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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Work on your study habits and learn how to balance your life better. Make sure to be prepared for anything in life.


As a high school senior, I would advise myself to attend college where my heart is telling me to go. There are so many stressful factors placed on high school students regarding college and I think every high school student needs to know that what matter is if, once they are in college, they are having the experience they imagined themselves having. Money generally plays a large factor in the college decision and money is mostly the reason I personally chose to start out at a local branch of Ohio State rather than on main campus in Columbus. Looking back, I would tell myself to start out on Ohio State main campus because I feel as though that would have given me a more fulfilling college experience. Over all, I would tell myself to make my college decision based on myself and no one else—not on current friends or boyfriends. I would advise myself to just make sure that the decision I made was what I personally wanted the most for myself. Because, when it all comes down to it, it is my own future in my hands.


Make the most of your college experience by being prepared. Do your best in your high school courses. They do count toward a good GPA, learning good study habits and applying your knowledge in college. Take time to enjoy high school but remember grades should come first. College will be a lot harder and time consuming. Yes, there will be time for fun college activities but please remember you are there to learn and gain knowledge for your life career. Give it your all at everything you do. It will make you a well rounded person to enjoy your activities and your friends you may meet. It is up to you to do your best and excel; take the challenge.


If I were able to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what i know now about college i would tell myself to come to college better prepared. I came to college thinking it would be a walk in the park, not really preparing myself for the reality that i was about to face. The advice i would give myself as an high school senior or high school student in general, is to improve my studying habits, and time management. Those two things are the keys to being successful in college.


I would tell myself always push myself and college is more so a stress reliever then in high school. It's not going to be such a rush like now. I will do fine in college.


If i were to go back and speak to myself as a senior there are two things i know i would have told myself to prepare better for, saving up for expenses and never lose sight of my values in life. Although eventually I would be on my own i never really realized how much my parents did and spent on me. When it came time to sign up for culinary school it was a real eye opener seeing how much school would cost and figuring out where i would get the money from. I am very big on being independent and figuring things out on my own but i do know i will need help financially with college and living expenses. One thing i do know for sure is that i have never ever gave up on my hopes and dreams of bringing all my educational values together and one day owning and running a corporation of my own. I have been and am working harder than ever before to further my education and i won't give up until i have reached my full potential and I have an amazing hard working family to thank for that.


Apply for more scholarships. The amount I had applied for was not enough.


I would advise myself to be prepared to work extra hard and learn how to manage my time. Time management was one the most difficult things I had to deal with as i entered college. I struggled to find time to study and get extra help from my professors when I needed it the most. I would also advise myself to look for more opportunities to get involved in campus life. Getting involeved with clubs is a great opportunity to not only make friends but to also help out and learn about the campus. It's also a great way to serve the campus community.


I would advise myself to pay more attention to finanacial aid deadlines because they can be confusing. I would tell myself to make sure I understand what every grant and scholarship form entails so I don't miss out on any opportunities.


I would tell myself to be careful what decisions I make and to make sure I write down everything that I need to get done. Too many times I have hesitated and made the wrong decision or waied till the last minute to get everything that needs to be done, finished. If I would have taught myself to keep everything organized and started thinking of exactly what my goals were from the biginning, I would have been a lot more confident and ready to make the transition into college.


I would definitly tell myself to prepare more. Senior year of high school I kind of slacked off, I was never really a bad student but that senioritis sure did kick in. If I would have worked a little harder I could have been awarded more scholarships. I have a lot of student loans I'm going to have to pay back, I WISH I would have worked harder at raising funds for college.


OSU Newark has provided you with the right general education requirements until you will transfer out-of-state for your major classes required for your major of marine biology. Even though this was a good choice, look more into Columbus State Community College as it is cheaper and your credits might transfer over easier. While at Ohio State though, make sure you always enroll into your classes as soon as possible because they are not first come first serve (they are based off of the amount of credits you already have in college). Math lab will be your friend throughout your math troubles and is very reliable. Always rent your books, never buy them if possible. Always take at least 15 credit hours per quarter so you will not have to cram in credits in order to achieve your goal of receiving an Associates Degree. Your transition from OSU Newark to Coastal Carolina University will be stressful, but always stay determined and motivated as it will be a huge step in acheiving your life long dream of marine biology.


