Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Ohio State University-Main Campus?


When I tell my friends about my school I ALWAYS start with the fact that the academics are stellar. I also brag about the school spirit because there isn't another college I know that can rally together as a community and fight for their school - whether it's sports, campus politics, academics - as well as Ohio State Students can. Not to mention it's THE Ohio State University.


When talking to my friends about The Ohio State University, the thing I brag about the most is the program I am in (art education) is the number one program in the United States. I brag about that the most because it makes me feel great that I got accepted into one of the toughest programs in the nation. I also brag about or football team because they have been undefeated for the last several years and won the National Championship!


I brag about the size of the rec center


I mainly brag about the football game at Ohio State University; furthermore, the excitment and energy that fans bring to make the games even more thrilling!


I usually brag about the usage of the rpac, which is a place where there is a lot of exercising equipment, basketball courts, an aquarium, tennis courts, and a lot of other activities. I also brag about our wonderful football team as well as our marching band, which is referred to as TBDBITL! (The Best Damn Band In The Land).


When I talk about my school to my friends one of the biggest aspects to brag about is our athletic excellence. My school is a well known school in a variety of sports including football and basketball. Other than sports, I also brag about some of my schools buildings. The library, student union, and rec center are top of the line here and are always found impressive by both students that go here and those that are just visiting.


We are number one in school spirit, have a the best gym in the nation, and are one of the largest schools in the nation.


That I attend THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. It is well known for academics and sports. OSU usually has a good football and basketball team which makes OSU more well known. It is a very good college for research as well. It is a big school but with that it has a lot of opportunities that you might not find at a smaller school. Yes , it take some time to learn where things are located around campus but there are plenty of places to go to study.


I brag about the opportunities of being at a big school with a lot of networking possibilities, and in a city with seemingly endless means of entertainment, resources, and ways to become involved in the community.


Whenever I talk to my friends about Ohio State, I like to jokingly brag about how being an engineering student in the honors program at a big school technically makes me a legalized genius, so I'm kind of a big deal now. In truth, I'm only a first semester engineer and I've only takes one honors class, but...I don't have to tell them that. They all know I'm not really a genius, but it does still feel good to have respect for choosing a difficult career path within a well-known and prestigious school.