Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


OSU has so many opportunities available. It doesn't matter what your interests or passions are, there will be numerous people on campus to share those experiences with you. Also, many potential employers know the university and its name on a resume adds some prestige to the applicant. It's often a talking point during interviews.


The best thing about my school is the pride in our school. Especially on game day everybody comes together and acts like one family. Regardless of class, gender, orientation, race or ethnicity. We can all come together to enjoy watching the Buckeyes play football. In the state of Ohio alone everyone wears Ohio State apparel and it is an awesome feeling being able to see others wear clothes that represent the school I so confidently walk around every day. Not to mention all the alumni love everything and anything Ohio State related.


The best thing about my school is the traditions. It makes everyone feel at home at such a large school. Students can get in the bUckeye spirit by getting involved in things such as the Mirror Lake Jump, Michigan Week, sitting in The Shoe and watching a football game, playing games on The Oval, and much much more! It is a great way to get involved and meet new friends. Both of which are vital parts of a great college experience.


The best thing about The Ohio State University is the fact that every student is guaranteed to find someone with whom they have common interests. With over 500 student organizations, every student is bound to find someone who they share personal interests, religion, professional goals, or even similar backgrounds with. I love that you can meet someone from across the country in one class, and someone from the other side of the world in another. The Ohio State University is full of excitement, from day one until graduation.


What I consider the best about Ohio State is the infinite amount of opportunities. There's always something new to be involved in, there's always new people to meet, and there's every class imaginable to take to discover what you like the most. It gives you the ability to become your own unique person throughout the four or five years you're here and provides you with the tools to be successful after you graduate.


I love the fact that at OSU has so many cultures and groups to be involved in. Fun for every interest I could imagine. My favorite thought was the options for food for every craving as well. The fact that you could take any kind of class and be anyone you wanted was very freeing and appealing.


There are so many clubs, you can definitely find one you're interested in.


There are so many great things about OSU, but I think the best thing would have to be the school spirit. There is no other university that has a fan base like Ohio State. Eveyone comes together as a community to represent OSU, whether it be for a football game or academic competitions. Walking around, there will always be an OH-IO chant somewhere around campus. It feels like a community just walking around campus and there is no where else I would rather attend school.


The best thing about my school is the diversity and chance to meet all kinds or new and intersting people, because getting to meet different from you and to experience thnigs in a different perspective and see things you ordinarly wouldn't see or hear about, just because of the people you meet and interact with.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. There is always something to become involved in, no matter what your background entails. I never once felt unsafe or out of place, and I could not have been happier with my choice to attend OSU.


Available resources for students. There are a plethora.


The best thing about my school is that as soon as you become a student at Ohio State you just feel at home. The atmosphere is great and it really gets you not just into the school's team's spirit but also the spirit of wanting to get to know as many people as you possibly can and enjoying all the campus has to offeer its students.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is the well rounded academic education that is given at this university. Students here have the opportunity to study in any of the top notch fields that are taught by top notch faculty.


I love the variety of the campus. Its a large campus and it's full of so many different kinds of people. There's always somewhere to go and something to do at Ohio State. I love the diversity and the adventures you can have on campus.


THE best thing about OSU is the diversity of THE students, faculty, and staff. Being such a large campus there is accordingly a diverse mixture of races, religions, personalities, and nationalities wherever you go. This allows for enlightening and unprejudiced educational experience.


The best think about Ohio State University is that you may feel very lonely, however there are many programs to make such a large student body feel like home. For example, as as out of state student, i recieve bi-weekly invitations to attend social events for all out of state students. This helps me not feel so away from home and lonely.


At The Ohio State University, everything is centered around the students; everything that goes on at this school is to make the university better for the students in order for them to succeed as much as possble.


The best aspect of The Ohio State University is all of the available opportunities that are readily available through campus. Ohio State truly cares out its students and is constantly informing and creating new opportunities for students to partake in. Personally, I have found it impossible to be bored because there always seems to be a rare research or enhancing volunteer activity to embrace. This really helped me transition from high school to college and will continue to prepare me for my work career as I finish out my four years here.


