Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The chemistry dept. is impossibly hard..


THe most frustrating thing about Ohio State is that, believe it or not, after a while the campus seems.


Recently, there have been a lot of changes going on. For example, the meal plan system changed and we switched from quarters to semesters. While I didn't attend the school before these changes, the people who I am friends with didn't like the sudden change. Just this year, bikes/skateboards/scooters/roller blades etc are not allowed to be used while on the oval, which many people relied on for quicker transportion.


Very Bureaucratic. The students often get overlooked compared to the agendas of the president and other higher ups. The switch from the quarters system to the semesters system was widely disputed and not wanted by the students or the faculty, but the higher-ups wanted the change to benefit the sports schedule. Constant construction seems like a waste of the budget, especially while much-needed renovations to older facilities are overlooked. This school is interested in cramming as many people into a class as possible. Some classes don't even have enough desks to accommodate enrolled students.


The more frustrating aspect about my school is the fact that our professors to give one-on-one attention to every individual. The size of Ohio State is way too large for professors of certain lectures to have enough time to schedule time for each student. Yet, understanding this downfall has made me very proactive about going to my professors office hours, and furthermore doing this to get to know my professors on a personal level has truly raised my grades in the class.


The most frustrating thing about Ohio State is that they don't do more for the students' safety. There have been many unfortunate occurances on and off campus that, I feel, could be fixed with additional security, more patrolling, or other ways to enforce safety. I like to feel safe, and for the majority of the time, I do, but I feel that Ohio State has been very relaxed on bettering the safety for the students.


There really isn't anything I found to be frustrating at my school.


The most frustarating aspect about Ohio State is that with such a large student body, getting individualized attention can be a difficult process. There is a relatively large ratio when it comes to the amount of students to academic advisors, therefore when scheduling advising appointments you may call to schedule, but your appointment might not be for another two or three weeks. Although they are not super accesible, their abilities and resources to help the student body are phenomenal and top-notch.


My school has a huge number of students involved and it can be really hard to meet friends and find a place to "fit it" if you will. Coming in as a transfer this past year, it was extremely difficult to put myself out there and make new friends while being one of almost 60,000 students. I was at a school of about 2,500 students last year so I really was not prepared to have such a huge change so fast! However, after getting accustomed to life as a buckeye, I am now getting used to it.


The most frustrating thing about Ohio State is that it can sometimes be difficult to get/find information. The website is very effective but it can be hard to navigate initially.


There are many events that happen around campus but I always felt that I was not informed of the things that were happening. I would find out about events after they passed. OSU is so great about communication through email, so it would be great if they informed students of events around campus through email too.


The most frustrating aspect about The Ohio State University is the lack of academic advising. My personal experience with the advising offices, as both an exploration major, and my current major in the school of arts and sciences have been negative ones. Upon acceptance to The Ohio State University it is of upmost important that students take their academic future into their own hands. If you completes a class, under a mistaken assumption that it fulfills a specific category for graduation, and in fact does not, it is essentially your problem. You have to do your "homework" when planning schedules!


Getting to know professors each quarter. However - that will change as we change teachers less when we go to semesters in 2012-2013.


Trying to find parking is difficult. You must park off campus and take a bus.


The one frustrating thing is the size of the campus. It takes a little while to learn where everything is, and it's a lot of walking, but you do learn to appreciate it eventually.

Ann Elizabeth

Coming from such a small town, the most frustrating part about Ohio State would have to be how impersonal the classroom feels. Even when it is a smaller class size, the professors normally have many other classes they are teaching so they cannot give you individualized attention. This impersonal feeling also takes place with the advising at Ohio State. Each advisor has so many students that they cannot get to know you on a personal level and tend to treat you like any other student.


The most frustrating aspect of Ohio State would be the size. For people who may be shy or introverted, having so many people around all the time can be very challenging. At times the mass amounts of people can be overwhelming, especially in classes when a student may want one-on-one attention. Unfortantly, at Ohio State that just doesn't exist. But, having all those other students offers the opportunities to meet some pretty amazing people and learn more about the world that I even thought was possible.


I would say that the tuition because its not only stressful to you but your family members that are supporting you.


Nothing about my school is very frustrating, but if I had to pick one thing, I would say it's size. For the most part, all of my classes are within a reasonable distance from where I live, but being a Natural Resources Management major, all of my classes take place on West campus, which is across the Olentangy river in Columbus. It's the furthest place you can travel for a class and that's where almost all of my major classes will take place. It is a 2-mile hike to that side of campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is in a large city so it's pretty busy.


The financial process and award packaging is the most frustrating. Being that there are so many students at my school, it can be difficult to recieve assistance from a financial counselor. It is also hard to get all of the funding that you need. Loans can be tricky and have expensive interest rates. With tuition going up every year, financial assistance can become overwhelming.


I pondered this question relentlessly. Ohio State has irksome aspects of which I can rant: the strict parking, the political correctness, and the seemingly wasted money. Sure, these can be frustrating, but not for me. What truly frustrates me is personal, so much so that I considered not mentioning it. However, if I am to offer my advice, well, advice is personal. OSU lies 150 miles from my hometown, the place where my boyfriend of five years lives. For nine months each year, I hear his voice but don’t see him. For nine months, we change and grow, apart.


The only thing that really gets to me is that sometimes our class sizes are so big that its hard to get that one on one with your teacher.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the academic calendar. Throughout the years, Ohio State has been on quarters, which means that the breaks do not line up with schools on semesters. This is changing over during the 2012-2013 academic year. This is also frustrating, since the changing of credits may be difficult for many of the students, but the switch is bette in the long run for everyone.


