Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


OHIO has a noticeable problem with diversity. Something like 85% of OU is white, middle-upper class students from the Suburbs of Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. Politics is a huge hotbutton at OU. Students get very heated and invovled about their issues and hold a lot of rallies. Athens and OU are both very liberal. Some students talk about how much they'll make one days... I've found most of them are in the College of Business.


LGBT is a big thing here. Very respectfuk of those students. However, if you are white and straight, expect to be ignored. There is like a 2% population of black students on campus, LGBT students too. The rest of the students are ignored. Very speicific programs and events on campus for black students all the time, rarely enything not targeted toward them. Most OU students are from columbus or cleveland. Very politically active, mainly liberal students. Most students wear northface and sweats to class or jeans. Rarely people dress up, and no one really cares what you wear.


As both a member of the racial minority community and the LGBT community, my experiences have been both positive and negative. There are time where I feel like I belong at OU, but there are times where I don't. Most of the financial backgrounds at OU are middle-class and upper middle-class; however, there are many students at OU who work, so I would argue that there is a significant number of low middle class families here as well.