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Unlike most of my fellow students at the Ohio State University, I am not much of a fan of their sports programs which automatically changes the experience I have here compared to most. Also to add onto that, another major difference between the majority of my colleagues and myself is that my mother and father aren't handing me a free education. That being said this campus is absolutely fantastic. I had quite a culture shock at first, being from a rural town on the river I hadn't had much exposure to city dwellers or many different ethnicities. I can see that most people would get stage fright just walking around the Oval because there are so many people and this could really change someone's opinion of this school. If you aren't willing to be social with your fellow 20-something students and at least attempt to enjoy yourself, you're going to hate it. The surrounding area always seems to have something to do or events going on that will keep you from being bored. College is about expanding your cultural boundaries, meeting new people and especially about getting an education. I have been through a number of career paths here having started out with Astronomy and Astrophysics (which is still a passion of mine), then pursing Security and Intelligence (which I quickly got bored of), and now I'm borderline about a number of choices. Honestly, I don't really regret any of these changes or feel like they have been a waste of my time because after this is the rest of my life and quite frankly I don't feel like doing something every day that I hate.






I love it! There is always something going on and despite the fact that it is a huge school, it doesn't feel like it.


I love The Ohio State University. This school is unique in the fact that it is a mecca of opportunities: learning, business, athletics, social, exploring, professional.


I have enjoyed my time at OSU so far, though it is difficult for me to compare it to other colleges, as I have not attended anywhere else. The best aspect of Ohio State is the fact that there are countless clubs, groups and opportunities, and that no matter who you are, there are people like you here. My biggest complaint about the university is that it is easy to get lost in the sea of students, especially when you are in a required freshman survey class with 600 other people, and the professor is passing around an attendance sheet.




OSU is HUGE! But much like Columbus, it feels like a huge small town. The traditions, if you choose to join in, bring everyone together. The size many people see as a negative but I think it makes us a top university. College is all about getting a job and getting ready for the real world. Nothing will be handed you in the real world and nothing is handed to you here. But if you look for opportunities they are there and the faculty and students are there to support you. Columbus also offers a lot of great opportunities. Like OSU it's a city on the rise and the connection between the city and the university is strong. My only complaint is that occasionally because of its size there can be a little bit of bureaucracy when you are dealing with problems. But thats how the real world is too so you better learn how to manage. I'm struggling to not be too inflamed in my statements but I couldn't love my college anymore. If you love community, tradition, are a go-getter, and want to have fun, Ohio State is the place to be.


Ohio State University Moritz College of Law is great. I have many positive things to say and look forward to speaking to potential applicants about it.


OSU was awesome! Lots of school spirit and many great times with fun folks in enriching classes.