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What kind of person should not attend this school?


The Ohio State University is a large campus with lots of buildings and an array of faculty that are eager to help you succeed in this metropolitan setting. If you do not like being in big crowds, you will probably not like Ohio State, but there are plenty of ways to get involved here and not feel like a number. You are also exposed to a diverse population of students, so if you do not like to interact with others of differing backgrounds, this is not the place for you.


Ohio State is definitely the place were involvement is crucial - not because it's mandatory, but because it allows for means of facilitation and knowledge on campus. You'll find that the more you explore your talents, or by simply exploring what you don't know, the more friends you'll find and the more you'll learn about yourself. You'll learn to navigate not just through the back sidewalks of campus, but through hardships and difficult tasks that no doubt will present themselves to you. Here you'll learn teamwork, pride, and lessons to last a lifetime.


There is only one kind of person who shouldn't attend: a lazy one. The course offerings are challenging and ask a lot of an individual. If a person is not up to this task, they won't be able to thrive.


Few people should not attend this school. If you are a person who is not open to new ideas and doesn't want to make new friends, OSU is not for you. Also, if you are not ready to at least try to make your own decisions, you should choose a school with less choices in things like classes and extracurriculars.


For the most part, Ohio State is a school for every kind of student – business to art, low socioeconomic status to private high school alums. The only people I could not envision doing well at Ohio State are the people who are not serious about their futures.


The Ohio State University is a great school for all types of people. I have meet people from all over the world, and everyone has different intrest, backgrounds and styles. I believe that the only kind of person whom shouldn't attend Ohio State is someone whom isn't open to people who are different from themselves.


A person should not attend Ohio State if he or she does not like to socialize. It's a big school, and there is always a lot happening here. Even just walking to class you are likely to run into a few people you know from various campus activities. I'm only in my second year here and i already recognize a ton of people in most of my classes from previous quarters. This school is a catalyst for making many quality relationships with other students.


A person who is looking for a smaller , quiet school. Class sizes are large and the school population itself is one of the largest in the country.


Someone who isn't willing to put forth the effort to become more than a number. Ohio State is a big school, but it can become either very small or too big depending on your outlook toward what is offered to you. You have to take the personal initiative to succeed, no one will hold your hand and direct you.


Someone who is closed-minded and unwilling to try new things may have a difficult time at a school of this size and this diverse.


Ohio State's campus is basically a city within itself. If a person is repelled by being surrounded by fast paced crowded style of living, at least on the weekends, it would probably be in their best interest to maybe take a look at other schools. If a student's best style of learning is hands on one on one contact with a mentor or professor, Ohio State is probably not for them. More specific classes are offered, but not to an extent in where a student will have a good chance of getting in one of those classes.


Small home-town peole.


A person who hates big crowds or lots of noise. One who gets clostrophobic shouldn't go here. A person who doesn't like meeting new people shouldn't go there either.


Ohio State is very diverse but people who don't challenge themselves academically shouldn't attend this school because it is very hard course work especially if it's a science related field.


A person that is desiring one on one connections with their professors in their first year should not attend. Also, anyone that is not accepting of others races or ethinicities.


I don't think that is a valid question. Ohio State is a very diverse university, therefore each and every student that would apply - no matter their educational background, ethnicity, or gender would qualify. This is one of the several reasons why I applied to the university, because I would meet so many different kinds of people and become involved with everyone in a variety of fields. Therefore, I will have more experience with this in the future and with my career.


Someone who is afraid of the hustle and bustle of life. Anyone who doesnt expect to work hard for what they want and are willing to spend countless hours preparing for a single test.


Someone that is afraid of diversity should not attend this school. There are people from every racial and ethnic background and it would be hard for someone that has never embraced such an atmosphere. Also, someone that does not large classes. Ohio State seems huge at first, however the more into your degree one gets, the smaller the classes become.


Students that shouldn't attend Ohio State are the people that don't like to be in big school atmosphere. I can see it being hard to come from a small, or even private high school to attending a university as big as OSU's being a huge jump and something that takes great time to adjust too. Classes are bigger here, compared to private, or two year technical schools. You could be in a huge lecture with over one hundred people at times, so if you have a hard time focusing in big crowds, that would be a problem.


OSU is open to all students of any background and belief. Only students who are unable to tolerate living with those who are different from themselves would feel uncomfortable living here.


I believe this school is perfect for anyone who is open minded and is seeking perfection in a particular career feild.