I would say that the greatest thing about Ohio State is the atmosphere. There is a general sense of cohesion throughout the campus, despite the huge size. I always feel comfortable and accepted, whether I'm studying at the library, watching a group of individuals dance down the streets, or getting an unexpected highfive from the Random Acts of Kindness Club. It all softens the stress from classes, and makes the workloads seem less overwhelming. The atmosphere at Ohio State makes you feel like you're part of something, like there are plenty of people just as crazy as me.


The best thing about my school has to be the resources avaliable for academic help. There are many tutor services, counseling, and other helpful seminars in which help students to both adapt to the college workload as well as figure out how to have good studying habits. Eventhough these resources don't always prove to be helpful atleast this campus puts forward effort to try to help.


I think our school spirit is the best thing about The Ohio State University. Everyone is exicted about being at OSU all year round. This doesn't just have to do with sports either, people are just happy about Ohio State.


Ohio State is an all-around incredible school. However, I'd say that the best thing about OSU is its wide diversity of extracurricular activities available for people of all backgrounds and interests. If you want to do research, there are plenty of professors who will gladly involve you in their projects. If you like sports (but aren't on varsity), there are dozens of intramural teams you can play on. There's also over 1000 student organizations you can become a part of. OSU makes sure you're included and feel welcome!


By far, the best thing about Ohio State is the ease at which organizations function considering the large size of the university. Every student is personally reached and presented with numerous opportunities to get involved on campus on a daily basis. It is incredible how being one student amidst sixty thousand, the top prioritiy of each organization on campus is to reach you- one student. The school does a great job with making sure that each and every student is able to acclimate in a way that makes Ohio State feel like home.


The people. Whenever I have a friend visit, they always say we have the nicest people. We have a great campus and an amazing sports team but the best part is absolutely how comfortable I feel walking around campus and the amazing people I get to work and hang out with.


The best thing about Ohio State University is even though it's a huge school there are so many people that is willing to help. Also for me it is close to home and everything I need is centered around campus.


The campus is enormous. The whole adventure of first seeing and exploring, even beyond orientation is either terrifying or exhilarating. For me it was the latter and despite all the new faces and times getting confused, it was a real adventure.


The best thing about my school is the spirit, the day to day life. I feel like i fit in here in a way no other school could allow. Joining organizations is fun and easy. It's one of only two schools that offer orthodontics in Ohio.


The best thing about my school is the different types of programs they have on campus. The programs help peopl get to know one another and become close as friends. It also help build up networking skils.


The life and diversity of the people here is astounding. The campus's park (the Oval) is a site of amazing sights. So many people relaxing and doing different things. Frisbees, football, reading, or tanning. The list never ends.


What I consider the best thin about The Ohio State University is that there is a lot of diversity and everyone is treated equally.


The best thing about The Ohio State University is the amount of opportunities available to its students. There is always something to be part of on this campus. You will never get bored. I also enjoy having such a large student population. Most individuals dread the idea of being part of a big school, but knowing that you are part of such a unique, diverse, and spirited student body makes my time here worth wild! Go Bucks!


The best thing by far about The Ohio State University is the abundant opportunity. I truly feel that I have found a balance between every aspect of my life. While most of my time is spent behind studying, I still find time to participate in extracurricular frisbee with my friends. Frisbee is always well organized and enjoyable Academically, The Ohio State University provides a extremely challenging, but rewarding, first year engineering program. Furthermore, I feel confident that I can balance my social life with schoolwork.


The best thing about the Ohio State University (OSU) is that despite its vast student population and physical size, the campus affords all students various opportunities to make campus smaller and succeed in respective areas of their choosing. With an approximate enrollment of 65,000 students, OSU is large enough that I have had the opportunity to come into contact with all different sorts of people within only one academic year, but at the same time, I have been able to find my niche and make campus smaller with select extracurricular activities. The expansive OSU community encompasses many smaller communities.


The best thing about The Ohio State University is all the great opportunities it offers. No matter what ones interests include, there is a major they can study, and beyond that, there are a multitude of clubs available to join. Ohio State not only provides the keys for anyone's success story, it also presents a wide variety of options to make the journey there as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. Everyone who will work hard is welcome, and anyone who attends can succeed. and walk away with the necessary expertise and an amazing experience.


