Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Ohio State University-Main Campus?


A person who is extroverted and motivated should attend this school.


People who love being a part of a crowd. There is no better crowd to be a part of than the Buckeye crowd!


driven, social students.


A student who desires a full menu of opportunities from the college experience should strongly consider The Ohio State University. Limited is not in the OSU vocabulary! The options available for degree programs, research, interaction with top notch professors, internships, work study, social opportunties, big time college athletics, recreation, support, etc. are the best in the country. OSU students are passionate about their school and being a Buckeye holds a special place in their hearts for a lifetime.


A person who is open to try new experiences should attend Ohio State. Ohio State has over a thousand student organizations, so this person is bound to find something new and exciting. The Ohio State family is huge, so this person should also feel comfortable being part of a huge Ohio State family. The Alumni Organization has dinners and meetings and they are a great reference for career contacts.


The ideal student at the Ohio State University is one who wants to be a part of a community. This is a very large university driven by school spirit. Being a Buckeye is a badge of honor and creates a bond between all students. Wearing your scarlet and gray with pride is pretty much the standard every weekend and weekday on campus.


Students who are smart, high achieving but who aren't affraid of a challenge. Also anyone who wants a large range of opportunities or who isn't quite sure of what they want to do. Any interests are available to pursue on campus so not only one type of person is the norm. Also anyone who is interested in sports, this is a big sports campus.


The Ohio State UNiversity welcomes motivated students from all backgrounds. Somebody who should attend this university should have a burning desire to better themselves, connect with their community, and make a difference whether it be in their personal lives or reaching out to their community. The student should ooze with pride about the school and their personal achievements.


One who isn't afraid to go out of their comfort zone and discover new opportunities through friendships and socialization. Because Ohio State is so large and diverse, people have to have good communication skills and the desire to live in a city or real-world environment. People that can create friendships and create a sense of community in such a large campus such as Ohio State most definitely succeed here in the end.


The Ohio State University is a school for students that value opporunity. With its massive size and student body comes massive diversity and options–a plethora of studies, cultures, clubs, dining facilities, housing options, study abroad options, and other choices that make every day as exciting as the last. In fact, studying at OSU is kind of like one of those "choose your own adventure" books, an experience that is unparalleled by most institutions.