Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There really isn't any student who would feel out of place here. Even for being extremely liberal, OU has many conservatives and conservative activities. Also, there are many church in the town, so religious people will be close to their places of worship.


The students are very accepting of everyone regardless of their race or ethnicity, etc. I like how students go to class in sweatpants and I don't feel that I have to dress a certain way to fit in.


I haven't experienced very much student body quite yet.


The students body is very active, everyone is active and it is really easy to meet people with the same interest as you.


Ohio has a large student body, but it isn't so huge to the point where you see people and can count on never seeing them again. I came from a private high school with less than 800 students, and I was pleased to see that when I met people, I actually saw them walking around campus all the time. I think it is the perfect size regarding the student body.


Students at OU are pretty cool for the most part. Everyone is pretty tolerant of everyone else, and everyone kind of lightens up around the weekends for lots of different reasons. It's easy to get along with people here.


Students wear usual pajamas and jeans or a hoodie or a t-shirt to class. There are still the same typical stereotypes that happen like everywhere but im sure that different types of students do interact. Most students are from Ohio, but there are a large selection from different states around the US and also the world.


Everyone is open and accepting. There are a wide range of people from the stoner hippies to the high school prom queens. Totally opposites, but everyone gets along.


OU is pretty much all white, except for a few international students (mainly in the science majors). Most people are Christian. There is a thriving LGBT population. Students economic status range all over the place. An uptight, harvard-esque student would feel out of place. Most students wear normal street clothes. Students interact with whomever they wish. The tables would be full of the students described above. Most people are from Ohio. Middle class students are most prevalent. Some are politically active. Most are liberal. Some talk about future careers.


The two main races I see at Ohio University are white and Asian. Most other races are not as high, but I wouldn't say rare. When I go to class I usually wear a t-shirt with jeans or sweatpants along with most of the student body, but there are the people that get up the half hour earlier to look presentable. I on the other hand enjoy sleep wwwwaaayyyy too much. Most OHIO students are from all around Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, etc.). There are a lot of democrats here, Obama signs are EVERYWHERE!


I don't feel that anybody would be out of place at OU, there is such a variety of people. In a class of 400 or so people you will see so many different types of people and different ways of dressing; most wear sweats or shorts and a t-shirt although there are the few girls who feel the need to dress up for class everyday (even if it is at 8 in the morning).


I love the people at OU. Everyone is very open and friendly. There are all kinds of different peopel here, and I really like that. We are definitely a casual group when it comes to what we wear to class. Apparently we love our school hoodies more than most schools. Campus as a whole is more liberal, but there are conservatives too.


I came from a really diverse high school, so sometimes I feel that even OU with the great diversity isn't enough sometimes. While the majority of OHIO is white middle-upper class students, I've encountered people of all races, religions, economic statuses and sexual orientations. Pretty much opposite of Miami and their carbon-copy population. There are a lot of Asians surprisingly, from their study abroad program so I always see them around. There are a lot of clubs for different races and religions to get involved in if one does want to join that sort of group. Students typically never wear anything besides comfy clothes to class. Some days wearing jeans may even be too dressy. Many students are politically aware and active, and uptown on Court there are sometimes rallies uptown. Mostly the population leans toward the liberal side of the spectrum.


The students are very diverse, whether in their race, religion, class, sexual orientation, or even just in their interests. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and experiences, and learning from them. I think there's a place for everyone at OU. Overall, OU seems to be pretty liberal, but for me, that makes me feel right at home. I think the greatest thing about OU's students is that all in all, everyone is just so nice and sincere. When I was making my college decision and talked to students from OU, I felt that they were friendly, trustworthy, and generous.


sweatshirt and jeans are the average outfit. students typically find a group and stick to it.


The students are great and interact with each other very well. I never expected to come to a school this big and be able to see someone I know on my way to every class. It's just the way it is and if you don't know someone there can happen to be a friendly meeting on the sand volleyball courts or just on the green in general to meet different people. Most OU students are from Ohio or PA.


There is not a student who should feel out of place at OU. OU is not very racially diverse, but there is little racial conflict on our campus. People are generally accepting here and each unique person is what makes OU a great place.


There's a huge variety of students here!


