Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the online homework. Sometimes you accidentally enter an answer slightly wrong and you get marked off even when you have the correct work on paper. It's the most frustrating thing, but at such a large university, it's necessary and hard to avoid.


I would have to say the worst thing about school is the freedom. Being away from parents is pretty cool, but this freedom comes at the cost of grades and school responsibilities. This can also be attributed to the supreme lack of time management sills.


The campus is absolutely humongous. It is very time consuming to get to your classes because it takes so long to walk there. There are not enough parking spots available on main campus for that to be an option either.


The worse thing about my school is the structure of some of the courses. Many include TA's that grade your quizzes, while the professor grades the exams and at times the grading is not consistant.


The worst part about my school is how expensive it is. Even though it is a public school, it is still pretty expensive to attend. That is why it has become so vital for me to start applying to more scholarships. I know that I will be paying for school for a long time and any financial help I can get will help the burden on both my family and myself.


Even though there are barely any problems with ohio state there is a small flaw, football. As a great of a sport it is and as wonderful it is to attend the games, there is too much focus on football. Ohio state has so many sports that are great and they don't get as much attention. If the attention on each of the sports at ohio state was a bit more equivalent than the problem would be solved.


The worse thing about my school is how much football is emphasized over education. Although I love football Saturdays and hanging out with friends, the University shuts down all academic buildings and negatively impacts the researchers on game days. It's important for OSU to be known as a University not just a place where there is a good football team.


OSU is pretty large, although so many things made it seems smaller because it is such a community-centered school. Nevertheless, the walking and vastness of the campus is probably its only downfall.


Because of the size of the student body at Ohio State, some class sizes are quite large. Because of this, it can be intimidating to speak out in class and difficult to create personal relationships with professors.


There is always, always, always construction going on. South campus is a constuction nightmare. They are re-modeling some of the dorms. The outcome is nice, but it's hard to avoid.


The worst part about my school is simply the size of the student body. With over 50,000 students, one can begin to feel like just another face in the crowd, and if you do not socialize much, you can feel extremely lonely.


It's a large campus, difficult to get everywhere easily.


In my opinion, the worst thing about my school is the sheer size of it. There are upwards of sixty thousand students on the Ohio State main campus, and it can often lead to the feeling that you're all alone, surrounded by strangers. This can make it hard to make good friends who you see on a regular basis. Even in the evenings, I am often so busy that I cannot make time to spend with the friends I have made here.


There is always some kind of construction going on around campus. Although it is to make campus a better place for the students in the future, it can be a bit of an inconvenience.


The winter time can be very cold in Ohio.


The only thing I don't like about my school is that the music program is very unorganized. It has made it difficult to figure out exactly what classes I should be taking and the classes themselves are often unorganized.


The worst part about my school is the cold winter! It is harder to utilize the campus in the winter because it is harder to bike and to walk on the icy sidewalks. In the cold weather I can no longer pause between class on The Oval or another outdoor space. Because of this I don't get as much fresh air and outdoor activity. Luckily though, there are many librarys to work in and gyms to get exercise in!


The worst thing about my school does not really have much to do with the school per se. My only complaint is that off-campus housing (not owned by the university) is kind of expensive for the quality that you get. However, there is plenty of housing available and Columbus is a pretty cheap place to live.


For some, the activeness of our campus is intimidating. Sometimes students just don't know where to begin on becoming an involved and socially active yet balanced.


Stereotype, and a small group of people being ignorant and disrespectful about other people who are different from them.


The size of the university, although beneficial in some respects, tends to detract from the overall experience. Classes are often too large for a one on one relationship with professors and are more often than not taught by grad students rather than the professors themselves. Some of the branch campuses offer a smaller university feel while still maintianing the benefits of a larger university but very few degrees can be obtained solely at those locations.


The worst thing about Ohio State is the barage of information presented to students at first. The resources are endless, but unless someone takes the time to show you how to navigate the university databases the perks of going to a large school are easily overlooked.


It is located in Ohio, where the weather gets cold in the winter. The tuition is expensive so apply for many scholarships.


Again, I will be in incoming freshman so I don't what would be the worst thing about Ohio State, if anything.


The chemistry department is definitely lacking. The T.A.'s grade unfairly, failing exams is normal, and office hour visitations are discouraged. The lab procedures are too long for the alotted time. All in all, it's a terrible experience.


The worst thing about Ohio State is that they do not help transfer students with financial aid. I decided to come here after two years at a smaller school. I chose not to come here initially because I was intimidated by its size. Eventually, however, I wanted to change majors, and OSU was one of the few schools that offered an undergraduate sport management program. They offered me no academic or merit scholarships. All I was awarded were federal loans. I think they should offer some type of scholarship for transfer students only.


