Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would study harder and take my classes more seriously. I would participate even more in athletics and extra-curriculars. I would not "party" as much on the weekends and during the summer. Instead, I would do more volunteer work and academic internship and take both more seriously. I would have strived harder to get higher academic scholarships and would have picked a different college than Miami University of Ohio for my freshman year. I would have been more respectful toward my teachers and parents.


The advice I would give my high school senior self is don't ever give up. People may tell you, you can't do this or that, but you can. Enjoy every little second of being home because you will miss it, but once you go home with you will miss your other home which is your college. Also just keep striving for your dreams and never let go.


Independence is not measured by distance. You do not have to move miles from home to gain freedom from your parents. Choose a school that is only as far away as you are willing to travel multiple times – because you most likely will. In college, your view of life will change. Use it as an experience to learn about yourself. Try new things. Talk to people you normally would not befriend. Get involved in the community and organizations. Make a list of all the events you want to participate in before you graduate. Do them! Try things you feel you are not capable of succeeding at. You will surprise yourself. Challenge things you were taught in your rearing. Distinguish who you are and who you want to be. First, determine your goals. Then, plan how you will accomplish them. Learn through your mistakes. Take on leadership positions. Take the class you feared in high school. Use all the resources your college has to offer. You are responsible for making the most of your college experience. I can guarantee if you work hard, utilize resources, and get involved, you will be shocked by how much you learn and grow!


"Don't compromise...." Those two words are words I wish someone would have told me my first few months of college. I had a more difficult time than I though I would adjusting to college life. I missed my family and friends from home, and I felt as though I couldn't find anyone who didnt want to go out and party and drink. I ended up joining a sorority, at the urging of a friend in my dorm, and I really thought I was going to love my experience. While there are things about my time in the sorority that I remember fondly, I made some decisions that I said I never would. I found myself surrounded by people my age who wanted to "live the college experience." If I would have been prepared for this, I believe I might not have been willing to compromise to try to fit in, but I did. I am lucky that I figured it out soon enough... don't try to be someone you are not to please people who don't care. I do not regret the decisions I made because they helped me to become the person I am today.


Dear Janice, It is inevitable for you to make mistakes in high school especially when there are so many obstacles you have to face. The decisions that you make now can make a big impact on your future. Preparation and determination can help you overcome your fears as you enter the real world. You may not know this but you will be a mother one day to a beautiful baby girl who will ultimately make you a better person. You will be in college pursuing a degree in Nursing, and it may be 9 years later but you finally made the right decision to follow your dreams. As for now, think about the bigger picture, and what you can accomplish as a senior in high school. Be the best you can be, aim for higher goals, attend school dances, enjoy life while you are young, but most of all, go beyond your expectations. Graduate with your classmates while you hold your head up high, and remember that you have the potential to be great. There is such a thing called failure, but as long as you learn from your mistakes, you will be somebody one day. Sincerely, Your Successful Self


If I could go back and chat with my high school self, the greatest advice I could give me would be to live for you, and not for others. You have a big heart, but how can you help others when self isn't complete? I would also tell self that there is no time for breaks, keep doing what you always been doin and stay involved. There is plenty of time to rest later when you are complete. Think about how quickly high school flew by, four years is a breeze. Friends come and go, so no need to stress keeping those people around who arent intended to be there when God has other plans for you. Struggling now pays for the future, so its ok to were sweats for a while. Above all else study first, no procrastination, this will give you more free time than you imagine!


The opinions that people hold do not mean a thing. You are about to go into an entirely new environment and old opinions are nothing. Hold you head high and make your decisions with no guilt or reservations. Make sure you are doing what you want to do. The people that matter will always matter and they will be there, a different state does not mean lost ties. Home is exactly where you left it! It always will be! Take the leap now and know that you have grown and are growing. Being independent is power. Being one of a group is a wonderful thing, but realizing that you are okayon your own, which you will, is so much more powerful. Knowing that you are a success, doing well, and it is completely the product of yourself is like magic, and it builds an inner confidence that nothing else provides. High school is wonderful and don't discount the growth that has happened within these walls. This region that you currently deny is a part of every inch of self. Know who you are and be ready to learn so much more. Good luck, you'll be great.


