Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about my school I ALWAYS start with the fact that the academics are stellar. I also brag about the school spirit because there isn't another college I know that can rally together as a community and fight for their school - whether it's sports, campus politics, academics - as well as Ohio State Students can. Not to mention it's THE Ohio State University.


When talking to my friends about The Ohio State University, the thing I brag about the most is the program I am in (art education) is the number one program in the United States. I brag about that the most because it makes me feel great that I got accepted into one of the toughest programs in the nation. I also brag about or football team because they have been undefeated for the last several years and won the National Championship!


I brag about the size of the rec center


I mainly brag about the football game at Ohio State University; furthermore, the excitment and energy that fans bring to make the games even more thrilling!


I usually brag about the usage of the rpac, which is a place where there is a lot of exercising equipment, basketball courts, an aquarium, tennis courts, and a lot of other activities. I also brag about our wonderful football team as well as our marching band, which is referred to as TBDBITL! (The Best Damn Band In The Land).


When I talk about my school to my friends one of the biggest aspects to brag about is our athletic excellence. My school is a well known school in a variety of sports including football and basketball. Other than sports, I also brag about some of my schools buildings. The library, student union, and rec center are top of the line here and are always found impressive by both students that go here and those that are just visiting.


We are number one in school spirit, have a the best gym in the nation, and are one of the largest schools in the nation.


That I attend THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. It is well known for academics and sports. OSU usually has a good football and basketball team which makes OSU more well known. It is a very good college for research as well. It is a big school but with that it has a lot of opportunities that you might not find at a smaller school. Yes , it take some time to learn where things are located around campus but there are plenty of places to go to study.


I brag about the opportunities of being at a big school with a lot of networking possibilities, and in a city with seemingly endless means of entertainment, resources, and ways to become involved in the community.


Whenever I talk to my friends about Ohio State, I like to jokingly brag about how being an engineering student in the honors program at a big school technically makes me a legalized genius, so I'm kind of a big deal now. In truth, I'm only a first semester engineer and I've only takes one honors class, but...I don't have to tell them that. They all know I'm not really a genius, but it does still feel good to have respect for choosing a difficult career path within a well-known and prestigious school.


The opportunities are the best part. I volunteer with Rotaract and at the Medical Center. I work in a research lab, and I am able to double-major in biology and anthroplogy and get Honors distinction. We offer so many study abroad programs, because you are encouraged to go abroad over Spring break, Winter break, the summer, or for an entire semester. I would not be able to go to Italy to study bioarchaeology if I wasn't at Ohio State.


We have the best facilities-- the RPAC, the Union, etc. Our sports teams are very good and fun to watch. The professors here are highly respected and talented individuals. Ohio State also has a rich history so walking around campus is always interesting with all the historical buildings and landmarks that are on campus. The main campu is also located just North of Columbus which is a cool city that has experienced a ton of cultural and economic growth lately.


How huge OSU is, also how Fisher the school of Business is the greatest and chic.


I always tell them how there's always so much to do. There is always something going on and so many wonderful people to meet. There is a lot of diversity at Ohio state and it's great to meet different people and to hear about their background and beliefs. Also, the education is pristine.


The Chinese program, the marching band, and that almost all of my professors know my name (even in big lectures)


I love the community surrounding campus and how easy it is to get involved with groups living off campus. The group of friends I have found here at OSU is one that I definitely brag about. I will keep the friends I have now long past graduation. Environmental issues are in the forefront of most people minds here at OSU, and that is something I am very passionate about. I also love how many resources are available. I have obtained two internships already because of the Engineering Career Services. OSU offers resume reviews, interviews, and a large job search database.


I brag about how there is so much to do and how big the campus is. I also brag about all the free concerts and other fun activities there is to do here as well.


I brag about the sense of community there is here, and how everyone is so friendly. There's nothing like waking up on a Saturday in the fall when Ohio State has a home game and feeling that sense of excitement on campus. Buckeye Nation really is a family like no other, and unless you're a fan or a student, you really do not understand that.


The size and number of the recreation facilities is incredible. There is a great amount of diversity on campus and in the surrouning areas. Correspondingly, there is a diverse set of clubs and activities one can engage in. The life and friendliness of the people on campus is amazing also. The large campus has sufficient bussing services that take you anywhere you want to go in a timely and efficient fashion. The teachers are astounding and experts in their fields. OSU was not my first choice, but I am completely satisfied in going here.


I tell my friends about the bounty of opportunities that lie on our campus- it’s the reason I chose to be a Buckeye. With the largest student population in the country, one never ceases to encounter new friends, activities, student organizations, and places to explore. In spite of its enormity, everyone seems to find their niche; the University makes it very easy for students to realize all the opportunities that lie before them and to pick the ones from which they’ll benefit most.


We have a little (or a lot) of everything! Good academics, sports, outdoors activities, bars, restaurants, libraries, shops, etc. Columbus is the city life without the worst of city traffic, etc.


Ohio State University was a wonderful school for many reasons. Classes were engaging and professors challenged students to learn the facts and be able to support any and all arguments. I was challenged to be able to use what I learned to think for myself. Classes provided a comfortable atmostphere to ask questions and explore ideas further with a professor teaching us more than we could have imagined. It was a great place to flourish as a scholar and a well-rounded and well-reasoned individual.


The best in state of Ohio, people who are not judgemental and always lending a helping hand, students all having equal chances, extraordinary help given during academic difficulty, diverse cultural exchange, big campus, GO BUCKS!


The amount of resources available to the students. We have unbelievable facilities, and numerous oppurtunities academically and proffesionally. Ohio State is so large it has contacts in every field, across the country and globe.