Dear High School Self, Grades are important, very important! But, don't let them become all you are about. Remember the importance of some sort of a social life. Taking a break now and again and going out with friends isn't so bad. So, don't get too uptight. Just do the best you can. Take advantage of every opportunity! These opportunities will teach you to respect your community; the people have a lot to offer. There will be plenty of volunteer and intern opportunities, so don't hesitate. Just go for it! And of course, take the opportunities to get to know people through on-campus events, the honors program, etc. It's hard to get to know people well when classes only last for 10 weeks before you move on, so don't be afraid to put yourself out there and go to the various events. I promise you'll have fun!


I would tell myself, "You really did a good job your senior year in preparing yourself for college. Yeah, you may have slacked off a little towards the end of the year, but you still kept up your GPA." If there was a time in my life I could back and give myself advice would be me in 6th grade. I would let myself know what I'm capable of so I could strive to my full potential. By the time I was a senior, I had figured out what i needed to do to be successful and It really helped me out in college. There is always more I can learn and grow from ahead, and I have the tools necessary to handle it.


To study more and pay attention more. I was always a good student but I would want to tell myself to stop being lazy and get As isntead of Bs and to volunteer more. I would advise myself to get more help in Math because it is my weekest subject and I struggle in it daily. I would tell myself to take foreign language more seriously and to have actually studied for the ACT/SAT. That I should work more isntead of playing because money is definetly needed if I want to get a better education and scholarships aren't as easy as I fooled myself into believing they are.


Education is very important and you need to go college.


The advice I would give myself is to stay focused in school til the very last day and don't slack off because in college you can't slack or skip classes or you won't do good.


As a high school senior I worked hard to keep my gpa up and created goals to obtain a successful future, but the thought of college life stressed me out. I never really recieved support from my family to attend the college of my choice, rather I was told I would be attending the local college branch. All of this combined caused me to put attending college on hold. I never forgot about the goals I had set for myself in 2009 and decided it was time to enroll into college, and I did. Attending The Ohio State University regional Newark campus is the first step in achieving a successful future for myself, but now looking back, I wish as a high school senior, I would have attended college following graduation. My advice to myself would be to not get too stressed out and to follow my heart and make my own decisions. Being self sufficent, balancing work , school, and a social life, is difficult, but I would reassure myself that the transition from high school to college would all be worth it in the long run. That perseverance is the key to achieving my goals.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to procrastinate and put college on hold. At the time, I had wanted to take a year of before college, knowing that I would want to go back, because I knew I was college bound. But then, midway through summer, I was regretting my decision, but knew that it was too late to begin applying myself. So now I will be attending the winter quarter, and still have a good amount of time to wait before I begin. I would tell myself that even though you are scared, or feel like you might not be ready for what your life is about to give you, college is something that is very worthwhile, and can be exciting in ways. The best thing that you can do is seize the opportunities that you have, and enjoy yourself while you are doing it. Otherwise, you could be living in a regretful situation, and that doesn't make anything better.


Apply to more schools and scholarships. I procastinated and did not do what was needed. Also, dumb your boyfriend.


Take a break. While other High School seniors are stressing over entrance exams and tuition you should kick back and enjoy the playing of Pomp and Circumstance. Plan to live life to its fullest. Do not worry about going to college just yet. Travel, work, fall in love. Learn more about yourself as an individual before committing to a four year degree. Do not give into the pressure to finish college before you are 25. Those are the best years of your life! Seize the moment to figure out WHO you really are and what you really want to do with this life. Take your time and get college right the first time. Try diverse experiences before you have the responsibility of credit cards. It will greatly enhance your focus of long term goals later in life.