In order to better prepare myself for college, I would give myself the vital advice of being proactive on campus from day one. To begin, college is an experience primarily dependent on what you put into it. On the first day, it is key to keep your dorm door open and to step out of your comfort zone to reach out and meet new people. In addition, making a friend in every class is very beneficial. This allows you to have a person to study with, communicate with about assignments, and an automatic friend. All of these aspects help to make the transition to school a more comforting and wonderful experience. Also, I would also suggest setting aside time to study and work on class assignments. College is a place where the social scene is fun, new, and can be very distracting. In order to best succeed, you must set aside time to study and prepare and stick to this schedule. This prevents you from partying too frequently and letting your social life get in the way and helps you from keeping your goal of graduation and learning at the front of your mind.


Stress. You don't know what stress means when relating it to academics until you have stepped foot into a college classroom. You think that high school is hard?! You're crazy! High school is like walking to the cafeteria, getting a piece of cake, and having the teacher spoon feed it to you until you can't take the creamy, richness of the chocolate anymore! In college, my friend, you must find the cafeteria, cake, and spoon yourself, and there isn't anyone around to help you consume that wonderful piece of joy! But don't get me wrong: college is fantastic! You're going to love it! The freedom, responsibility, maturity, and time management you acquire will truly shape you into a fabulous person with a bright future. I suggest going for the "diversified" approach. Go to the Recreation Center, join several student organizations, and try some International food or attend a concert. Whatever you do, enjoy these years of truly finding yourself! College is the key to opening the door to the rest of your future, so if you want to have a smile on your face as you open that door, experience new activies with confidence!!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high scholl senior, there would be many things that I would change. College is very important if you want to pursue a career. You may not see it in high school, but as soon as you attend college you will see how important it really is. I recieved good grades in high school, but I didnt take it as serious as I should have. Now that I am in college I realize just how important every single grade is. The advice that I would give myself is to study as much as I could and make sure to do every single homework assignment. Doing homework helps understand the material better. Also, most of the homework leads up to the next test and it will help you better prepare for the upcoming test. I would also make sure I knew what career path I wanted to take. I have been in college for almost 3 years and I swicthed my major a few times which wasted time and money. I now know what I want to do and thats occupational therapy.


I would inform myself that college is required to become open to other ideas and to think critically for myself, instead of just accepting and adopting another's worldview. College helps a person become well-rounded without narrow thinking. It will open your eyes to the world. College will enable you to think for yourself. There are many valuable life skills to be attained in experiencing higher education. For example, the belief in yourself that you can expand your knowledge and skills successfully and as a result gain a tremedous sense of self-efficacy. Through a college education and the life and learning experiences it offers with this knowledge I will be equiped become my own person. It will help me to determine what my passion is, so I may learn and grow in what I choose to do for a living. Narrow views will be stripped away and you will learn to focus on important aspects of life and the rest will fall away.


Please make sure you do your research on the college you always wanted to go to. Then do your research on the colleges you might have to got to as a back up plan. Keep both parents informed on all the details , try not to do it all yourself.There will be may opportunities which will arise, but stick to your school work because thats the biggest opportunity present. Full speed ahead the world is waiting on you!Good Luck! When you get to the school of your choice . Make sure you know your program of study and you have a plan. Please introduce yourself to your student advisor and make an appointment. At this appointment with your advisor "listen", you don't know it all. Allow someone to cut some of the red tape that exist. After settling in find the library and make that your favorite place on campus. Take your hardest subjects first so that you don't get burned out on the final lap. Last but not least, it's okay to make friends just be the leader that you are. You will do fine so enjoy yourself it will be over before you know it.


Do not be afraid. Don't go to a particular college because your friends are going there. Do not go because your parents want you to go. Figure out what you enjoy doing in a place you would enjoy living and go there. College will not guarantee you a job and it will not guarantee you fame or fortune. All it will do is teach you how to learn and experience new ideas, new thoughts, new friends and relationships, and how to find who you truly are. Go to college to learn, but also go to experience, and do it for yourself. No one owes you a college education, and by the same token you don't owe anyone else your college education. Just go, do, and enjoy.


