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What are the academics like at Ohio State University-Main Campus?


I would be lying to you if I said I loved the lectures, but what can you really expect? Being cramped into an auditorium with hundreds of other people certainly has it's ups and downs. Some of the subject matter for particular classes can be dry and at times it feels impossible to want to even go to class. I'd say this isn't very different than anywhere else.




The academics expectations are very high at Ohio State. My favorite classes are based upon my major. Class participation is high encouraged and students are very competitive. My major is biology and the department is highly knowledgeable.


The academics are challenging, yet the professors ensure that we are fully prepared for the difficult curriculum.


There are classes of all sizes with more popular classes and general education classes in lecture halls of seven hundred students or more specialized classes in a class of thirty students. Most of the larger classes have a recitation which is like another day of class but taught by a teacher assistant and with only thirty other student. Professors typically do not know your name unless you are very active in class and/or are in a small classroom. I am majoring in business and am specializing in accounting and I am a Fisher direct student which means that I was automatically admitted to the business school as a freshman. Fisher college has a program called Fisher Connect which helps students find jobs and internships.




The academic rigor at my school is intense. However, for a law school, the sense of cut-through competition is very low. The curve and grade distribution lends itself to giving everyone relatively good grades (b+ average), which really changes the landscape of things. Essentially, what normally would be a very high gpa, may not put you nearly as close to the top of the class at my school as it would at others without such a significant curve.


The academic environment of the Ohio State University is wonderful. It's competitive when or if you want it to be. The professors I've had have been incredible--intelligent, helpful, dedicated to imparting knowledge to and making connection with every student. For such a big university, the classroom atmosphere is a close one--I never feel lost or alone.


Starting answering!Tons of fun- we learned a lot while working hard


Despite the size of Ohio State, I have never felt lost in a sea of students here. Sure, some general education courses are held in large lecture halls with a couple hundred students, but that is certainly not the norm, at least with my major. I am an English major with concentrations in creative nonfiction and women's studies and have found most of my classes to have under 20 students. Participation is a percentage of the grade for almost every class, so it's encouraged. As with anything, the more you put in, the more you will get out. I have developed lasting bonds with a couple of professors and stay in touch through email. Professors here are very flexible with their office hours, and work with you to improve your grade if it is not to your satisfaction. I find the coursework to be easy - I have gotten good grades fairly easily, and having never set foot in a library. I wish students were a little more intellectually-minded, but most just seem to want to pass, so that they can party, graduate, get a job, and start a family. Academics are not too challenging here. There are, however, lots of job posting boards and all sorts of internships continually being added. I got a great internship in NYC through my department. My favorite class here was Hollywood Women. It was a feminist film class and I recommend it to everyone. My least favorite was a poetry course that compared classic poems to indie lyrics. Sounds cool, but the professor was really intense and saw things in black and white. But these are two examples of some of the edgier classes this school offers.