The Ohio State University offers so many opportunities, that almost every type of person can be happy here. . Every since I have arrived I have been bombarded with multiple organizations, speakers, and activities every day. Although, the campus does offer things for everyone a student needs to be willing to step outside of their comfort zone and seize the opportunities. A student who is not willing to become more active in a campus life, and their community, and who would be overwhelmed by sorting through the various opportunities should not attend Ohio State.


People who don't like big groups and big crowds but really no kind of person should not attend The Ohio State University.


OSU really has something for everyone. If someone is afraid of a big school, they would likely be tempted to look past OSU, but this would be a mistake. Getting involved in a close-knit club or organization can make this huge school seem so much smaller. All you need is a few friends to make this school much more managable. Find something you're interested in (there is a club for everything) and get involved! Meeting new people is a great part of college!


A person who should not attend this school is someone who thinks school is all about partying. Classes here are much more difficult than they would be in high school and as such, one needs to study more than they ever have. If someone is thinking about going to this school just to drink and have a good time, they should consider somewhere else. Their grades will not hold up here.


A person who wants a small town experience, or too feel at home right away due to a small amount of students. In my first year here, I was overwhelmed with the number of students here, and that I didn't recognize anyone on walks betweein classes.


Someone who isn't self motivated or needs personalized instruction. As there are so many students here, its hard to get personalized attention.


The people who shouldn't attend The Ohio State University are those who have a serious lack of determination and that do not strive for success. College continues to grow harder and harder. If I were one of those people, I would relax, take a break in life; use my time wisely by working full time, realize my goals and potentials, then pursue a career. I believe to many graduates dive right in on a future that they don't even really want.


This school has a lot to offer. I really cannot imagine that there is any person who could not find a place at Ohio State. I suppose people who do not enjoy a lot of people and diversity would not appreciate this schoool very much. Also, individuals who do not like winter weather conditions such as snow and the cold might have some problems adjusting. Other than that I cannot think of any reason why a person might not feel comfortable attending Ohio State University.


Someone who isn't sure of their area of concentration or does not like the Central Valley in California.


At OSU, it isn't a secret that campus is a large socially charged environment. Someone who is seeking a smaller, conservative college experience may not be entirely happy here. Students who attend Ohio State are interested in a large, diverse community. They understand that being academically successful will be a challenge but equally rewarding.


Non school spirited, don't like big cities, not excited for diversity


Someone who does not like the city and hates sports. Needy and wants teachers and advisors to keep them accountable


Somone who finds it hard to seperate studies from social life.


This school has something for everyone; the quiet nerd or the outgoing socialite, the city-dweller or the farm-kid.


Someone who dislikes a school that focuses on athletics would probably not enjoy attending this school because most students here are extremely enthusiastic about sports. Also, someone who wants a smaller school may also not like this school.




A person who likes to know EVERYBODY around them, and anybody that isn't comfortable with not knowing everyone they are around. If you don't like the city or being around parties, don't come here.


Those intimidated by a large campus. We have over 50 thousand undergraduates. Also, students should be willing and open to meeting people from a variety of backgrounds disimilar to their own.


Ohio State is good for virtually anyone that doesnt mind a bit of walking. There is something for anyone here. You don't have to be involved in greek life, or like sports, you can just be who you've always been, or become someone completely different. Although, if you don't drink, I'd say look somewhere else. There are plenty of opportunities for "dry" fun but you have to look.


Someone who does not push themselves to be the best they can be. Somebody who slacks off and does not take school work and their future seriously will not last here.


Someone looking to get lost in the crowd.


shy, excessively introverted people or people who prefer a small town atmosphere. also people who love nature or dislike the city.


Someone who likes small school atmospheres and requires a great deal of individual attention. Also someone who is not very social would most likely not enjoy the school's environment. Someone who is easily distracted from their studies by social factors should be careful.




A very shy person who is afraid of large crowds or someone who doesn't do well learning on their own. People who expect to have a personal relationship with their professors, especially early on.


Motivated, Inspired, a plan to change the world.


Someone who can't handle large groups of people. Some one who is very much an introvert, with no intention of coming out of his or her shell. Someone who doesn't want to be around people they don't know, there are too many people for anyone to know all of them.


If a person needs personal interaction to suceed I don't reccomend this school. Some people learn better in a small classroom than a large one.


A person who doesn't like a large campus with a lot of walking wouldn't like this campus. Our lectures are quite big, but recitation and lab classes are like most high school classes with about 25-30 students. Honestly, there is so much to do around this campus and many people to meet. There aren't many reason to NOT attend this campus.

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