Treasure the time with your pals. Take advantage of the hours that you have with them, because college really is a full-time job, and things do change. Things will never be exactly the same, and you might spend time wishing that you'd had just a little bit longer with your best friends. But work hard, study hard, and everything will be just fine.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would give myself a few words of wisdom. First, I would tell myself to study for each and every class. As a high school student, I never had to study or do much of anything in a class. I soon realised that this was not the case in college. Secondly, I would tell myself not to schedule classes so far apart from each other, where I have time to get distracted and find other things to do besides go to class.


Like the typical college student, I've learned how to live by myself and take care of myself. However, I've also surrounded myself with a community to grow from. Through my extra curricular activities, I've learned how to be a leader and also how to be a good helper. I have pride in my school but both it and I are far from perfect. I sometimes wonder if I'm not involved enough in my major or if I should be taking classes that are more relevant. Then I realize that every random class that I take teaches me something about the world. I learn how to create video and tell a story in my media classes, but I also learn about outdoor recreation skills, interpersonal communication, and French culture. I want to create video for a living so I don't exactly need a college degree, but my school has a good outlook on this--you have to know about your subject before you can tell a stroy about it. We are required to take classes outside of our major so we can broaden our boundaries. Based on this, my college and I have the same philosophy.


In short, college taught me how to be an adult. Starting from the moment my parents drove off after taking me to my dorm, I had to start taking care of everything by myself. No one is around to push you to excel or even do something as simple as laundry, so you must learn to make it on your own. College taught me to organize my time efficiently and how to study in a way that worked for me, all while working enough to pay for some of my own bills. It also taught me to manage my money wisely. College students typically have limited funds which cannot be wasted and I have carried those lessons on to my full-time career. The degree I earned has also helped me to get into a field that I enjoy and that I know I will stay in. Without college, I would not be the independent, fiscally responsible person I am now and I am thankful for the experience.


I've made great professional contacts, learned valuable life lessons, and made friends that I'll have forever. This university made me the man I am. It's the best thing that ever happened to me.


Attending OU was the best thing I have ever done. I transferred to OU my freshman year and never looked back. I made the best friends of my life and created more memories than I know I will be able to hang onto. I also received an outstanding education from professors who truly cared about my future. The four years I spent in Athens helped me learn who I truly was and what was important to me both in my future career, and my personal life. There are no words to describe the bond one makes with the people on this campus and the pride they show for the school itself. Even without a strong athletic program, there is more school spirit on this campus than anywhere else in the world. I had so many opportunities and fantastic experiences thanks to OU and I can easily say it was, by far, the greatest four years of my life.


I'm only a little ways into my college experience but I have gotten a lot out of it so far. Going to school out of state has given me a lot more independence and responsibility. I can't just run home whenever I want. The specialzed course work also means I'm going to be really prepared to find a job when I graduate.


It is funny what life can throw at you, attending college at this point in my life (age 37) was not part of my life plan. I was unexpectedly unemployed and needed some way to insure that I could support my wife and four kids. So, college was the way to go. I am pursuing a BS in Electrical Engineering while now being Mr. Mom. My wife has to work two jobs to keep us afloat. Currently the most that I have gotten out of my college experience is the knowledge that I am smart and can do anything. With a 3.97GPA it appears that this is the case. I think that it has a lot to do with my age and the fact that I have such a driving force behind the reasons for attending school. Drive and determination tend to play a big roll in your success.


My college experience been an eye opener. It has truly broadened my horizons and even influenced my own ideas of myself. Before I began attending college, I allowed my parents to do everything for me, and it was they who decided what kind of person I would be. But after attending classes and learning that I can actually influence the world around me, I became invigorated and hopeful. Attending college was a valuable experience for me because it opened up a world of opportunities I had never dreamed possible. Now I do not just have dreams, but goals that I will soon make a reality--goals that I want to achieve for the betterment of myself and the world around me. This was a valuable experience because I see that my artistic talents and innovative ideas can do so much more than sit on the pages of a notebook. My college experience has shown me that with the right course of action, I can help to benefit the lives of millions.


