Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is lazy or unmotivated should not attend this school. The classes are challenging and it does take effort to succeed at Ohio State. If you are going to slack off, never do work, or not go to class, this is not the school for you. It is very competitive and putting in a decent amount of effort is required to succeed here.


A student who does not maintain and upkeep goals should not attend this school. One must have determination to be the best person inside and out that they can be in the university.


The kind of person who should not attend my school would be someone not open to new things and not looking to exapand their horizions. If they don't want to meet all kinds of people and don't want to go outside of their comfort zone, they shouldn't come to Ohio State.


Students who have not done well in high school or don't have a work ethic will get struggle with grades.


Every type of person can- and does- attend Ohio State. The only exception would be a person who can not learn effectively in a large class setting, because class sizes range from as little 5 to more than 500 students.


Any person who cannot work quickly or who gets overwhelmed easily should not attend this school. The class schedules are often very hectic and the classes themselves are very difficult, so it is very easy to get so bogged down by the sher amount of work that you don't want to do anything. However, if that person can handle a hectic schedule and afull workload, which I personally enjoy, The Ohio State University is the right college for them.


I think the person that shouldn't attend this school would be the kind of person that is not dedicated to their academic standards, and definitely a person who does not like to be around a lot of people. It is not meant for a person who likes to party all the time, and not have a balance between their school work and fun.


An anti-social person, or someone who gets nervous around a lot of people in large areas. I'm not saying that it is not possible just that it will be difficult for this person to adjust!


People who should not attend this school are those who are not serious about getting their education and promoting themseleves for greater opportunities.


I do not believe there is any kind of person that should not attend this school; I have seen great diversity and Ohio State offers many smaller programs that allows people to find others that share their interests.


Someone who is very antisocial would not do as well at Ohio State. In order to succeed here you need to make a community for yourself of friends or teammates or classmates or neighbors. In doing this, it is a much more enjoyable experience where you make good connections, have amazing memories, and leave school a more well-rounded person than when you started.


A very shy person could attend the university but it would be harder, I think, because one of the main reasons to attend a university this large is to network and meet others and join groups. A person who would feel overwhelmed in a big city shouldn't attend this university either.


You should not attend The Ohio State University if you are not serious about your studies, do not like meeting new people and making new friends, or think college is going to be easy. School at OSU is definitely not easy but it's worth it. This university offers so many opportunities, anyone should want to attend OSU.


The person that shouldn't attend this school would only be the people that don't like big and busy cities. Columbus is a lot to get used to from a small town or city. I think everyone should at least give it a shot, it's a great school!


A person that is not a naturally hard worker is someone who should not attend this school. It takes a lot of patience and hard effort to maintain a god academic standing at the Ohio State University. Students who attend the university need to understand that they will have to put in more work than they did in high school. I believe the average high school student could not thrive at Ohio State. I also believe OSU should not allow as many transfer students in as easy as they do. A lot of transfer students are struggling with their classes.


The Ohio State University is acclaimed for its diversity and openess to any kind of person. I myself have never witnessed an act of resentment or hate towards any sort of person on campus, regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. I would say campus is definiteyl not a place for close minded, hateful people. The Ohio State University has done a fantastic job in creating a diverse, carefree environment, and would not tolerate disrepectful people expressing distaste toward anyone. Ohio State is no place for hate.


A person looking for a smaller university with personal relationships with the faculty.


You should not attend this school if you are not willing to work hard.


In all honesty, Ohio State is a place for every type of person.


People scared of new opportunities. You can (and probably should) try just about anything at Ohio State - it's a huge community and so incredibly diverse.


Anybody who is serious about their education and has the ability to get into Ohio State should attend this school. This school is a reputable school with good standards set for all students. Students who think that education comes easy and takes it for granted shouldn't attend this school. They should take some time off to think about what they really want to get out of OSU and what would they want for their future before attending. Economy is bad.Only people who are serious about what's going on should be given a place in the school.


Someone who doesn't like a lot of people. OSU can be a large place at times and some can feel like its tooo much.


I do not believe someone should come to this school who does not like a large school. It can be easy to feel like there is not a place for you since so many people attend the school.


those who are scared of being "lost" at a big school


Ohio State is, most definitely, a city in its own right. There are streets, alleyways, so many buildings and people. It presents you with a very diverse experience just like living in any city would. I would say that it is not for people who are uncomfortable with immersing themselves in city life and in such a diverse cultural experience.