If I could go back to my high school self and give myself any advice, it would be to save all of my money that I possibly could. When I look back on my high school life, it was all about getting paid then going out and going shopping and spending my entire paycheck. I know now how hard it really is to pay for school, and as the Fall semester approaches, I'm having to scramble around for money for tuition. It's not easy growing up and taking on more responsibilities, and the cost of college tuition reminds me everyday that I should have been more responsible at a younger age. I'd tell my younger self to ignore what everyone else is doing with their money, and to save it all, anyway. Even if it means missing out on going to the movies or having new clothes. Those things aren't worth what a lifetime of having an education is worth.


Spend as much time on scholarships as you can, and allow an allotted time of studying and leisure. Balancing work and social life is a key to staying focused and sane throughout the course of school. Organize your notes for each subject based on what you think may be on the exams. If at any point finances get frustrating and distracting from the whole reason you are in school, talk with counselors and the financial aid office to design a plan for peace of mind.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school, I would tell myself to go on and pursue what seemed like the impossible at that time. To always believe in myself and realize that if I make a mistake, that is perfectly okay, normal and that I will eventually succeed. If I could, I would go back and listen to what my teachers said with a sound ear. A lot of them definitely provided some of the best advice and knowledge that one doesn’t truly understand until growing up. I would remind myself of all of the strengths and beauties I possessed because sometimes peers can try to make you forget those things and you can lose your true self once you make the transition into college. Most of all, I would tell myself how proud I was of me back then. You don’t truly appreciate yourself until you’ve lived a little.


I would tell myself to relax and have faith in my abilities. Experience has shown me that the period of time before the first midterm or essay in a class should be taken very seriously until I gain a real rhythm for the class. After I determine what the instructor is looking for in his or her students, then I can relax and narrow my studies to the pertinent material. I would also tell myself to gain a good rapport with instructors when possible. A large amount of information can be gleaned from personal conversations, especially when it is directly a part of my major and made easier by the fact that I have a very wide range of interests. Most importantly, I would have told myself to begin my hobby as a professional wrestler. No matter how stressful school or work has been, the confidence a successful hobby instills has been indispensible and motivates me to excel in all areas with creativity and a good attitude. School is hard and demands commitment but sacrificing too much personal joy is the reason I became burnt out and quit for several years.


My college experience has taught so many valuable lessons, and it has made me appreciate my opportunities and how lucky I am. I have learned that my future relies on how well I push myself now, which has made me buckle down and take every bit of school seriously, unlike many people I have observed. Also, it has given me a broader perspective of how much things really do cost. This has taught me to save well and to be money conscious at all times.


I've gained so much knowledge from my experience at college. My major has allowed me to take so many different interesting psychology and sociology classes. I've learned about so many hardships that individuals and families face. Learning about the various hardships has made me only want to work harder to earn my degree, so that I can help people in any way I can. The professors I have encountered have only pushed me and encouraged me to take my education as far as I can. The community college I attend has been very helpful in giving me a stepping stone to pursue my education at a higher level. At the encouragement from my professors and by my own determination I plan to pursue my masters degree!


I know that college is an important to aid in acheiving a succesful career. So far, my college experience has given me advanced knowlege that I did not previously posess and has been valuable because I could not get into my field of study without it.


So far my college experience has definately been a learning experience, and it hasn't always been easy. I was not taking full advantage of my various academic success options throughout the beginning of the year. I've learned from things that I've done things that I am able to do better. I've learned that being scared to ask for help, only hinders me in the end. My experience thus far has given me so much information that I can share with my younger siblings to help them be better prepared when they enter college. It has been valuable to me that I attend college because it is preparing me for my adult life, and the challenges it will bring. College is helping me to become more succesful and more tactful in all that I do, and it is also putting me in a position to reach my future goal of becoming a teacher. Without me attending college, I would not be able to recieve the degrees and lisences needed for me to become a teacher. I also would not be as prepared as I could be to lead and educate the next generation to success.


I have garnered much thus far. I moved from San Bernardino California in late July, and began attending college in Spring. This experience has taught me self-sufficency, general time management and grit needed for the future. School itself... I have learned somehwhat whimsical information that is essentially "cultural capital" in a Classics class, and the differing way that society is broken up in modern society, and the manner by which society can be changed.