I have learned team work, diversity, inclusion and faith are components for success. My college has all of these components. I play baseball for the NCAA on a team of diversity. Our players come from many places around the globe. We play on a team where success is marked by teamwork. I aspire to be the best, to change my circumstances and try and make the world a better place than before I came here. I have a dream to be somebody special, to change lives and make a difference in world. Because of what I learned in college team work, diversity, inclusion and faith my dreams of success will give me a chance to pay it forward to those who are not as fortunate as me.


Maturity, is by far the most important aspect i have gotten from my college. As a freshmen, i was very childish when it came to decision making., but as i moved on through the semesters, i came to realize that there is more to life than what i have been doing, now that i plan to work on my B.A, i can say that i am making wise decisions. If i was not making such decisions, i would not be here applying for this scholarship. It was really important and urgent that i attend the college i am currently enrolled in because, a while back, i lost a very important figure in my life. From 2006 to 2007, i decided not to go to school anymore, but i noticed a lot of my high school classmates went right into working. I sat and thought to myself "do i wanna end up like them?" this question lingered in my mind and i was challenged to finish what i started. Now that i am graduating with an A.S, i can say that i accomplished another step towards being successful in life.


College is a great experience because it allows you to make mistakes and not pay dearly for them. You can try different things, and if they don't happen to work out, you can brush yourself off and keep moving. College also allows you to meet people from so many different backgrounds that at the same time are like minded in the fact that they're in college to get an education.


My college experience has helped me to better understand the real world. It is an excellent transition in life between high school and the rest of one's adult life. In college, one learns how to manage time and meet deadlines. Throughout one's life they will constantly be met with this exact challenge, balancing their time. As a college student, I have constantly been torn between, studying, family time, friends, and much needed sleep. Work and school are mandatory time-takers, and how one spends their free time is a lesson needed to be learned by all. Attending college teaches one balance; it teaches balance through the pure necessity of it. Attending college is demanding enough that if one does not maintain balance, they will not be successful. For me, learning to maintain this balance has been an extremely valuable lesson. Though it is tough to decide to study rather than hang out with friends, I quickly learned that studying is more beneficial to my life than those few hours with my friends. I am grateful for this oppurtunity I have to attend Fresno City College and learn this lesson for myself. It will be a life-long benefit.


My college experiences have been invaluable. I learned that anything worth having is worth the blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to get it. I learned a lot of discipline. and gained a lot of confidence. I built relationships with people that will last throughout my lifetime. Above all, I learned that I don't know everything. The world is a huge and wonderful place that is full of mystery and the unknown. It is there to explore! Life is only life when you are willing to take chances, when you can risk being embarassed or hurt, and when you aren't afraid to love others and yourself as deeply and passionately as humanly possible.


When I entered college I was coming from a homeschooled background that was far from any urban areas, making my high school experience very secluded. When I came to college I realized how behind I was regarding social norms for behavior and I immediately began working to improve. My college experience, while not providing any revelations on academics or personal freedom, most of which I already had, did teach me a lot about learning how to better present my person and personality to others. I failed many times, with friends, people I thought were friends, girls I was attracted to, but I had found a challenge that I wanted to complete, so I kept trying and working towards my goal. Had anyone known me when I first entered college, finding that I was homeschooled would not have surprised them. About a week ago, I reported I had been homeschooled and only got disbelief as a response; I wasn't "weird" or "geeky". So, in addition to learning something that I can apply to a career, it was valuable for me to attend colege because I learned how to better interact with others and while maintaining my core values.


I feel the best quality I have gotten out of my college experience thus far is an increase in my social skills. College has brought me out of my shell. In high school, I would be caught dead in the front of the class talking, but in college that the exact opposite. My experiences in college have made me 100% confident in myself. I now know who I am as an individual and want to share it with the world. College has also taught me valuable lessons that I will need to succeed in life. I know how important it is to be honest, pay bills on time, and never say never. Finally, I have learned that I can do whatever I set my mind to as long as I give 110% and don't look back. If it wasn't for my college experience, I would still be afraid to really live my life to the fullest.


