Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Peole who dislike partiers, drinkers and smokers should probably think of a more calm school to go to, because Ohio University is a big party school, where most people you run into will more than likely party.


Unfortunately, Ohio University is known to be a party school. Students who just want to come here to party should not come here at all. I know a few girls that are here for parties and they have already been in trouble with the law and have jeopardized their futures because of it. A student shouldn't go to any college just to party, but especially don’t come to Athens; with our major reputation the university and police department have cracked down. You will be caught, you will get in trouble, and you will ruin your future.


Heavy drinkers, those easily pursuaded to do poorly if those around them aren't doing well, and the types that think they can slide by with mediocre work ethic.


Someone who isn't goal driven should not attend Ohio University using their online program. It is an accelerated program that crams a normal 15 week semester of info into 5 weeks. Only the focused and organized should attempt this program.


Personally, I believe that anyone who is easily coerced into doing things that they usually would not and individuals who cave easily to peer pressure should not attend this university. It is extremely easy to be found under circumstances where there is alcohol and even drugs are present at even the most innocent campus events, let alone the parties that the university is known for. If a person were to make the wrong decision it could easily impact their college career if not the rest of their life.


Someone who, like me, doesn't care about drinking/alcohol.


I feel that a person who is seeking to experience an Afrocentric higher level education should definitely stay away from Ohio University. Though improvements have been made, much of the shopping and attractions are still geared toward the white student.


Someone who is not willing to be involved and around a wide variety of viewpoints and backgrounds should not attend this school. Ohio is very diverse, and it is even located in an area very different from what most people have been raised in (Appalachian Ohio). One of the best parts of the University is its amazing group of people and ideas, however if you are closed minded Ohio would not be the place for you.


Anyone is welcome to this school, the students are very accepting. A word of caution to those who are bothered by the party atmosphere; this school is a nationally ranked party school and can get a bit rowdy. However, there are always fun alternatives to the party scene available.


I thnk that Ohio University is a school for all different types of students since they offer a very wide variety of personalities and interests however I don't think a student that is only interested in socializing or is looking to breeze through college should go to this school.


A person who doesn't want to apply themselves and actually do work should not attend this school.


Well at Ohio University we appreciate every type of person and personality, we cherish diversity. So generally every person is welcome. However, the only kind of person that probably should not attend this school is someone who doesn't know how to balance fun and work. Our motto is "Work Hard, Play Hard." By balancing these two, you certainly become a more appealing person on the fun side, but you also know how to do your job, study hard, and get good grades.


Someone who isn't focused on their academics. A lot of students come here looking to party because Ohio University is the number five part school in the nation, but for students who can look past that and at the academic coursework, there is a lot to love. I personally Think that anyone who is disciplined and works hard should come here.


Someone who likes the idea of living/going to school in a big city, someone who does not want to be around a lot of new people, someone who does not enjoy walking to reach their destination. Someone who likes to shop at a mall, someone who loves their car, someone who is totally against people who drink. If a person does not like the look and feel of an older school and buildings, then this is not the place for them. If they want a huge campus then this school is not right for them either.


Someone who is looking for a really small and tightknit campus. While those that come here are very friendly, the sheer number of students can make one feel lost or overwhelmed if it's not what they want.


A person that keeps to themselves should not really attend this school; people here are very talkative and friendly. Also, a person who does not like physical exercise should not come to the Ohio University Main Campus because it is primarily uphill and it is a walking campus, so anyone who does not like physical exercise would not like walking around this campus.


someone who likes to party.


If you absolutely must have small classes and personal attention to thrive, don't attend unless you are accepted into the Honors Tutorial College here. However, if you think you can adapt to larger classes, it isn't a bad choice. I am not a huge fan of the Chemistry department here, so I would maybe consider Ohio State for that major. Also, Athens is a small town, and if that is going to drive you nuts then maybe consider some in a larger city.


Ohiow University is not for students who do not enjoy rural, small town life. The University is centered in the very small town of Athens, Ohio. It is very much a college town. Students who prefer a busy and bustling city life should think twice beore attending Ohio University in Athens. However, a student who prefers small class sizes should also steer clear of this college. Although the town of Athens is very small, the Ohio University campus serves over 20,000 students.


Someone who is closed minded, someone who likes a big city


If you don't do well in social situations, or have trouble balancing partys and school work you dont belong at Ohio University. There are too many social opportunities for those without restraint, and sitting in your room all alone is not a good way to spend your time either.


A person that is looking for a very small university that they could quickly know everyone on campus, a person that is very competitive about their university always succeeding at sports, a person that does not like walking on hills a lot, a person who enjoys the atmosphere of a big urban city, a person who is not openminded about coexsisting with people who are different from them, people who are intolerant to different sexual orientation, a person who wants a campus that is very conservative and religious, a person who is not interested in trying new and different things


Someone who isn't big on socialization DEFINITELY should not attend Ohio University! A closed, introvert shouldn't attend Ohio University. A closed minded person. Someone who is easily pressured into doing things they don't want to do-easily swayed, then this isn't the school for you!


A person who would prefer a small school.


I do not think that anyone who does not have a strong committment to stay focused on school work should attend because there are a lot of social activities on campus that may distract him/her from doing well academically.


A person that doesnt know how to manage there time and get their school work done. Also you should be able to get along with all races because OU is diverse and is a very open school the people are very friendly and except all races.


The kind of people that shouldn't attend Ohio University are partiers and/or anyone not willing to put forth A LOT of effort, blood, sweat, and tears towards a degree. Our school was deemed a "party" school however this is really not the case. Most people at Ohio University are career focused and driven. Ohio University students know when we have a little too much of a good thing (like relaxing, partying, etc,). Being able to balance tough work loads and have a fun social life at the same time is a skill.


Conservative people, and people who do not want to socialize.


Someone who does not have an open mind. It's easy to sit in your dorm room and talk online to friends from home. OU is a place for students to expand their thoughts on what they already know and don't know. Exploring is the best way to learn at my school. Opening your mind to something new creates a whole new outlook on life. We have over 350 student organizations, there is always an event or activity to attend that fits your schedule. Also, someone who doesn't like to recycle. We LOVE to recycle and go green!


It would be very challenging for a conservative student--especually one with predjudices against races and sexualities--to attend this school due to it's extreme liberal nature and social environment.


Someone who is shy or not open to new ideas and different types of people.


Kids who need smaller class sizes and want to live in a large city.


Students who have no self-control when it comes to drinking or partying, who expect everyone to love them like they were loved in high school, those who enjoy living in big cities, and those who have personal beliefs against homosexuality, even if they don't plan on making anyone else follow those beliefs.


An extreme conservative person would probably not fit in at this school.


someone who likes to just sit around and isnt focused on actually learning or making friends.


You probably should not attend Ohio University if: you are extremely conservative, you hate and don't drink alcohol, you need to be close to a mall or other city-necessities.


Somebody who doesn't like meeting new people or trying new things.


Any one who is not willing to complete coursework or go to class.


If your looking for a big campus in a big city, then Ohio University is not for you. TIs a great campus, but small and personal. Also our sports programs are not strong, so if a person was choosing based on sports than Oio is not the place for you.


People that refuse to accept others ideas, including the strong LBGT groups. The school does well to involved every type of person, and although most people find this a strength, there are those that find it a weakness. Also, this is a big party school, and those that cannot keep control of their drinking will run into problems.


A person who just wants to party.