Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school is: exciting, friendly, strong school spirit, and my education so far has been very interesting and stimulating


The football team, the amount of research we complete, the campus area, our rec center.


I brag about both how great our athletics are and how great the Fisher College of Business is.


How many of my fellow high school classmates ended up here


That my campus is very big and has a a lot of opportunities for activites and jobs. There are a lot of concerts and famous people come by here.


The atmosphere


I have been afforded to attend the best school in the nation. i get to say I attend The Ohio State University and it is a great place to be. We have the greatest football team and "the best damn band in the land"!


My school has two zip codes! My school has 20 libraries! My school's football team beat your school's football team! My school has underground steam tunnels! My school has that, and for cheap in-state tuition!


Ohio State is one of the greatest universities in the nation. It is proud, strong, smart, and endearing. We have all a young student needs to succeed.


My school has tons of spirit. Everyone sees it first hand at football games, but there is so much more to Ohio State. Sporting events are just physical manifestations of what you hear everyday on campus. I love showing friends from out of state the oval, the new gym, the engineering and physics buildings, and all the other new developments. Aside from being physically beautiful and diverse, our campus has a grace from age that is reassuring when students come here- it has a history of success.

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