Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The best school I will ever go to.


We are a Bobcat family.


Ohio University is a beautiful school nestled in the the warm embrace of Athens, Ohio providing beyond qualified professors that feed the student's hunger for education through nationally noted schooling.


Ohio University is a small town college, with the most heart you'll ever see in one campus.


Ohio University is a fun but challenging, diverse , large university that sometimes seems like a small college.


Ohio University is great, safe place where you know you are getting a great education but also a great experience. The campus is beautiful, the professors care about the students, and if you try your best there is no reason you wouldn't succeed. The environment is welcoming and it is a place away from home.


Ohio University is a school dedicated to its students and is a fun, interactive, and intellectually stimulating university.


With its beautiful red brick buildings and walkways always filled with smiling students, Ohio University conveys a friendly campus atmosphere and offers large variety of academic programs to choose from, making it the total package for students looking for a traditional college experience.


My school is friendly and really involved in many things within the town.


The best decision a student could ever make in a higher learning institution.


Ohio University is the golden gem of the state of Ohio; Athens holds the prettiest landscapes, the most inclusive social atmosphere, and, surprisingly, the best weather in the Buckeye state.


Ohio University is school that is known for their party life, but has an excellent education program and offers a variety of activities in a beautiful campus setting.


An enviorment where diversity, hard work, commintment, fun times, and school spirit can all be used in the same sentence to explain the love that everyones has for this place as soon as they take their first step on its grounds.


The campus at Ohio University is known for its beauty. It was just recently ranked in the top ten in most beautiful collegiate campuses. It is a large but walking distance type of campus, vere rural area and the buildings are mostly similar in look.


Great place to learn and advance my career.


Ohio University is my home away from home, where I meet new friends and pursue my goals as an undergraduate here.


Ohio University is a diverse college with a great looking campus and teachers who care about what they do.


My school is beautiful and friendly, but is an amazing school, with great teachers and I know I will recieve the best education at Ohio University.


Friendly, fun and beautiful


OU is crazy.


Ohio University is a very friendly and diverse community-based campus located in beautiful Athens, Ohio.


Ohio University not only provides an excellent learning experience but also provides and beautiful and welcoming environment for the students to live in.


Ohio University is a very good school both academically and athletically and offers many different majors and minors and they make it very easy to choose what you wouuld like to take specifically, they also have a very beautiful campus and is located in a very unique place.


Ohio University has an incredibly relaxed feel and is the perfect "in between," not too big nor too small.


Ohio University is a place where students are encouraged to discovery who they are and what they want to become, and when the students discover this about themselves, they are accepted in all ways among the University staff.


Ohio University is home, my sanctuary, the place where I belong.


Ohio University has a great campus that, although it is a big school, it is not too big that you get lost in the crowd.


I was scared to move away for college, but Ohio University feels like a home away from home along with the educational and social benefits.


Ohio University has a beautiful campus, and a wonderful community of students that come together to make going there a unique and engaging experience.


Feels like home.


It is relaxed and fun, with lots of awesome classes, research opportunities, and extracurriculars for individuals of all interests to co-mingle.


Ohio University is a state school with many different majors to explore and induces a community feel.


Ohio University is one of my favorite places in the world -I have learned about life, literature and how to handle myself in almost any situation in my time here, and there is no other school that could ever compare to it.


A cultural melting pot in rural Appalachia with free spirited hard-working people of all social classes.


Interesting community with great people and a fun atmosphere.


Ohio University will make you feel at home, not like your away at school; you won't want to leave once your four years of college are complete.


My school is very diverse in the respect of people coming to party and those driven toward their goal and people who are artsy to those who are looking to become a businessman.


The best school around!


This campus is surrounded by nature.


A campus that looks how college should look, located in a small community where students interact with community members and enjoy college.


A very liberal school that loves to party but also focues on high academic achievement.


Ohio University brings out the best in students.


Easy to get aquainted with and easy to feel a part of.


Remote college town where people are culturally diverse


OU is a place to learn, have fun, meet people, be part of a welcoming community, and explore new opportunities.


this school is friendly fun and beautiful


A beautiful campus in the middle of nowhere - where there are many career focuses, but there is a big focus on alcohol and a lot of people try to maintain this image opposed to a respectful college campus.


A fun, beautiful place where everyone enjoys learning.


A friendly beautiful campus where learning and fun come in a package.


A definite party school that has some administration and organization problems when it comes to helping students.