I defintely think that OHIOs students are very diverse personality wise. I think anyone could fit in and find someone they like here. Everyone is extremely friendly to everyone even if they aren't friends. MOstly, OU is made up of white middle to upper middle class liberals, I would say.


This is one of the most liberal places I have been, and potentially one of the most supportive and accepting for students who are not in the majority, especially LGBT. Student dress is typically casual, jeans/tees at times sweatclothing. In terms of race, there is a separation and little interaction. Middle class backgrounds seem most prevalent. There are a strong activist left wing group and many right wing students feel out of place, or at least challenged.


Students from all walks of life are at Ohio, and it helps add to the educational atmosphere as well as social. While there are still struggles and misunderstanding with relation to racial groups and LGBT groups, there are more and more events and activities to acknowledge and celebrate the differences among students, and it's really helping to bring everyone together.


There are many groups on campus that include all races, religions, LGBT, and other types of people. There are also lectures all the time about different issues that people may want to learn about. I don't think many students would feel out of place at OU. A lot of students just wear their pajamas or jeans and a t-shirt to class. Classes are very informal when it comes to attire. Most of the students are from Ohio, but there are also many from out of state and other countries. A lot of the students discuss with eachother what they will be doing in the future.


Diverse, mostly white uppermiddle class, but generally pretty tolerant. No- actually more apathetic than tolerant.


they are either full of dumb athletes or stoners.


very accepting and cohesive. lots of emphasis placed on diversity. i've grown a lot as a person during my time here from being exposed to different people




There are lots of opportunities to get involved I'm a member of CMENC myself


The student body at Ohio is varied. As much as college tends to stray from high school stereotypical cliques, it is easy to differentiate between groups at Ohio. For example, there are the sorority girls, frat guys, environmentalists (hippies), athletes, and so on and so forth. Because of the diverse group of students here, it would be really hard to feel out of place. There is so much to do here. Most Ohio students are from Ohio, mostly coming from Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnatti.


I feel that students of all backgrounds are really welcomed at Ohio. While there is not a ton of diversity, students are still exposed to a wide variety of races, religions, cultures, SES, and sexualities. Most students wear jeans or sweats to class. Sadly, a lot of Ohio's student body is preoccupied with partying and being irresponsible. As someone who was not a big partier, it was really frustrating to hear more people talking about booze and drugs than classes and social topics. Once you weed through all the partiers, though, you find some great people.


there are so many groups that i cant name them all. i am part of the Campus crusade for christ group and love it. this being my first quarter here, iv only had been in th group for a few weeks but they welcomed me and made me feel at home. I also was invited to several invents with them. Also there are several things to do on campus which are lsited on the main webpage and lots of volunteer oppertunities.


OU 's student body is primarily, at least I believe it is, mostly Caucasian. However, there are many exchange students and students of different races and religion. There seems to be diversity in the options of clubs and organizations on campus for many different groups and beliefs. Most students wear jeans and a t-shirt, or hoodie, to class. Pajamas and sweats also seem to be popular to wear to class. Most students are from Ohio, since it's a state school. There also seems to be a lot of students politically active, for both the school and the U.S.


OU's student body is a laid back crowd. Most party on the weekends and some party on the weekdays. In general, most of the campus is somewhat liberal; however, Campus Crusade for Life and 180 are some of the largest student organizations on campus. Aside from that, most students are physically active and visit the student recreation center.


there are a lot of meatheads.


You can find a lot of different types of people at OU. There seem to be a lot of "those people," which is what my friends and I call the preppy Barbie and Ken doll types who all seem to look, dress, and act the same; these are the people who get drunk all of the time and who I consider to be rather stupid and very unoriginal...sheep, basically. But beyond these people, there are a lot of originals - people who aren't afraid to be who they are and not worry about what other people think of it. Trust me, you'll be able to find people like yourself here. Everyone has a niche.