The best thing about my school is the spirit and pride that students and staff have for our school!


Imagine that you get dropped off at a crossroads where an unlimited number of paths lead to absolutely any future you desire. That is what it is like coming to Ohio State for the first time. There are so many educational concentrations, clubs, activities, groups, and interesting people here that it is almost impossible to not make yourself at home within a short time after arriving. Being an out of state student, this was especially relieving because there is always a little bit of anxiety when you leave your home. This is definitely the greastest thing about Ohio State.


Unlimited opportunites and resources


The best thing about Ohio State Main Campus is the atmosphere. There is always something to do on campus, from concerts to rallies. There is a group for everything and anything you would every want to be involved in. There are also the sports teams which everyone gets into to support the buckeyes.


My interest in the Ohio State University is not limited to its organizational excellence but also draws upon its involved student body. To my joy, my friends around campus are extraordinarily interested in culture, language and cuisine – domains that deeply interest me. Specifically, OSU boasts a diverse community which would allow me to contribute my cultural experiences from the Middle-East and Indian subcontinent. In turn, other students from the dorms will also expose me to the rich Western Culture which I have unfortunately not explored as much.


Ohio State offers such a myriad of diverse oppertunities that it is very difficult to chose the best one. However, with this being said, I would have to argue that the Scholars Program at Ohio State is in my opinion the best thing about the school. The Ohio State Scholars Program presents students who are motivated by academics with the oppertunity to socialize and live with other students who share the same interests and career goals.


One of the best things about OSU is undoubtedly the amount of spirit and comaradarie on campus. It's astounding how at home you feel as soon as you step onto school grounds, and not a minute goes by without there being something to do. At OSU's main campus, you're ensured a good time.


It is a very large campus so there is literally something for everyone. There is an ecclectic mix of people, professors, and classes that makes my school very enjoyable.


The best thing about The Ohio state univeristy is the diversity. There are people of every background, race, and country. I have friends from so many different countries and I have learned so much about different cultures. Not only that, but I have groups of friends that represent every part of me: I have my sorority, my dr. who friends, the friends I work out with, and those of us that prefer to watch movies than get drunk. No matter what you like you will find someone else who likes it too at OSU.


I consider the people the best thing about The Ohio State Univeristy. I have been lost multiple times during this first week of classes and i have to end up asking for directions. No matter who i ask, they are always willing to help point me in the right direction. It is comforting knowing there are people that care enough to take a few moments and help point you in the right direction.


Education. Tons of resources. Great teachers. Tons of facilities. You'll get a great education here.


I believe the best thing about OSU is the community enviroment. Since move-in day of my freshman year, I have been surrounded by friendly people who provide a diverse culture. OSU students come from various cultures, communities, and upbringings. The community atmosphere has always been inspiring to me; especially due to the size of the university. For such a large campus and student population, you would be surprised at the sense of community and friendliness students have. Every incoming freshman has some anxieties when they first arrive, but they soon realize that OSU is the place for them.


The best thing about my school is the size. While for some people that may sound like a bad thing, but this school manages its size well. Class sizes are not often gigantic and there are so many places to live and things to do that it never really feels too crowded. The size also means almost limitless number of student groups and organizations. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but you'll find your niche soon enough. Once you develope a group of close friends, the fun times never end.


The best thing about THE Ohio State University is the sense of family you feel. The school is very big, but all of the events bring the student body together on a daily basis. There is always something new to do and someone new to meet. There is a never a dull day.


The best thing about attending Ohio State is the school spirit you feel whenever you are on or near campus. My school, through wins and losses, is always supportive of our athletic teams. We all consider ourselves a part of Buckeye Nation, which every student would be able to tell you about. I think it is important to create that community feel in such a large school, since it makes everyone feelas though they belong and are involved in something.


Ohio State is a really diverse campus. I live with two girls from China and it has been such a great experience: not only am I leanring about their culture, but they are learning about ours. I think it is great that OSU strives on being diverse because it is always good to hear someone else's view points. I think in order to be successful, you have to be able to interact with others who are different than you are.

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