The worst part of The Ohio State University would have to be the large lecture halls and classes in comparison to other, smaller colleges. Personally, it doesn't affect me a great deal because I can still go up and ask the lecturers a question or two after each lesson, but if one wants to have a sit down talk with the professors they have to take the time outside of class to set up and meet with the professor. If you are a very individualized learner, or busy student, this would put you at a disadvantage.


The worst part about attending The Ohio State University is that Ohio State offers more student organizations, interesting classes, and opportunities for service, travel, and research than one student can participate in over a single undergraduate career. I have met so many interesting people as a freshman at Ohio State, and each person is uniquely involved in Ohio State's student life. As much as I have involved myself in student organizations already, I know that I will continue to find new opportunities for personal development service, and fellowship that I direly wish I had time for.


I think the worst thing about my school is what they do with the profit they earn from the football team. I think they should funnel the money back into academics rather do things like loan the student athletes iPads.


A lot of the professors are VERY smart individuals but not so good teachers.


Financial aid resources are difficult and the advisors and not helpful.


It is not closer


The worst thing about OSU is getting a professor who teaches a very important class but fails to actually teach during lecture and then gives the students a midterm or final that is much harder than the material he/she gives you on his/her notes. It happens way too often at OSU one gets a professor who cares more about failing students than actually teaching them the material.


Advisors dont do much for you, and financial aid doesnt communicate with you. Fairly self explained


The worst thing about Ohio State is that it can be intimidating due to its size. Class sizes are fairly large, especially first-year classes, and it is not uncommon for an individual to feel "lost in the crowd." The staff, fortunately, does a very good job making themselves available to students who need help, and are always willing to take questions during class, even in rooms of over 300 sudents. Despite this, the feeling of discomfort when asking a question in front of that many people often discourages students from doing so.


Some student dining places are not open on the weekends.


The only bad thing about Ohio State is that even though there are a thousand campus organizations for students to get involved in and we have to live in a residence hall our first year, it can be hard to make close friends here your first year. Although I feel like a part of this university, I don't really have close friends because with so many people here, it can be very intimidating to make new friends.


The only bad thing about The Ohio State University is the crime. It's typical for the city, but some students are surprised by it and feel unsafe. However, I have never felt unsafe. Prospective students who are not from a large city should seek advice on how to stay safe and protect their belongings and health.


The worst thing about our school is it's large size because there are over 60,000 students. Although the school never seems overwhelming, sometimes a student can feel like they are just a number and that the school doesn't really care about them.


The worst thing about my school is how difficult the classes are. I went to an extremely competitive high school and thought that college would be a breeze, but I was very wrong. College requires so much work and when you attend one of the most prestigious undergraduate programs in the world, the work load is harder than ever.


It is extremely large and can take a while to get to classes, particularly annoying in the snow or rain. However, the people make it all worth it.


The worst thing about campus is it can be so big that you only hear of certain extra curricular events or never at all. Another is you have so much classes or homework to take its difficult to get involved in these events . I would also comment that the financial aid or tuition can be quite expensive to students.


The worst thing about OSU is how long it takes to walk from one end of the campus to the other. It can take me up to a half-hour to walk to some of my classes.


The off campus crimes


I consider the worst thing about Ohio State University to be the surrounding areas. Walking off-campus at night-time or during the weekends can be very dangerous, and due to the size of Ohio State, Campus Safety Services can only do so much to protect the students. There have been times where I feel really scared (for my saftey) living off-campus.


It is so expensive, I am in danger of being kicked out because I don't know if I can afford to pay my tuition.


I can't really say that there is a bad thing about my school. I love every second I spend on campus, and I love all that the school offers. I wouldn't be able to say one bad thing about this school in my own personal experience while being here. This school has made me a better person, and has changed my life forever.


The worst thing about OSU is the fact that things aren't given to you, like clubs. You need to be proactive and find clubs that you like, classes you want to take, and events you want to attend. They aren't pushed on you.


Once again, I will explain what is causing the greatest trepidation at my decision to attend Ohio State University. I have always lived a small life, attended private elementary and high schools, and had a small number of close friends. Ohio State University is huge. I am fearful for the typical activities of college age students, such as drinking, smoking and partying. I do not want to participate in these activities, and would rather not be exposed to them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, that is exactly what I expect at Ohio State University.


Dakota State University does not provide alot of activites for their students. Myself, I stay on campus on the weekends and DSU is located in small town and there is not to much to do here. It can get boring on the weekends because there is not alot to do. They do provide something at least once a week, but its usually durning the week and not on the weekends when people have their spare time and can participate in the things provided for us. DSU could bring more activities to campus for those that stay here on the weekends.