What i have gotten out of my college experience is that it has opened my mind to many kinds of opportunities available to me. It has gotten me to be more outgoing and has provided me with the chance to do something that i love.


My first of many college experiences was living with five strangers two and a half hours away from home. Living with five other girls, you have to be able to communicate with all of them, have patients and tolerance, and create a healthy and fun lifestyle with them. It was challenging, but after talking with them and picking up on their personality, we all were able to adjust to one another and have become friends. I feel like learning to live with other people who grew up in different backgrounds, have different opinions and personalities is a valuable experience because it shapes skills such as communication, teamwork, and discipline, and will allow you to work with others later in life. Attending college not only gives you and education by attending classes, but also living with new people and learning how adjust to a different lifestyle, all of which will help me in my future.


College is a great source to fill someones brain with knowlege, the broad variety of subjects offered is just amazing, I don't feel that I store all the information I get on a class but I certaintly do memorize the few interesting facts that I believe will help me in a near future. I've also learned how to be organized, and that once you are in your own, not even teachers will care about you, I also developed a broader network of friends. College has been like a rollercoaster to me, there has been ups and downs but in the end is just a fun ride.


We have all asked ourselves the question "What If?"; I myself have especially asked that and wondered what I would say if put in the position to actually be able to give myself advice from the past. I would start off by giving myself a heads up on when to start looking at colleges. You need as much time as possible to choose your future; especially based on what you want, and not what all your friends are doing. I would also tell myself to work as much as possible, because college and it's expenses really do put a dent in your pocket. With school comes stress, and with that being said, I would warn myself to avoid procrastination. There is no need to stress if you don't have to, so you might as well get the work done and out of the way. But most of all, I would mention to always stay positive and have fun, because these years are supposed to be the best of our lives, and it will all be over with before we know it.


The only advice I would give myself is only listen to the people that know where I want to go in life an can show me how to get there .And thats by me knowingwho i am listening to because some people did not know me.


If I were able to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to study harder and I would have taken the ACT more to get a better score. As a senior in high school I went to a career and technical center to get a head start in the veterinarian field. I took pre vet tech classes there. I also was enrolled in the PSEO program with Columbus State Community College. I think this gave me a big insight on what was to come. When I went to college in the fall I felt more confident about the classes and kind of knew what to expect. It was a great experience for me. So, the only thing I would have done differently as a senior in high school would be to study more and to take everything seriously because the choices you make affect your life.


Be yourself at all times. Never let anyone change your perception or decision. If you dont want to do it then let your voice be heard and say no. Stick to your studies, go to class & stay focused. Keep in touch with people who you are comfortable with and those who motivate you. Never be afraid to ask for help. Always remember that there is always someone there to help you with whatever problem you may have. Get involved with something that you like. Try hard to succeed.


The advice I would give myself as a senior in high school would be to not be so nervous. My nerves caused my college transition to be very difficult. I would tell myseld to be more relaxed and excited about the move from high school to college. I have not been able to make as many friends as I would like and it is due to my nervousness. I would tell my high school self to focus on being more independent and less nervous about everything that college has to offer.


The advice I would give to myself is to manage my time more wisely. You are not in high school anymore, you don?t have the luxury of teachers and advisers always reminding you of what to do. You have to think open minded and take the good with the bad. Not everything that you want will turn out the way you want it to, and you need to prepare yourself for anything that comes your way. You need to study as much as you can but also give yourself time to relax and enjoy the college life. Do what you are most comfortable with, and something that you will enjoy. Enjoy all the time that you get and always stay focused on your goals and dreams.


If I was able to talk to myself as a senior with the knowledge I have received from college, I would be able to tell myself a lot of important information. I would first tell myself to never give up in school work and that every assignment will help in some aspect. Also that the knowledge you receive in high school is the foundation to your success in college. I would tell myself to never take your senior year for granite and to enjoy the free time. Free time is one aspect that seniors do waste and I wish that I could spend it more with friends, because even though it clich?, you never realize what you have till it?s gone. Another piece of advice I would tell myself is to start developing good time management skills and to only think of your college life in quarters. College is overwhelming at first and if you start to look too far ahead then you will never reach your goal. Thinking in quarters also allows you to set achievable goals and your grades will be small incentives. College is fun and can be enjoyable with a better starting knowledge of college.


