Ohio State University-Mansfield Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the staff at the branch of the University that I attend. I have taken classes at other colleges and the professors at Mansfield OSU are by far some of the greatest educators out there. They also have the advantage of small classes which makes the engagement with the professors much more genuine and personal. I find it much easier to learn when I have a personal connection with my professor. It's reassuring that they want me there when they call me by name if I have a question or answer to a question asked.


I would have to agree with the first question saying that I like the small campus for learning purposes. During college so far the biggest class I have experienced is 60 people. For my class chemistry, it helps alot. We have labs every week. When there are 25 or less people in the lab, tasks get done a lot quicker. On the main campus, there are so many students. I hear from them that sometimes they don't even get to finish the lab because of the class size.


I believe the best thing at my school is the resource rooms that specialize in certain subjects, such as "The Math Lab" and "Writing Center". I enjoy retreating to my school's resource rooms for tutoring, and extended lessons. Most of the rooms are quite and my fellow students work with me to understand concepts that the professors touch base on.


The small classes and the personal interaction you have with your professors because it give s the people who need that extra/ personal help to have that.


We have small classes and the professors make learning a personal experience. I feel I am receiving an excellent education and absolutely LOVE going to school!!


close to home


The best thing is the affordablility and the fincancial aid.


The campus is pretty and there are tons of activites to do to learn better.


how small the classes are and close you can get to the students and teachers.