The most frustrating is the communication amongts the people in a certain building such as finacial aid.


One of the most frustrating things about Ohio State are the expenses. Tuition has continued to increase due to large investment building constructions and alterations in the academic structure.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the abundance of white people on campus. I do not see many other African Americans like myself as professors or students, and thiss chool is very expensive.


The advisors don't know the students and often don't know how to help. It's also often hard to get answers on financial aid, but if you don't give up and demand results, you will get them.


The most frustrating thing about The Ohio State University is the tuition I pay as an out of state student. Although I received a large amount of financial aid due to my high school performance, I will still be graduating with a large amount of debt. I plan on getting my Master's degree in Social Work, and this debt will influence my choice of what school I will attend.


There is nothing frustrating about OSU. To go there is considered such a high honor.


The most frustrating thing about my school is all of the improvements they are working on. Improvements are great, and I am all for betting the college campus. However, construction is everywhere and our once beautiful campus is now a mess. It's hard to enjoy it when the weather is nice. It is also frustrating that they have so much money to build a whole new medical center but do not invest in small things like touching up the dorms where a good majority of freshman and sophomores live.


The most frustrating thing about my school is parking and traveling around the school's campus. The parking spots are limited and the campus is huge. It's especially annoying in the winter time when you have to walk 30 minutes to get to your first class let alone spending about half of that time trying to find a place to park. I suggest riding the bus!


I find that I am most frustrated by the lack of interaction between colleges. I am an Industrial Design major with a Fine Arts minor, and I feel that it would be beneficial to work together on projects with the business or engineering college. There are a few classes and opportunities available that bring the separate colleges together, but they are not usually advertised very well. Being in such a large successful university includes many separate high-ranking disciplines. I feel there is a sort of arrogance between them, when great things could happen if they worked together.


The most frusterating thing about OSU is that there is so much to do and see and not enough time to do it. It is such a beautiful school and I wish that I could experience every aspect of it, and all the different types of classes they offer. Another frusterating thing that is going on right now is just the construction going on campus. It is loud and at times makes it hard to get to class, but nothing to hard to handle!


Many people are overwhelmed by Ohio State's size. Outside of academics and sports, there are over 600 different student organizations that range from cooking to video gaming. Ohio State University is located in the middle of Columbus. This allows students to experience the big city feel but is not overpowering. The best way to think about Ohio State's size is by remembering you can never make a small school big, but you can make a big school small by making it your own, by making it your home. Ohio State University is my new home.


The most fustrating thing about UNC, is that it smells really bad because of the meat plant. Most days, I step outside and the smell is just overwhelming. They say you get used it, so I am hoping for the best.


The off-campus housing can be frustrating because it negatively reflects on the school itself; it is expensive and not as nice as I would have expected.


The most frustrating thing about my school is when assignments in my classes are a lot less points than I personally think they should be worth. For example, in my current psychology class, we just had a midterm worth only 25 points. On the midterm, there were 14 questions that required answers of at least three sentences each. I spent multiple hours studying and knew all of the answers, but it was frustrating knowing that my hard work and time would only earn me 25 points at the most. This is what frustrates me most about the Ohio Sate University.


I absolutely love going to school here but the most frustrating thing about The Ohio State University is paying the tuition. The school is so expensive so I struggle to pay my school fees which leaves me with no money left over for food or other bills. If I can't find a way to pay for school I will have to transfer somewhere else I can afford. I do not want to result in transferring. This school really inspires me to a better person and help others become what they want to be.


Prerequisite classes for math and science are incredibly large and intimidating. Having one of the largest student populations means that general courses are inherently larger. This makes it more difficult to understand the material and learn from the professor. The worst culprit in this field is Chemistry. The teachers are difficult to understand and offer almost zero extra help. This makes it difficult to pass the class.


The most frustrating thing about Ohio State is the size. Walking from your room to class to class and then back to your room you just get a little tired of walking everywhere. But at the end of the year you will be glad because all of the walking helped cut down on the freshman fifteen!


Sometimes the sheer number of people can be frustrating. For instance, around finals week it isn't unheard of to spend an hour searching for a seat in the library. Also, I don't know if Im really this uncoordinated or not, but I've had a lot of trouble not running into people on sidewalks this year.


The most frustrating thing about school is trying to attend school and work at the same time. Although Ohio State is considerably inexpensive, it is still a task trying to pay for college without taking out a loan.


Many of the intro level classes are huge and impersonal and it can be hard to get through a 100 level course in a subject not related to your interests when there are 500 kids in your class and the prof can't possibly take the time you need to help you personally. TAs are nice, but those classes can suck pretty bad.


Getting around campus can be easy at times but during rush hours or school passing periods.


It has a lot of classrooms and a big campus.


The most fustrating thing at the school is the attitude that most kids have coming in. People know the school is big. With 52,000 students, students know they will meet hundreds, maybe even thousands of kids. Because of this, I've noticed it is a lot harder to build strong relationships with kids because most of the time, you just "one friend" out of hundreds.


The most frustrating thing would probably be that not every class you take has an actual professor that you can talk to . Most of the classes I have taken so far have been taught by T.A.'s and they are not always very helpful if you do not understand something.


The most frustrating thing would have to be the size; but that's why there are maps.


I have not had anything frustrating yet.

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