If I could go bakc in time, I would study more and prepare myself for independance. I would have saved more of my earnings from my job and listened to my Mother and Teachers more when they talk about the real world. It seemed so far off, but know that I am in the real world, making decisions that will shape my future, I wish I was walking the halls of my old High School again, letting the cares of the world roll off my back like a duck in the rain. I would also listen to my science teacher when he talks about formulas, I found out that you really use that stuff in college.


First, the advice that I would give to my self if I was able to talk to my self as a high school senior would be to take school a lot more seriously. Focuse even harder during the last few months of being a senior in highschool. Enjoy all the small things that I remembered disliking and remember that you will probably miss them once you graduate and are thrown into the real world.


I would probably tell myself to get immediately involved on campus, instead of focusing on work and school for a whole year. A year! School and work are priorities, but I would remind myself that I'm not some kind of crazy super hero. Also, I only really looked at OSU when considering colleges. And for a while I've been thinking of how stupid that was. Except, now that I'm sitting here and really thinking about it, I would tell my high school senior self not to doubt this decision, even if it was quick and seemingly rash. It's small and perfect, and it's so easy to switch to main campus in Columbus! After I was done with all of this, I would tell myself to take as many aptitude tests as possible to try to figure out what my major should be. This would hopefully prevent me from rushing into something just because I had to choose. But mostly, I would stress the importance of a good mix of fun and work.


If I could go back and tell myself anything about college life I would tell myself to work a little harder for scholarships and grants. College definitly isn't cheap. Between books and classes, even though I do work, it's hard to make sure I have that extra money per quarter.


Choose a college that makes you feel like you fit in.


Find the college that meats your finical and learning needs!


My advice to both parents and students when looking for the right college is to take into account that it will be an adjustment and that if the student is not ready for that, it would be best to start at a smaller campus then transfer to a bigger college when and if they want to. In making the most of the college experience, my advice is to live on campus. The student might not want to move out and the parent may not want the student to move out, but eventually tempers get tested and a little time apart will be good in the long run.


Students: take the time to decieded what is right for you. Start preparing early, that way you have a handful of acceptance letter to pic from; not a handful of applications to fill out. Parents: help your child whenever they need it. Weather they want to admit it or not, they are nervous too. Let them deciede their future. You have cared for them for many years now; let them take the reins. They are smarter than you think and all you can do if give your opinion and support them through their journey. The college experience is an unforgettable one. Social life outside the school is just as important as life inside the classroom. Your going to get stressed out at times and at other times you'll be having a blast. Just stay focused. Your an adult now and thats exacty how you will be treated. Nobody is going to hold your hand anymore and your ife is your responsibility. Have fun and learn as much as you can. Good Luck!!


You just have to ask yourself some questions: 1. Do I want a 4-year or 2-year school? 2. Big campus or a smaller one? 3. How much do I want to spend? Then you have to visit them. My family has been here for many years and I am very comfortable on this campus and can get around pretty easily and know a lot of people so you have to know what you're comfortable with and what you're not. If you're kind of shy, I'd say go for a smaller campus but it all comes down to what you're looking for.


I would tell parents that they need to look at colleges that are comfortable for their child. They are the ones attending and having to get the degrees there. If the classes don't match what they are studying and they are uncomfortable they will not succeed. So I would say listen and understand this is for them. I have one in college now and one going next year. Through the experience I learned that as long as they want it and they feel they have made the desicion they will succeed. As a student I would say make sure you look into where you will attend for the four years, in my case I'm transferring to main campus the next two years and that requires a lot of driving. So make sure they understand will they be able to complete their degree there and how long will it take. Also I would say that if you plan to transfer that you make sure that your classes will transfer with you. Make sure if you don't like big campuses that you look into smaller ones and there classs sizes.

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