dorms and watch one of the free movies available in the lobby.


There are a lot of things to do downtown in Columbus. I like to go to musicals like Spamalot, Avenue Q, and Wicked. The Ohio Union sells these tickets at about half price for students. There are a lot of festivals downtown in the summer too.


OSU is a pretty big party school. There is ALWAYS something to do, or someone to do something with. As for athletics, OSU is one of the best (if not the best) schools in the country for athletics. Every year we expect top notch teams competing for National Championships, and for the most part OSU does not disappoint.


The out-of-class experiences at OSU have been my favorite part of being here. We have access to a lot of free concerts, talks, events, traditions. Beat M*[email protected] Week is the best week of the year. Everyone unites over one thing: Beating That School Up North. What's really cool about the week though is that many groups and events are about helping others too. For example, the Blood Battle with UofM helps save lives through blood donations.


I am involved in Real Life, Buckeye Leadership Society,and the HSS Scholars Programs here at OSU. These are all fun groups and help us get more connected to other people when we have the chance to. The question is how dedicated one is to the groups. Students in the dorms tend to leave the door open depending on the situation. There are plenty of activities and buzz around campus all the time because OSU has so much life. It is wild and crazy. Athletics are huge at OSU as OSU is at the top of many sports in the country. The parties are wild and crazy and some are fun to go to, but plenty of them get way too rowdy.


Fairly open, can be as active or inactive as you choose.


Because I don't care for partying and drinking, I'll offer up a few alternatives for those like me. Out of all my weekends here, many of them have been spent hanging out with friends doing a variety of things that don't involve partying. Although, avoiding the parties on Michigan weekend is almost impossible, so be prepared for that! I have spent several weekends at my friend's suite in Morrill Tower, where we watch movies, go to the RPAC for smoothies, or just talk. Sometimes my friends and I go down to South Campus Gateway to the Drexel Gateway Theater for a movie, or we go across the Olentangy to Lennox to go shopping at Target or Old Navy. With Newport Hall right on High Street, it's easy to know when bands you like might be putting on a concert there. My sister lives in Pickerington, which is about 20 minutes away; I've gone over there to spend time with her. You can go bowling, go to dance clubs, or even go to cultural events. The Wexner Center for the Arts often has new exhibitions, and they show interesting documentaries fairly often, too. We get weekly newsletters that include campus and Columbus events for the week to keep students updated. There is plenty to do around here if you don't want to go to parties!


I've been active in the Pre-optometry club for almost 2 1/2 years. I think that my involvement in this club contributed in a large part to my acceptances in multiple optometry schools. The club gave lots of background on the profession and allowed me to make contacts within the optometry community. I could speak knowledgably about the profession during my interviews. The club also helped solidify my desire to become an optometrist.


everything you could want is available if they are involved its cuz they aint trying!


On weekdays, you should probably study for your courses and reserve the weekends for fun and social life.


In dorms, it depends on what dorm you are in as to whether students leave their doors open. Living in a predominantly freshman dorm everyone's doors were open and people were willing to meet other. The second year I had a single in a dorm that had a variety of levels of students. It was rare to see doors open in this dorm. Athletic events are extremely popular especially at a BIg 10 school, sports are a big part of Ohio State. There is plenty of opportunity to meet people, I have met my closest friends through random roommates as well as organizationst hat I have joined.


Sports are popular, gaming is popular, card tournaments and dances are popular. You can find anything here.


It's OSU so it's all about the balls baby! Aside from football and basketball there is a HUGE range of clubs and organizations available for students. If you're bored on campus here, it's no one's fault but your own! The group I spent the most amount of time with is Block O, the loudest and craziest Buckeye Sports fans you'll find around. Most specifically the greatest kids I've met on campus, a little group that calls themselves the IceBox, the student cheering section for the Men's Ice Hockey team. Sure, how else are you gonna meet the other people that live around you? Athletics- HELLO! this is Ohio State afterall! Guest speakers and theatre depend on who and what it is. Dating scene? I'm not the best person to ask about that. How did I meet my closest friends? Well, I lived with three of them, met the guys at a hockey game and the rest through Block O. Either watching a movie or walking back from Mirror after the Midnight Cookie Run. IDK, not my thing. Last weekend? Drove to Oxford to watch the hockey team, went to the mall, and watched the girls bball team clinch the Big Ten championship title, and going to Applebee's like I do after every OSU sporting event.


There's a party everyday, you just gotta find it.


Yes, we drink a lot. Can you do stuff on and off campus if you don't drink? Yes, you can. Is there a guarantee that you won't be forced to dodge broken glass and pools of vomit on the sidewalks when you walk places? Nope.


The Ohio State campus and Columbus as a city provide so many social opportunities that don't involve drinking. One of my favorite things is the Gallery Hop. On the first Saturday of the month, the art galleries and stores in the Short North (an area near campus that is easily reachable by bus, which is free to ride for OSU students) stay open late. Everyone walks or rides the bus down there and wanders around the art galleries for a few hours. It's really interesting and fun, and it makes you feel so cultured!


I like the cafeteria a lot!! I have been to the one close to OIE. They have veggetarian bar!! Sometime they have special themes for dinner.


-frats/sororities/religion groups are most numbered -a lot of the sports events, theater/music, etc. are popular, a lot of people are always talking about some event they went to recently -I live off campus so I don't generally know a lot about life on campus outside of academics


As I have said before, OSU is full of activities, clubs, and organizations. In addition, if there is something you're interested in that is not already an organization, you can form one yourself! There is no reason for any students not to be involved in something that they are interested in or passionate about. It is easy to meet other students this way. Downtown Columbus is extremely close to campus, as well, which also enhances the ability to get involved in social activities. Between downtown and campus, you pretty much have anything and everything at your fingertips!

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