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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The basketball team is pretty popular on campus. The guys' especially get a decent-sized and rowdy crowd, and the girls are close behind. The football isn't as popular as most programs, but they still attract a crowd to their games.


I am involved with the club soccer team. Most students in my dorm leave their doors closed. I think people party every day of the weekend and occasionally on a tuesday or thursday.


I have applied to become a RA for next year and the entire process was very interesting. It was a very good experience and I look forward to being a RA next year.


Most students have a doors open policy the first year which allows you to meet many new people that you will hang out with through college. What ever you want to do at Ohio University, you will be able to find a way to do it.


Ohio University is in the middle of nowhere, there is literally nothing around Athens. But I do not see why you would want to leave. Everything you need is right here in and around campus. There are so many cultural, entertainment, social, artistic, and sporting events to go to. There is also a plethora of clubs, organizations, and teams to be a part of.


I'm starting a Capture the Flag league. That should be fun.


Fraternity/Sorority Life. The Marching 110. Students in Bush Hall leave their doors open the 3rd floor. The athletic events are usually very popular and entertaining. There are also a lot of comedians and bands that come for shows. The theatre group performs some pretty great plays. My closest friends were met in my dorms and at work. Also some friends from homw are my closest friends. At 2am on a TUesday, I'm usually up doing homework or hanging out watching a movie with some friends. Each year there is a huge halloween bash, and there are also a bunch of fun events that different sororities/fraternities put on. I'm sure people party a bit down there seeing as how it's a big party school. On a saturday night there's many things to do such as go to ping, watch movies, and a few other things.


I am in the Tae Kwon Do club, which meets four times a week and is a great work out. I am a black belt, and our instructor is very talented. My closest friend is my roommate. If I'm awake at 2am on Tuesday, I am studying or doing homework. People party a lot. Frats are moderately important. Last weekend I had a s'more party. I don't do anything off campus. There's not much to do.


I went to a LGBT group once and I really enjoyed it. The speaker was phenomenal and she opened my eyes to a lot. I frequently play frisbee golf on the course next to the Ping Center. There are intermural ultimate frisbee teams and even a class, but I never was involved with either. A famous line of Ohio's is "we're a drinkin' town with a football problem". In other words, we like to party and our football team SUCKS. Although this is true, the marching band is #1 in the country and will literally blow your mind! They are amazing!


If you are awake at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday you are more than likely drunk and returning home or getting ready to return home from a night of dollar shots at Cats Den followed by some dancing at 19 south. On the weekends house parties and frat parties are the place to be. Spring Quarter is filled with fests that you would have to be crazy to miss out on!


Tons to do! There are hundreds of organizations to get invovled with. I think anyone could find some group they share interests with. Going out is a good time, but there are a lot of other options as well. Greek life is a good size - its big enough that the people in it love it, but it is by no means something you need to be invovled with to have a social life like other schools.


At first girls in my dorm were hesitant to leave their doors open, which I thought was odd. But now, mostly everyone leaves their door open or cracked. My closest friends are just girls from my floor. Tuesday and Thursday night going out are pretty big. Halloween is always the main event in the fall, winter is pretty tame because no one likes venturing out in the cold but we brave up anyway! And spring has all day fests and parties..OU comes alive in the spring! You'll hear people drunk on the street and partying any given night. Greek life is kinda big hear, but you never feel like you HAVE to be in one..there are more than enough things to do on a weekend then depend on what your frat/sorority is doing. I didnt rush, and most of my friends didn't either. Last weekend we layed out to tan by the bike path on Friday..and Saturday was High Fest so we started partying at 11 a.m. and continued through the day and night :). Sunday was a day to recover and relax and get started on studying. Baker has free midnight movies every Saturday for those not interested in partying, and there are a bunch of coffee shops that always have shows going on.


There's always something going on at OU. I never seem to be bored. Whether I'm visiting the Ecohouse with the Green Network, attending a concert, going to Shabbat services, cheering on my Bobcats at a football game, or just talking with some close friends at the Donkey Cafe or The Front Room, every experience here is exciting, engaging, and fun in some way. I don't always go out; sometimes I spend my weekends just watching movies with my friends. However, when I do go out, it's easy to find something to do and somewhere to enjoy myself and the company of my friends. But I'm not just talking about parties here; OU does a great job of offering its students shows, performances, guest speakers, you name it. Off campus, there's a lot of unique dining experiences that one can have because a lot of the restaurants, bars, and fast food places are locally owned.


TONS of activities outside of classes and academics, although there are academic activites as well. They are all very populated. People party alot but many students who dont have opportunities to involve themselves in other things as well.