When I tell my friends about The Ohio State University, I mostly brag about its enormous size. Being one of the largest universities in the country, Ohio State has a population of over fifty-five thousand students. Attending a university as large as Ohio State has countless advantages. Almost every single major one could dream of exists at Ohio State, almost every single club one could want to join exists at Ohio State, and almost every single study-abroad program one could want to participate in exists at Ohio State.


OH-IO. We have an enormous campus that easily seems small. We are large, but a tight-knit community with a vast amount of opportunities. There is a sense of pride and community you cannot find anywhere else.


Amount if social activities


I would say the most impressive thing about my school is the enormous number of opportunities offered to students. From literally thousands of clubs to study abroad programs, whatever dream comes to mind OSU can provide you with the resoures to achieve that dream. As a freshman, I was already able to find a research lab to start working in, something I was looking forward to when I began college. Such limitless opportunites yield limitless possibilities and leave no room for excuses. If you want to accomplish something, you just have to find th right resource.


I do not brag, however I do like sharing that I attend such a great school with outstanding retention and graduation rates. It is a great place to learn and meet new people.


OSU was the best choice I have ever made in my life. The schools is phenomenal, and I couldnt ask for a better experience there. The people you meet are wonderful, and you never feel like a number on this campus. Dont let the size or location scare you. The campus is beautiful and the community is engaging. There is always something to do, and a stroing focus on academics. Ohio State is truly the best university in the nation.


The over abundence over opportunities, in and outside of the classroom; academic related or just for fun, there are never ending options and fuel your intrests.


I brag most about having a big school with endless opportunities available to me. I brag about the successful sports teams, sporting events I will be able to attend and how much fun I will be having. I also brag about how the campus is like a city as opposed to some of my friends' campuses that are like high school campuses.


The endless events that go on around campus are definitely something worth bragging about. From free concerts to every imaginable sporting event, OSU is in no way in short supply of having something to do while on campus. I absolutely that OSU always keeps me on my feet and never bored. Our student activities board does an amazing job of bringing a wide variety of events to campus that appeal to a broad range of students. This year alone they brought ACE of Cakes, The Bruied Life, Lupe Fiasco, Kellie Pickler, and B.o.B to name a few.


Whenever I am asked what I love about Ohio State, my immediate response is the sense of pride and school spirit instilled within the hearts of the students. Each and every student takes responsibility for their academics and truly cares about the success of both the university and themselves. The school spirit is not only evident on football Saturdays, but everyday from the students apparel to the O-H! cry from across the street. Overall, the atmosphere on campus is contagious and impossible to resist.


OSU has one of the largest campuses in the nation, however this should not intimidate. The large student body enables virtually everybody to become involved in some way. Becuase there are so many students at OSU it is next to impossible to not find a group that is perfect for you. OSU has over 900 student organizations to offer, and most can simply be joined at will. It is very easy to find a niche in which you are comfortable.


I brag about how we are such a known scholl around teh world and how big it is.


What I brag about most when I talk about my school is that the facilities are amazing! The recreational facility is open from 5:45 am until midnight for the whole entire week. The football games are incredible. There is so much energy and enthusiasm from the fans. There is really a sense of community among the current students and the alumni. There is always something to do on campus and there are over one thousand student organizations. The bus stops also have screens that show when the next bus is coming and where its destination is.


Hands down the football games (and other sports) along with the social opportunities and flexible scheduling.


That the Art Education department has offered me so much more that I initially imagined. Also, I love that there are places like the Wexner Center right on campus to attend events. There are a lot of places to go to and get involved, either community oriented, or places to just go have fun.


I brag the most about the academic prestige and tradition that comes with my university. A degree from the Ohio State University is a resume builder in itself, and it is known universally. If you are sporting the scarlet and gray or Ohio State apparell, you are bound to hear an "O-H.." be yelled and an "..I-O" as the response. This just happened to my friend in London, my cousin at Fenway park, and to me every Buckeye football Saturday! I am not sure if any other school can say the same.


Ohio State is an incredible place. It's in the heart of the bustling city of Columbus and it's an incredibly well-known school.


When I talk about Ohio State I will address several great aspects of my school. For example, our football team, basketball team, campus size and surroundings, academics, diversity, and the people on campus you meet.


Ohio State is huge, and that means there are plenty of opportunities here. There is always something to do, and the extra curricular and academic opportunities are broad and wonderful.


When I brag about my school, I of course mention how amazing we are at sports, and how we would dominate any other team. But that is not all there is to say about Ohio State. The campus atmosphere here is like no other school. There is always something fun to do and participate in on and off of campus. You will never be bored or have nothing to do as an Ohio State student.


We have really nice work out facilities and classroom buildings as well. There are lots of places for students to study and also a wide variety of activities/groups to get involved with. I feel like we have a lot of interesting classes and professors who are very approachable. I know I am going to graduate with a high quality education and will be able to use the skills I'm learning here to my advantage in the job market.


The immense amount of classes available to students is probably the best part about going to school at the Ohio State University. There are classes for anything I could possibly be interested in, and it makes the prospect of attending such a large school worthwhile. Since I have quite diverse interests, it's great that I can pursue studies in all sorts of subjects.


We have really good sports programs and the campus is beautiful. There are so many great places on campus to live and visit. The teachers and classes are great. our students are very passionate about being at ohio state and we are the greatest university in the country.


the campus and campus life


All of the awesome school facilities we have. The RPAC is huge and there are gyms spread around campus. There is also the oval and the south oval that has great grass thats very comfy and can be used for lots of things. OSU also hosts lots of cool events all the time.


I always tell my friends how amazing it is to be in control of when I take classes. If I want to sleep in I can take later classes, or I can take early classes to be done earlier in the afternoon. It is great having control over all of my free time, because it proves to be less stressful.

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