Ohio State University-Newark Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Honestly I think OSU Newark is a great school for anyone. I think Newark was a good start for me as a freshman. It has a smaller campus and smaller classes so, it's alot easier to get accustomed to college life and get a person ready for a bigger campus.


Someone who does not value their education, and who will only waste the time of those who are genuinly trying to learn and establish what they could possibly be doing for the rest of their lives.


People who want a good education, but struggle for money, as well as people who did not do good on the ACT or SAT, but have a high GPA. Also, if someone wanted a degree from a well known school, but doesnt like a big campus, Newark is nice, small and quiet. The convenient thing about OSU Newark is that all the classes transfer to main campus in Columbus. So even if you can get into the Columbus campus, I recommend saving up some money here. They are the same classes, but cheaper!


I think this campus is just right for anyone!

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