The social life is great here in Athens. You have uptown that has any type of bar you might want to go to if that is your scene. If not the school offers many different activities that you can enjoy such as crafts, midnight movies, different socials. There are just a few of them. No matter what time of the day it is you will always see someone playing volleyball or sitting outside in the spring. It is just a great atmosphere and a beautiful campus.


I can't speak for what are the most popular organizations on campus, but I do know what I have enjoyed the most. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is one of my favoirtes. We have a lot of fun and it is a group with a lot of great meaning. We take up important issues and act to fix problems within our society. If you're awake on 2 am on a tuesday you are probably cramming for an exam, leaving a bar, or hanginig out with your friends.


Yes, everyone leaves their dorms open- it's always a good time here.


OU SOCIAL LIFE IS THE BEST! I think sororites are very important to me!!! I am not sure what there is to do on a Saturday night without drinking.


In most dorms people usually leave their doors open, even if they're on their computer working. There are always some that don't but you have that at any college. It seems like dorms with mods (ala New South) allow student to get to know their neighbors pretty well and form closer bonds than the traditional style dorm. Every weekend there is something fun going on at Baker that doesn't involve drinking and parties. Each weekend there is a new midnight movie which has become very popular among the student body. Films such as August Rush, P.S. I Love You, and other current hits have been shown this year. Football, basketball, and hockey games are a big hit with the student body no matter what the weather. One of the biggest games I've been to was against Pitt where there were so many people there, even the hill behind the far goalpost was filled with people... as many as could fit.


Sorority and Fraternity life seems to be a big thing. Additionally parties are big and calendars created around the major "fests" and large scale parties. Doors open in the dorms really depends on the dorms, but is more common in the freshman halls where students are meeting other students for the first time. Athletic events are fairly well attended but not a huge priority, many people go to the football game for the band. There are plenty of activities offered through Baker on friday and saturday as drinking alternatives though they are rarely sought after.


It's really friendly atmosphere-dorm room doors are left open and everyone visits each other. Groups and organizations and Greek life are all really important and are helpful not only socially but also wth networking. I love being a part of Greek life on campus-I feel more involved and some of my closest friends are from my sorority and other fraternities.


I guess that sports teams and the greek are the most popular. I just joined Sigma Kappa, and so far it is great. We have our annual philanthropy and also many other fundraisers during the year. Sigma Kappa also does a lot of charity work with other greek sororities and other groups on campus. On campus there a so many groups that anyone could find something they would enjoy. On the first day of the year all the groups were recruiting freshman on college green, so there is a very easy way to find a group to belong in. Hall councils put on many events that don't involve drinking like movie nights and sem-formal dances. I'm never awake at 2am on Tuesday, I need my sleep. I met my closest friends in my dorm, the first quarter we left our doors open. Social life is very nice her at OU.


A lot of people are in Campus Crusade. I'm a member of Sigma Kappa sorority, and I think it was the best decision I ever made. Greek life has a horrible rep that it doesn't deserve.


they need more dance clubs but the music scene is good


everyone here is very friendly and there are always people around and things to do.




always stuff to do at True House where I live


Sororities and fraternities are popular on campus. I am involved in a fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega, which is a national co-ed community service fraternity. It is a GREAT organization to become involved with. If I were to be awake at 2am on a Tuesday, it would most likely be because I was just chatting with friends, watching TV, etc. In regards to events, OU is known for its annual Halloween party. In the springtime, OU has a "fest" almost every weekend, consisting of parties thrown on various streets off campus. The university also sponsors Dad's, Mom's, and Sib's weekends. Although fraternities and sororities are popular on campus, they really do not determine social standing whatsoever. Frankly, I believe many students who aren't involved in these social groups look down upon those who are. If you wanted to spend a Saturday night without alcohol, you could easily find something fun to do. There have been plenty of Saturdays where I've felt like I needed to "stay in." Usually my friends and I will order food and watch a movie and basically pig out and relax. Athens, the city in which OU resides, is a small town, but there are several things to do off campus. For example, there are two cinemas that play popular movies. In the summertime, OU students can use the Athens community swimming pool for free. There are also several major food chains and restaurants in the area.


Students definitely leave their doors open in the residence halls. Athletic events are great and pretty popular. There's definitely an awesome energy at the events. They also have wonderful theater events, concerts, and guest speakers. I met my closest friends through my job as a resident assistant. Off campus, there are some great restaurants (and many more coming everyday), some shopping areas, a bike path to get some exercise, and two great movie theaters.


