Ohio State University-Newark Campus Top Questions

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Ohio State Newark Campus is a branch of Ohio State. It has a small campus but all the benefits of main campus of Ohio State. The tuition is less and you have the option to transfer to main campus if you would like after your freshman year.


The campus has a comfortable and quaint atmosphere. The beauty of the campus and the small details on campus really make it stand out. I am able to get the well-know education of The Ohio State University at this smaller branch for a reasonable price.


The price of tuition- very low when considering the high quality of education.


The main quality that persuaded me to chose tOSU at Newark was that it offered a small learning environment that relates to what I was used to in high school and the fact that it was so much cheaper than most other small colleges, and it is a branch campus so I have the opportunity to transfer when I?m ready to.


The unique thing about the Newark Campus of The Ohio State University is the small school setting. Class are usually limit to a maximum amount of 35 students, which allows more one-on-one interaction with your professors. The small size of the campus is also another feature that stands out about the school, the small campus allows for students to travel from class to class with ease and do not have to rush. The amount of tuition is also attractive for all the great qualities you receive from the University.


The campus is tiny, and most people only stay there a year before transferring to main campus in Columbus. However, you can completele some degrees there.


It's a smaller four year university.


Class size. Smaller classes allow for more one-on-on time with teachers and better class discussions. Small campus. Not alot of walking to do and parkings not bad either.

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