Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Ohio State University-Main Campus?


The chemistry dept. is impossibly hard..


THe most frustrating thing about Ohio State is that, believe it or not, after a while the campus seems.


Recently, there have been a lot of changes going on. For example, the meal plan system changed and we switched from quarters to semesters. While I didn't attend the school before these changes, the people who I am friends with didn't like the sudden change. Just this year, bikes/skateboards/scooters/roller blades etc are not allowed to be used while on the oval, which many people relied on for quicker transportion.


Very Bureaucratic. The students often get overlooked compared to the agendas of the president and other higher ups. The switch from the quarters system to the semesters system was widely disputed and not wanted by the students or the faculty, but the higher-ups wanted the change to benefit the sports schedule. Constant construction seems like a waste of the budget, especially while much-needed renovations to older facilities are overlooked. This school is interested in cramming as many people into a class as possible. Some classes don't even have enough desks to accommodate enrolled students.


The more frustrating aspect about my school is the fact that our professors to give one-on-one attention to every individual. The size of Ohio State is way too large for professors of certain lectures to have enough time to schedule time for each student. Yet, understanding this downfall has made me very proactive about going to my professors office hours, and furthermore doing this to get to know my professors on a personal level has truly raised my grades in the class.


The most frustrating thing about Ohio State is that they don't do more for the students' safety. There have been many unfortunate occurances on and off campus that, I feel, could be fixed with additional security, more patrolling, or other ways to enforce safety. I like to feel safe, and for the majority of the time, I do, but I feel that Ohio State has been very relaxed on bettering the safety for the students.


There really isn't anything I found to be frustrating at my school.


The most frustarating aspect about Ohio State is that with such a large student body, getting individualized attention can be a difficult process. There is a relatively large ratio when it comes to the amount of students to academic advisors, therefore when scheduling advising appointments you may call to schedule, but your appointment might not be for another two or three weeks. Although they are not super accesible, their abilities and resources to help the student body are phenomenal and top-notch.


My school has a huge number of students involved and it can be really hard to meet friends and find a place to "fit it" if you will. Coming in as a transfer this past year, it was extremely difficult to put myself out there and make new friends while being one of almost 60,000 students. I was at a school of about 2,500 students last year so I really was not prepared to have such a huge change so fast! However, after getting accustomed to life as a buckeye, I am now getting used to it.


The most frustrating thing about Ohio State is that it can sometimes be difficult to get/find information. The website is very effective but it can be hard to navigate initially.