Since OU is kind-of in the middle-of-nowhere, the school and businesses associated with the school (I think) try to put on activities. There are game nights, midnight movies, and laughter after dark for free on the weekends. There has lately been a series of interesting debates going on (like Heads vs. Feds). Guest speakers/lecturers (Coach Boon and Political candidates families), concerts and productions (like Hairspray and Rent) have also come to campus.


Social life at OU revolves mainly around the many bars in downtown Athens and the off campus party scene. However, there are many other activities at OU which do not include drinking. Camping at Hocking Hills and Strouds Run is a popular activity. OU also has a large number of student organizations that regularly plan and take part in events around campus.


i never lock my dorm room door.


I met my closest friends here on a freshmen trip called "New Adventures," a program run by Outdoor Pursuits where about 28 freshmen go on a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota. Twenty-eight isn't a lot of people, so many people don't really even know about it, so I definitely consider myself lucky to have gone, because the trip was AMAZING and, having met a bunch of new friends, my first couple of quarters here were very fun. I've since met other people, but I still keep in contact with my Boundary Waters gang, and at least three of them remain some of my best friends here. My experience with dorm life has been so awesome. I live on South Green, which is in my opinion the best place to live, in a substance-free dorm called True House. You might think that because we're substance free we're a bunch of squares or something, but you'd be dead wrong - we have tons of fun, and trust me, we find other ways of getting into trouble besides smoking pot or whatever it is people do. But the cool thing about dorms on South are the "mod" set-ups, with a smaller number of people in the mod sharing a common room...it makes it seem so much more familial. My House has become home to me, and the people in it are my family away from home. If you want to know what I'm doing at two in the morning on a Tuesday, I'm probably hanging out with them.


There is a very healthy social life on campus, but I don't participate in that very much. I leave my door open, as do the rest of my mod, but that's as social as I get.


In my dorm, we all leave our doors open and we hang out all the time.


The most popular groups are the Greek ones-there's a pretty big Greek population on campus. Football and basketball are the most popular sports, depending on the season. I'm involved in a service fraternity which provides community service, plans service trips (New Orleans, Boston, Orlando, etc.), attends conferences and just has a damn good time. It's about 50/50 with students leaving their doors open. It depends on the opportunities they've had to meet each other. Athletics are definitely popular; guest speakers depend on the target group but are popular within said groups; theater-not so much. The dating scene isn't all that big. A lot of people have significant others but you don't hear about "dating around" or "casually dating" a whole lot. I think that's true for society in general, though. I met my closest friends in Alpha Phi Omega and on staff (I'm an Resident Assistant). If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm probably watching TV, waiting to fall asleep. Traditions/events: Homecoming, street fests, Relay for Life, annual 5ks, Halloween. People party pretty often-there's at least one every weekend that people know about and the bars are packed Thursday-Saturday. Greek life is important, like I said. I'd say about 40% of the campus is Greek. Last weekend I worked on Friday night and went camping all day Saturday. Sunday was a catch up day (both on school work and sleep!). There are a lot of things to be done on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking-people watching!, movies, etc. Off-campus, I go to Stroud's Run, go home for a weekend, etc.


There are a lot of activities on campus for students to participate in, and I really think it is impossible for anyone to not find friends here. We truly have ALL types of people here and I think it is easy to make friends here.


it's definitely a party school, but what school isn't.


My favorite thing to do when I have free time is to go explore Athens. There are awesome little shops and restaurants everywhere, it's so easy to fall in love with Athens if you go out and see it for what it is.


Social life is the one of the most important things to people on campus. Arguably more so than school itself. People go to football games and basketball games. There are constantly parties going on and crazyness in the streets. People in the dorms are usually social although there are the choice few who don't talk to the people around them at all.


I'm still really new, so describing social life is a bit hard, especially because I'm not that social myself. I happened to get into a dorm with my best friend from high school, but other than her and a guy I met through her, I don't have many friends. The only really group-related extracurricular I'm doing is the church choir at St. Paul's.


The most popular teams are hockey and field hockey. I am involved with club softball. The girls are great and they do a great job of running the team. I met my closest friends in my mod and my major. If I am awake at 2 on a Tuesday (highly unlikely b/c of my 8 AM) I am either doing homework with my boyfriend or I'm in my mod having a deep conversation with my modmates. Last weekend I went partying with my Athletic Training "family." I can do a lot of things on a Saturday night that doesn't include drinking! Things like, working out, working, playing pool, taking a walk up town, going to The Ridges, camping, SLEEEEPing, go to the movies, etc.


