Ohio Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Ohio Technical College know before they start?


If I could go back and tell myself, warn myself of what was to come I would say, "Don't date Kenny, he'll promise marriage only to call the wedding off a month before because he was being unfaithful. Go see Aunt Nora May, she'll pass away a month into you starting school and you won't be able to say goodbye. Don't stay locked up in your apartment, hang out with Mike and Shaun because you will regret the lost time when Mike dies. Appriciate all you have because the hardest lesson to learn is how short life can be and how fast things can change in a mere second. Don't be afraid to let people in because these friends won't hurt you like the others did. Never give up on yourself and never regret anything in life. Live it to the fullest now and everyday because we don't know when our life will end. Oh and be confident in who you are, you're going to rock this motorcycle field like no other. Also, don't be afraid to mess up, it's why you're going to college."


I would explain how hard it is going out of state to go to school by yourself. If i could go back i would wait work a full time job and save up some money before making that move. Most importantly I would have focused more on the relationships that i that i have with people i consider close to me, you just seem to lose touch with family and friends after so long. Also if you have someone that your really serious about see if that person is willing to start that new life with you, long distance relationships never work out.


I would tell myself that it is easier to make the transition when you don't have a family that depends on you. In addition to caring for them, I have to find the means and time for both school and my family. I would also tell myself to choose something he really wants to do and go to school for that whether it's a four year college, 2-year or trade school. He will enjoy learning more about what interests him and becoming the best at it. And spend his later years enjoying his career instead of struggling from week to week for a paycheck.