My college experience has allowed me the opportunity to live out a dream. The dream of giving back to my community. I am currently teaching in my home town, Painesville, Ohio, at my alma mater, Thomas W. Harvey High School. College has provided me the chance to work in the community and with the people who I feel need me the most. My college experience has allowed me to become a success story amongst those in my community. It has also allowed me to mentor youth in ways that I would never had imagined. I teach, coach, and train young people everyday. Without college I would have had a much more difficult time helping to make the much needed changes in my community. Attending college was a way out of a family trend that has lasted for generations in my family. After High school male family members either got factory jobs or enlisted in the military. This life usually lead to multple baby mothers or broken families. I want different so I sought to try college. I eventually became the first in my family to obtain a bachelors degree, blazing the trail for others to follow. I am truly blessed.


So far, I have not had the full college experience considering I start in the fall. However, based on countless college visits and orientation, I can tell my college experience is going to be a great one. The first time i came, every single person was friendly and helped out whenever you needed it. I can tell my college experience will be a good one, and will be fully prepared for my future job.


I am a working mother of two so it is very important for me to provide a good example to my children. Going to school again is giving me an opportunity to provide my children with a better life. Going to college is a valuable experience for anyone who wants to gain self-confidence and develop their education further. I recommend continuing education to all.


I have gotten not only knowledge of the books and subjects that i am studying but I have also gained the life skills that are required of me to suceed in the real world once I am out on my own.


I have only taken four classes so far and I have already learned so much. Attending college has made me more responsible and has helped me to grow as a person. It has helped me to improve myself. When I first started attending, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or where I wanted to go. My college experience has showed me where I want to go and how to get there. The teachers are wonderful and there is a great feeling of independence in going to college. You are responsible for yourself which pushes you to try harder and make yourself proud. It is valuable to attend college so you can gain some direction in life and give yourself a better chance of being the absolute best person you can be. Having an education opens more doors for the rest of your life. No one can take my education from me and that is a truely great feeling to have. I am expanding my horizons and I want to be a valued member of society. An education makes that all possible.


I've found the career I want to pursue, and begun the foundation of information I'll need for that field. If I had not gone to college, I would be stuck in my home town working some job I'd probably hate. College has allowed me to find my niche.


Initially, I was bitter about attending OU, because my first choice college was too expensive. However, I have been fortunate enough to have been granted opportunities to have the best college experience any one could ask for. I lived in a dorm full of rowdy, yet determined peers, my freshman year. There, I made friends with some of the most amazing people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. I was accepted into one of the top journalism programs in the nation. I joined student groups, some that didn't work out, but others that have proved to be extremely valuable and enriching. I have witnessed failure and I have seen phenomenal success come from Bobcats. The bottom line, college is what you make it. This is the time to try radically new experiences and ideas, screw up and fail, but learn from those failures, be granted opportunities exclusive to college students and figure out what I want to do in life, or at least what I don’t want to do. Finding the value in myself and in my choices and opportunities is why enrolling at Ohio University has been the best decision I have ever made.


I have gotten many things out of my college expierience thus far. I have made many new friends, some even from out-of-state. I have joined new organizations and clubs, taking leadership positions in two already! Also, my social life keeps me very happy and busy. I am glad I chose Ohio University, I enjoy it very much and also love that I feel safe while walking around campus.


So far the most important thing that I have gotten out of my college career is meeting and networking with new and interesting people. This is valuable to me because it is giving me a new life experience, and allowing me to view things from different perspectives. I enjoy talking about other's backgrounds, and what they are looking forward too and what they are trying to do in the future. Not only does this give me ideas of how to pursue my own goals, but it involves me in the lives of others. Also, I have found that others often want to hear about my life and my ideas. It is fun and exciting to be involved with a wide group of people, and see how the people you are surrounded by every day are affecting the world around us. In a short time I have realized that the atmosphere of my university is that when one of us succeed, we all are excited and succeed with them. This makes me more than excited to be a Bobcat.


my college experience has shown me that if i work hard there are people that care and want me to succeed at anything. I that the people around want to help and are willing to do anything to make sure that my college exprence was a good one and i am greatful for attending this college


My college experience has been extremely satisfying; I have gotten more out of life during the time I have spent here than at any other point in time. I have made strong and lasting friendships, I have learned a tremendous amount of information ranging over a broad spectrum of topics, and I have matured into a respsonsible young adult. Every day I learn something new about life along with the academics. The college experience is something that can open one's eyes to new things, to give one the tools necessary to be an informed citizen and to participate in the global society, to help one gain stability in life. College has much to offer, and I would advise anyone and everyone to take advantage of it.


