Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This school would be least suited for radical christians. However it is also what this school campus needs most. Radical christians would turn this school upside down and then take it to a new level of achievement and success. It could create a school even more efficient accademically and serve the student body by seeping into their quality of life. Many of the students here are bold about who they want to be, but are insecure because they do not know what that means or why they cannot seem to attain secure contentment


If you are not willing to study hard in a competitive environment, do not go to Ohio State. The days of getting a lot of help from a teacher are gone.


Someone who is closed minded and only focused on school. there are soo many other activities and opportunities for studentds to broaden their horrizons that it would be a waste not to.


Introverted artistic types would probably find a better fit at a smaller arts school.


If he/she doesn't like large crowds or lots of people. Not really into school spirit. Not a buckeye fan! Not into the pressures of attending a school with the rep that OSU has.


nerds and douchebags


Students who are not focused and are only here to "have a good time" should not be attending this school. There are thousands of students being turned down every year in order to admit "the cream of the crop" into the freshman class. I also believe that students who want a small, intimate environment should not be looking at OSU. One must be comfortable finding their own path here because no one is going to search YOU out. If a large campus and thousands of students are very intimidating, this probably isn't the univeristy to pick.


Someone who doesn't like a big atmosphere or a city dynamic. Other than that Ohio State has something for everyone.


If you have no desire to learn, interact with other people, make great lasting friendships and hate football I would probably go some where else.


Someone who is looking for a lot of opportunities from academic, to career, to social. This school has it all.


Someone who doesn't like crowds or sports.


I think this school could work for almost anyone. Perhaps someone that has to take out financial aide to pay for everything should consider whether or not to attend.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school are people who do not like large campus settings in large cities. Also people who don't like many different kinds of divierse people and ideas should not attend this unveristy.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school doesn't like people or doesn't like to be crowded. They also don't do good in a large classroom setting and have a hard time being responsible for themselves.


People who are used to a small town/country-like atmosphere. People who don't enjoy football. People who aren't outgoing. People who like being home. People who want to live in a nice dorm.


Someone who prefers a smaller, more intimate college experience should not attend Ohio State. It is a large campus that can become overwhelming if allowed.


Someone that would feel too intimidated by larger classes. This university is the largest in the country and offers many different ways for everyone to be involved in someway.


N/A! :-) all can (and should) attend Ohio State Univ.!


Ohio State University is a competitive college. Therefore, the only kind of person who should not attend is a person who does not care about preparing for their future. Students attend OSU for a specatcular education and there is no reason someone should be accepted who is not there to better themselves. I would be so upset if I found out I did not get accepted because someone else made it and they are only there to have a good time.


While it is an excellent choice for many people, a big school is not right for everyone. Ohio State is a big school (about 52,000 students right now!) with a very large campus, and that can be intimidating for some people, especially if they attended a small high school. Students should make sure to visit before deciding where to go. I did, and I fell in love with Ohio State's campus, size, and programs!

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