Ohio State University-Mansfield Campus Top Questions

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Compared to most schools I have visited during high school, OSU-Mansfield is smaller and has the feel of being a high school. This being said, it is a great place to attend classes because the smaller student-to-teacher ratio shows that each teacher is prepared to give each of their students the focus and help the student needs.


It's regional campus. It's in a small town.


I really appreciate OSU's willingness to try to include as many students as possible. I like that for the early part of my degree program, I could study my general course work while living in my home town. I may have found it much harder to trasition back into school had I gone to a much larger campus that is one hour away from my home. OSU offers several different campuses and the tuition is much less expensive on the smaller campuses.


I believe we have one of the best tutoring labs for help in math and chemistry. I talk to friends from many other universities and they don't seem to have this where they are. You are also able to get more one on one time with professors at this campus due to its size which is great.


My school is unique in that it is small, yet the ideas here are very big and there is great potential among students to progress far in life.


The Ohio State University of Mansfield is unique, because although you cannot finish most degrees on campus, it is a branch of the main Ohio State University, and all the credits will in fact transfer without any problems. It is also a good school to start off with, because you have small classes, and can have one on one interaction with your professors, and they appropriately prepare you for the main campus.


I come from a small town and I really like the small atmosphere of the city. It's the same way while attending OSU-Mansfield. It feels like a small community with big ambitions and smiles. Everyone is s friendly and I see familiar faces everyday; which I love. Small classrooms provide closer relationships with your professors, who are always willing to help.