Ohio State University-Newark Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is known for academics.


I have to say the Sciences, but I could just be bais. Medical is probably the best known but socia sciences (I would put sociology, psychology, and anthroplogy under this too) and technical sciences are pretty good too. I know main campus is extreemly well known for medical sciences also


The Ohio State University at Newark is best known for it's small campus atmosphere while attaining a prestigiouse University degree.


Our school is best known for being a great alternative to The Ohio State University main campus. Many students choose to go here because it is so convenient, has great teachers, offers a variety of classes, and is smaller than the Columbus campus. I enjoy being able to get the same great education, and being a part of Ohio State, while being on a smaller campus with a more personal feel.


My school is known to have have some of the best programs in the world, which is also why we are know for diversity. Also, we are known for our great sports programs and active clubs.


My school is best known for being apart of The Ohio State University and having excellent education opportunities.


Price, you can easily work a part time job and go to school with no worries or problems. It affordable!!


The Ohio State University is best know for its football team.

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