The sheer size of OSU can be very daunting. In fact, most individuals who I know have struggled here had their rough time due largly to being overwhelmed by the size of the campus and the city of Columbus itself. If you are uncomfortable with a campus boasting 50,000+ students and lectures averaging 100-200 students, this may not be the college for you.


If you are easily influenced and are excited to go to college for the parties or the college experience, you should go to a cheap community college where you can get minimum education for the price and still get to party without wasting money at the very least.

Ann Elizabeth

The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is independent and knows what they want to do with their life. Ohio State prides themselves on having so many majors, but if a student doens't have enough direction and independence it can become very overwhelming and can be hard to succeed.


There are very few reasons why someone should not attend OSU but some people might feel uncomfortable about the large size of the school, walking distance to class, and the immediate surrounding area of OSU being mostly city. People who don't like big schools and city-life might want to avoid OSU.


Someone who doesn't feel comfortable in large crowds and want a more personal one-to-one time in the classroom.


Someone who isnt outgoing and has a hard time making new friends


Ohio State is a University for students who are looking for a school filled with tradition and excitment. Someone who is thrilled to be on a big campus and share the thrill of being a Buckeye. Some one who wants to feel proud about saying " I attend Thee Ohio State University". Ohio State is home to many different majors and provides opertunities that are endless. Attend OSU if you want to be part of a great university, if you want to have the time of your life in college, if you want to be the person you always dreamed of.


A person who prefers smaller classroom settings and a safer living environment should not attend Ohio State University-Main Campus. If you do not enjoy the "city life," Ohio State may not be the best choice. If you become overwhelmed being surrounded by thousands of students at a time, then Ohio State is not for you. If you do not appreciate a school that emphasizes their sports programs, then Ohio State is not for you.


A person who is intimidated by large classes or a huge campus will not feel comfortable at this school.


It's hard to imagine a type of person that couldn't find somewhere to fit in at a university that is this large. The only kind of people that might not want to attend a school like this is people who have no self-control and cannot resist temptations. The school is so large that there is always something going on so if you're someone who doesn't know how to give up a night on the town for a boring study session, maybe you should find a smaller school.


Someone who is overly shy, or does not do well with a lot of people being around. A person who is closed minded and stuck in their ways and believes that they know best.


Anyone that does not do well with crowds or needs specific one on one teaching.


Someone who does not enjoy large crowds and does not like to be involved should not attend this school.


Someone that does not want to meet new, diverse people. Looking for a small campus where you know everyone. Not interested in getting involved or building relationships or working with others.


Someone who is afraid of speaking up and/or asking for help; someone who wants a small, familial college experience.


I believe that a person is used to small environment and can not adjust to thousands of people around them should not attend this school. Also people who do not have time managemnet skills should not attend because it is very demanding at The Ohio State University. Also people who are not social enough to at least make one friend should not attend. It is very benficial to make friends and network with people for future opportunities.


If you know for sure that you prefer a small school environment, then Ohio State is probably not for you. Many school-wide activities here revolve around the fact that there are a huge number of students here, so this may bother you. For example, the free concerts, Welcome Week at the beginning of the year, football and basketball games, and free movie nights are always very crowded.


Someone who is not at all outgoing might be intimidated by OSU's size but you just have to come in with an open mind and ready to make friends and you will do just fine. Someone who is planning on staying to themself should not look into OSU.


No one.


Those who can't take control of their own life. Everything isn't taken care of for you at Ohio State, you have to learn how to take care of things on your own.


A person who is very shy or doesn't like to be around a lot of people should not attend this school. Ohio State has a large campus with lots of students so someone who does not like to be part of a crowd would not do well here. Also the coursework at Ohio State can be challenging so someone who does not like to apply themselves also should not attend this school.


In most cases, people who like small groups or intimate relationships with teachers and peers should not attend this school. However, though campus is very large, it feels small. An average community tends to develop around each student, creating a "small" feel. The area of experience that is most lacking is a depth of relationships with teachers, so students who are looking for that would probably not like this school.


Someone who doesn't love Ohio State shouldn't attend; everyone here loves our school and wouldn't trade it for anything.


Someone who is unable to make themselves work hard. You must be able to drive yourself and get your work done in an efficient manner and not procrastinate. The teachers treat you like an adult here and no matter how much work you are given they expect you to get it done. If you are unable to be head strong and get your work done on time then this school is not the right school for you to attend.


I think that my school is a good fit for everyone! It has so much to offer. You can be outgoing or more introverted and still find your niche at Ohio State. The only thing you really need is the thirst for knowledge.