I wish people on my floor section would keep their doors open more often. I'm a social person and I keep mine open for people to say hello. I wish others would too, and I think they would meet more people in the residence hall. Especially during the first weeks at school


As I mentioned before there are many organizations that students can become involved in. I'm currently serving as an executive member of tRAC (the Resident's Action Council) which serves as the student advocacy and programming organziation for the nearly 7,800 students living within the residence halls on campus. Becoming involved with this organization has allowed me to work directly with a variety of administrators from Univeristy offices including housing, student affairs, residence life, and facilities. I actually met my fiance through my involvement with the Department of Residence Life and Off Campus Living and also met the majority of my friends through my career in this field. This goes to show you that if you choose to get involved in campus organizations YOU WILL find people interested in the same things you are and make some lifelong friends.


I have no idea


Greek organizations are very popular. I'm not really into that though, so I don't care. I don't have time with classes and working two jobs to be involved when organizations. Football is very popular (even though OU sucks at it). But it's really the only sport that gets advertised which sucks for all the good teams (like women's basketball and volleyball) who get recognized nationally yet our own students don't even know about them. The dating scene is centered around the bars here. With nearly 20 of them, how can it not? I know some people who get drunk every night of the week, never come to classes (except on exam days), and never study....needless to say, they don't do well. The university tries it's hardest to come up with activities that don't involve drinking.....they are usually lame.


Most Popular Student Org: intramural sports. Students in their "residence halls" leave their doors open. It's an easy way to let your friends and neighbors know you're home, and it's a great way to meet new people. Athletic events. Students go. Could be better? Football- they leave after 1/2 time, once the band has played. Speakers, frequently unattended. Unless it's some big name. My closest friends were the people I lived with on my floor, and below. I only remained close with one person from high school. 2am on a Tuesday: I was NEVER up this late. I had 8am classes. Traditions: Halloween, bar "riots" during the time change, freshman march up Richland before school starts People party every day. More on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the weekends. It's college. It happens. Greek life isn't for everyone. It's okay. It's only about 11-12% of the student body. You know they're here, but they're not overbearring. Last weekend- my parents came down. We went to a movie and had breakfast at Jana's. Saturday nights: Midnight movies, Athena Grand, Ping, Billiards in Baker. Off campus: bowling and grocery shopping


People sure do like to drink at OU (how else could they have gotten the reputation as a party school?). However, that is not the only thing a student can do on campus, especially on the weekends. Uptown on Court Street (the main street of Downtown Athens), there are restaurants and a movie theater showing some of the latest in independent films. Movie buffs will particularly enjoy that aspect, as there are a few theaters to choose from. Additionally, OU has its own film festival and the School of Telecommunications hosts its own 48 Hour Shootout in the winter. Teams have 48 hours to write, film, and edit a film before showcasing it to a full audience. I did this in February of 2008 and it was a rush all weekend. It was certainly stressful trying to complete the film on time, but every moment was worth it. Greek life is important to people who enjoying partying and getting drunk - often. But not everyone gets involved with it and can find a number of things to do, such as going to Ping Center to work out. A massive workout facility, Ping Center offers students the ability to do pretty much anything: lift weights, go running, play basketball, badminton, racquetball, ping-pong, or go take a chance on the climbing wall. OU is "only" part of the MAC, so it would be rare for a team to be playing for a national title. However, football and basketball are popular with the students, especially basketball. Nearly every game boasts such a raucous student section that the Convocation Center where the team plays has become known for having such a strong home crowd. The games are exciting to watch, and students get in for free with an ID.


Campus Crusade has a big following at OU, but is very conservative in it's approach. Students in the Residence Halls are pretty lose about security. They lock all the outside doors, but that doesn't stop people from coming in behind other people with keys. A lot of people date the people in their same hall. Athelietic events are decent. We've had a pretty sad football team for a long time, but we've started to get a lot better with our new coach. Basketball is a lot of fun, our student section, the OZone, is a blast!!! Hockey, a club sport @ OU, is also a great thing for a Friday or Saturday evening. Weekends at OU are a lot of fun! For the responsible, non-drinkers, Baker Unviersity Center always has fun stuff. Laughter After Dark on Fridays brings national comedians in every week at midnight. The midnight movie shows in the theatre too. Free food is everywhere. There's always tons of people hangin out and playing pool on the first floor.


Doors are always open in underclass dorms, unless you live in a mod on south. Kinda desolate over there. Many great guest speakers/concerts (THE FRAY!!) I met my friends in the dorms and at work. Very very nice dating scene, great people on campus overall. Not a whole lot to do on the weekends besides drink, unless you take advantage of programming in Baker Center. Comedy, concerts, speakers, and always midnight movies. Halloween happens every year. About 10000 people show up for it, with like 50000 people total. It is a must atleast once in your life.