Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


I think the biggest stereotype about OSU is that our student body is entirely composed of "dumb jocks".


That most of the students are people who like to party.


It's a huge party school. It's the kids who couldn't get in anywhere else.


That they all think they're better than other people and no one cares about anything other than football.


-it's a huge campus (50,000) and you'll get lost in the crowd -admissions have moved away from the public land-grant mission to a selective, ivy league manner


We all love sports. This university is just too damn big. Its difficult to meet people. The classes are too big.


Lots of school spirit, and obsessions with football


Some stereotypes...I guess OSU is sometimes viewed as a party school since it is so big. Also, the students are all big football fans since OSU football is so popular.


Crazy Football Fans.


Football factory; party school


There are some stereotypes about race and ethnicity. Some people tend to make assumptions about you and your character on how you look and what nationality one is. I believe that is totally wrong and stupid.


Party school, sports school, research school


During my junior and senior years of high school, when I was talking about going to Ohio State, what I heard - and mostly from young adults - was, "So you want to go there to party, right?" Yes, parties do occur basically every weekend on campus - frat parties, sorority parties, and house parties. And yes, I've been to a few frat parties. However, I mostly decided to attend OSU for its academic recognition; I knew that with an Ohio State degree, I'd get noticed more by future employers. Not everyone is into partying every weekend! Another stereotype of Ohio State's is that people come here just for the football. How can you come to Ohio State and not be a fan of the Buckeyes? I bet there are a lot of people here who came here for the reason, shallow as it is. But look at the bigger picture - people come here because they want to be known as Buckeye, as part of the biggest school in the land with the best damn band in the land and one of the best football teams - and to get an excellent education. Its a conglomeration of reasons, so don't be too quick to judge a book by its cover!


Everyone thinks that we're a huge party school. People also think that OSU is so big that you won't know anyone and you're just a number.


regional campus student dont recieve Same ed and its not as hard, young students have alot of free time both these are false


They party all of the time and no time is spent studying. OSU is such a large campus and students are treat like a number. There is no personal time with the faculty members.


All OSU students are drunks. All OSU students are from Ohio.


Older people tend to think OSU still accepts everyone who applies, when really our ranks have been skyrocketing in the past decade. I think now about half of the incoming class is in the top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of their graduating class from high school. People think that OSU students only like football and drinking.


Everyone thinks it is too big. It definitely is a big school with a lot of students, but you don't really get lost on campus. You learn your way around just like you did when you first went to high school. I remember thinking how huge it would be and I was scared, but now in my last quarter here, I can probably tell you where every building is.


Party Party Football, tradition, Party


OSU has an image of being way too big and way too much of a party campus.


Though it's hard to stereotype an undergraduate student body of 30,000+ students, I get the impression that many view OSU students as belligerent, alcoholic meat-head types who screw as many pearl-wearing, East Coast wannabes as they possibly can. These activities, of course, occur more often during football season after said douche bags have each guzzled an entire keg full of Natural Light beer and set fire to at least one dumpster, car or mattress. These people tend to be communications, psychology, and history majors. They spell "hott" with two t's, frequent lame bars on school nights and take few enough classes that they have hours each day to tan and play frisbee on the Oval during spring quarter.


People tend to think of OSU as both a party school and a football-obsessed school.


outstanding performance students


students are obsessed with football, lots of diversity on campus, if you grew up in central Ohio you'll go to OSU


The biggest stereotype that I have come across from various people is that OSU students are pompous individuals who overly idealize their football team and render themselves above all others.