Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Ohio University is recognized as one of the best schools nationwide for its education and graduation rates. Ohio University was also the very first college in the Northwest Territory.


This school is probably best known for its "party school" vibe, even though this is true it is still a very good school and everyone here is very nice. It is almost like we all are one big happy family.


Ohio University is very well known for their amazing marching band. The 110 Marching Band travels and performs all over the world. A few members of the band actually came to my high school's band camp, and that is how I heard of this wonderful school. I am grateful to go to an institution that promotes such talent.


Ohio University is unanimous for being having the "ultimate" campus. Athens is a beautiful town with a rich history in the middle of no-where, so the school loves to party. This is one of the main reasons why I choose to transfer.


Homecoming is one of my favorite campus traditions. Alumni, faculty, staff, and students all come together in support of OU's rich history and to cheer at the annual homecoming football game, watch the parade, and participate in other activities. It is also a great opportunity to meet alumni and hear how going to OU has shaped their lives.


Ohio University is best known for it's parties, strong acedemics (i.e. journalism, sports administration, osteopathic medicine, and engineering), and it's beautiful campus.


OU is definitely a party school and that atmosphere is what makes it so much fun. However, because everyone is out to have a good time it is so easy to meet people on campus with similar interests and everyone is laid back and friendly. Making friends/ forming study groups is no problem and you will make the best friends of your life here.


Not the football team, that's for sure! I would have to say that OU is best known for its Marching 110, the Most Exciting Band in the Land! Students go to the football games just for the halftime show. OU is also known for its Scripps College of Journalism (rated in the Top 20 of the US) and is also known for its incredible Music Therapy program, which not many schools offer.


Ohio University is sadly best-known for the partying that takes place on campus. However, they do have great academic programs and very inspirational professors. I have been accepted to the University of Cincinnati and plan to go there this fall to pursue architecture and biomedical engineering, but for now I am getting some general classes out of the way at this wonderful university.


OU is best known for its huge Halloween party of course. It is also known for its drinking and partying at other times of the year. Its sad that this is the case since it is also known for its great Journalism program, its haunted campus, its legacy of being the first university in Ohio, and its strong school spirit and pride among the students.


being a party school, but being a place where anyone in any type of social classification is accepted.


Ohio University is well-known for being the first university created in the state of Ohio in 1804. Also, it is the oldest universty in the Northwest Territory and the ninth oldest public university in the United States. The fourth president of this school, William Holmes McGuffey, is known for the McGuffey Readers, which was the first widely used book to help children learn how to read.


Ohio University is best known for the Scripps College of Communication, which is divided into five seperate schools and is a seperate admissions program from Ohio University in and of itself.


Ohio University is known for it s Halloween parties and being haunted, however, its also known for its excellent education.


Enivormental research


My college is known as a party school to a lot of people, but it is also well known for it's journalism school, and a lot of people come from out of state to attend it.


Alcohol, which is unfair, our journalism program


Despite OU's unfortunate reputation as a party school, the university really is best known for what it is: a bastion of learning, academic excellence and a comfortable but challenging school that encourages students to succeed.


Our school is probably best known for being one of the top party schools in the nation, however there is so much more to do here than just party.


Ohio University is best known for it's Scripps School of Journalism. The business school was also ranked as the 47th best in the nation by Business Weekly, which makes me very proud!


halloween, but its not the best thing that happens here. the best non academic event that i have been to are the annual fests this year it was 6fest and it was GREAT!


I think our school is best known for our Band. Some people might say its a party school, and yes people do party, but our band is well known. Our school marching 110 is very good.


Ohio University is best known for their reputation of being a party school. While that is true, many colleges can also be considered a party school. It is just a matter of balancing your school work and your social life.


Although I'm not proud of it, Ohio University is mostly known for their crazy parties, especially during Halloween.


My school is best known for being a "party" school. But, truthfully if you aren't into that knid of thing there is so much more offered at Ohio University. I am not a big "party"er and there is so much for me to do. Between school work and spending time with friends I am always occupied. This school should be best known for having something for everyone.


Ohio University is mainly known for its business school and communications school. They are both ranked in the top schools in the country. OU is also known for being a big party school but it doesnt over ride the production of the students and their academics.


It?s partying, but really, I think there is a lot more to the OU campus than the binge drinking of some. It?s a place where you can strike up conversations with complete strangers in coffee shops and make life long friends, where your views can be challenged and expanded by the wealth of diversity despite the fact it is a small school, and for the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.


Ohio University is known for outstanding education for its students. It is also known for that small town feeling. Some people think of it as a "party school", however I personally don't agree with that. It is a fun place to be but is also a safe place to be. You have to be adult enough to make good choices when you are attending a college. There are plenty of activities to do that are both safe and fun.


Ohio University is best known for being a huge party school, but in fact that is only true on Halloween weekend. I think OU should be known for its liberal and laid-back atmosphere. Most people are openminded and there is a huge LGBT community here. There were thousands of Obama posters during the election.


Ohio University is a well known party school that still balances acedemics. The social life flourishes especially on the weekends.


The diversity in my school as well as very knowledgable faculty members. Although my major in particular is suffering with overwhelming amounts of students and low faculty numbers, the professors that are available really know their area of study. Almost all the professors I have been acquianted with have shown much enthusiasm in their teachings as well. This allows to students to be attentive during class times and become interested/knowledgable during and after taking the class. The diversity amongst the students and teachers allows students to become more culturally aware and accepting.


Ohio University is best known for partying, the Scripps school of journalism, and soon the Global Leadership Center.




Unfortunately, we are best known for being one of the biggest party school is America and for having the biggest Halloween Party. I am not going to lie, the Halloween Party is fun and entertaining and our Fests are a guarenteed good time, but there are plenty of other things to do on campus. Don't think just because you don't drink you cannot come to Ohio University. We have midnight movies on the weekends and comedians that come in weekly. There is always something to do here!


Unfortunetly, alcohol plays a huge part in social activities at OU. It's probably best known for its party school status.


The only thing this school is known for is partying/drinking


Ohio University has a nationally-renowned school of journalism, education and exercise science. But it also has a party-school reputation because of the big Halloween celebration and the street fests during Spring Quarter.


Engineering and Halloween Party


Unfortunatly, OU is best known for its party school reputation. More often than not, I am asked about the party scene than my academic experience - even on job interviews! While the university is trying hard to rid itself of this reputation, I think a better course of action would be to focus more on the academics where it would cast a shadow over the less than flatering reputation.


Our School of journalism is one of the best in the country, otherwise probably the fact that we are consistently a highly ranked party school.


My school is best known for academics and research. It is a commonly held notion that Ohio University is a huge party school, but I would like to say that we are no bigger a party school than any other college or university. However, while we do hold that title, the students here still maintain good grades and do alot of great things after graduation which shows that Ohio Univerisity offers quality education and the students here are determined and focused.


Ohio University has famous fests and parties all year round. We have a reputation for being a rather large party school, and our Halloween and spring festivals do not dissapoint. We are sortof captive here in Athens, with very little urban life going on outside the city. It gives students few options other than partying on campus on the weekends.


We are known as the party school.


My school is best known for it's academic intergrity.


This is a video from an apartment above Court Street. Biggest Halloween party in the nation? See for yourself.


My school is best know for their journalism school.