From what I've seen, there is very little racial tension on campus, or if there is I've not been exposed to it.


no student would feel out of place at OU. There is a group for every student to join and make friends


I haven't had a lot of experience with diverse groups on campus. I've taken a training through the LGBT center and focused a project on the Crewson House for students with disabilities but otherwise, I haven't gotten a very diverse experience. I don't know that any student would feel out of place. No matter who you are, there's someone else here with similar backgrounds, interests, etc. Most students wear jeans and a hoodie or t-shirt to class. There are a few of the sorority girls who dress a little more fashionably or skimpier but it's pretty dress down here. There isn't a whole lot of interaction among different types of students. There's a lot of pride for being different but not an awful lot of interaction. The four tables: Asian/International Students, Residence Life staff members, Sorority girls/Frat boys and the rest of OU. Most OU students are from Ohio-a shocking number from Cleveland. Most people come from middle class backgrounds. There are a good number of students who are politically aware, a good number who aren't. Predominantly left. I haven't heard a lot of students discuss how much they'll earn one day.


The OU student body tends to be either very involved or not involved at all. There are a million different groups to get involved with on campus, and many students take advantage of that, and others don't. The students who don't tend to be the ones who drink their lives away on the weekends...


It's pretty big, so it's not likely that you'll see the people from your floor walking around campus, but the classes are small, well, except the basic classes.


Ohio University is not very diverse... we need to work on that.


The student body is comprised mostly of liberals. I don't think this is really out of place since each generation seems to want to change what the generation before it did.


This campus is far more diverse than my previous university. I mean, OSU had a lot of different KINDS of people, but none of them ever interacted. Here, I'm talking to all different groups, working with people I may not have been friends with otherwise.


I don't hink any student would feel out of place at Ohio unless they are a big-city-loving person. There are all kinds of people here from every walk of life. Not much interactions happen between cliques but the groups are always chaning and extra-curriculars and students lead groups change this.


they do alot of things


I actually almost went to Miami Univeristy. The deciding factor was the people. I went to visit both schools. I noticted at Miami everybody wore the same clothes. All the girls had their hair done and makeup on. I also noticed only 2 African Americans and about half a dozen Asian Americans. When I visited Ohio, I noticed some students resembled those at Miami, but there were many who were not so dressed up, sweat pants, t-shirts and ponytails. There were also more African American students as well as Asian American. I felt more comfortable at Ohio because it is more diverse.


OU is a fairly liberal campus, students from a more conservative background may feel uncomfortable around the very vocal racial, religious, and LGBT groups on campus. However many people find this to be an educational experience and the only way to grow is to be placed outside of your comfort zone. Our student body is very politically active and hosts a wide array of rallies from political activism, to civil rights rallies etc... they also enjoy critiquing the administration of the university, so don't be suprised to see some controversial issues come up.


OU has lots of different cliques and they don't necessarily interact with each other


OU says they are "diverse" but lets face it, in a small southeastern Ohio town (where some rednecks think that we were fighting for the South in the Civil War and display their Confederate flags proudly), you're not going to get very much diversity.


I have worked with many of the student communities on campus. I think a student coming from middle America suburbia won't notice a change. The campus is primarily white. Students wear jeans. Or sweatpants. We're a comfortable campus. Woke up late for class? Don't worry, PJ pants and a hoodie are just fine!! Table One: The athletes Table Two: The greeks Table Three: The white students Table Four: The black students Ohio University students come from all over. Primarily they come from the state of Ohio. Within Ohio, students primarily come from Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinatti. Financial Background: all over the board. I would say the average student is from lower to upper middle class, and even some of the poorer areas (locally). Yes, students are politically active and aware. It is a small group, but you know they're here. Students are predominately quite liberal. I think it's the community that promotes the progressive nature of the campus. Students are always talking about the job they'll get one day with the HUGE paycheck. Always. It's why a lot of them come to school, unfortunately.


I have noticed that Ohio University is a very tolerant campus. I would not say we are diversified racially (the vast majority of students are white), but people are particularly open about their sexuality, political preferences, and opinions on a number of different issues. Most come from Ohio, but I have known people from as far away as Beijing, China. The Midwest is more than well-represented on campus. Students who have something against being laid-back would most likely have a real problem with how things operate at OU. Many students simply wear sweatpants and hooded sweatshirts to class, not willing to dress their best just so they can sit in some lecture hall for two hours. I mentioned before that political activism was strong on campus. There is an obvious leaning toward the left of the political spectrum, as almost the entire campus was in support of Barack Obama. One would have been hard-pressed to find anyone supporting John McCain or even Hillary Clinton. Luckily, my roommate was a Ron Paul supporter.