As a second quarter college freshman, I'm still starting my college experience, but I've loved every second of it so far. College has been a great way for me to embrace independence and enjoy being responsible and on my own! As drab as the dorms may be, it has also allowed me to meet some great people that I look forward to being friends with for a lifetime! As a high school senior, it is so important to take multiple college visits and completely immerse yourself in the campus- if you don't like your campus, there's a great chance that you won't enjoy your college. The first time I set foot on Ohio University's main campus, I fell in love. I knew the rolling hills of Appalachia fit me a lot better than Ohio State's busy campus in Columbus. But college is so important to attend because it changes you as a person: it allows you to grow into adulthood and meet some wonderful people (and hopefully learn a thing or two!) along the way.


In this economy now a days, a mature adult like myself needs more and a better education in order to get ahead. The school I will be attending has a greater graduating average and is more personable towards the goals I have set for myself. I wish to make my children a good example to set for their future and to also show that no one is too old to learn. With all of lifes experience I have had, ITT Technical Instution wants me to succeed in anything. The schools classes are small, which make it more personable and more one-on-one, the staff completely knowledgeable and understanding.


I have gotten an irreplaceable experience at Ohio University. I have only attended for one quarter so far, but I have taken in a great amount of information about education and life itself. I have enjoyed every professor and every class. My experience here has shown me so many pathways to take in life, and for that I am extremely grateful. I believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to attend educational institutions such as Ohio University. My life will forever be altered by my time spent here. Opportunities can be so abundantly overwhelming, but that is because there truly is something for each and every student here to participate in. Everywhere that I look there are students enjoying these opportunities, and enjoying the ultimate opportunity of higher education. For these reasons, I truly believe that my college experience thus far has given me and my classmates a better tomorrow and this is ultimatley invaluable.


College is said to be the best time of your life and I couldn't agree more with this statement . I feel that I have already learned more from my time here on campus about the real world and from classes that I have had thus far than I learned all throughout high school. My teacher's have pushed me to the limit to acheive academic and social success not only in the classroom but out in the real world. I also have made some lifelong friendships that I can never replace which helps offset the stresses of college making me enjoy my experience that much more.


So far in my college experience, the greatest thing I've gained is confidence. College challenged me to put myself out there to try new things and make new friends. I have learned to not be afraid to go to a new club I'm interested in, talk to someone in my building, or voice my opinion in one of my classes. I have learned so many new things from taking classes that weren't offered to me in high school, and I know I will value the skills learned here when I leave this institution. I have made so many friends and connections that I cherish. Whether or not I talk often to every single person I've met, I know that I can always count on these new additions to my networks to help me out when I need it. Every thing I've done since being here has given me the chance to expand my horizons and make myself a better, more knowledgable person. Attending this college is the best opportunity I've been given, and I am glad I didn't miss out on it.


I would tell myself to realize that I have to read more which I hate to do. I would tell myself that failure is ok but just don't dwell on it and let it take over you. I will tell myself making mistakes is ok and that is how you will learn from it.


I have always been an independent person and never thought I would get homesick, but I did. In fact, I was so homesick that it affected not only my grades but my health. I could hardly function. I was only 3 hours from home and my family did come see me a few times but I still was so distraught. Finally, I found that they only thing that I could do was to get involved; to be so busy that I would not think about home. I started studying with people from my classes and made myself go to the library every day. I joined a sorority, met alot of great people and am busy with them. My grades improved and I started dating a great guy! In fact, I got so busy that my roommates started shunning me because I was never in the room. I tried to explain to them that this was my coping mechanism but they didn't understand. Unfortunately my relationship with my roommates is now only cordial but we do have an understanding that we are different people on different schedules and that's ok as long as we are kind to one another.


The biggest advice I would give to myself as a senior in high school, would be to not sweat the small stuff. Transitioning from high school to college is a hard task. In high school it was very easy for me to stress over small things in life. Now as a college student I realized that life is too short to worry about something that I will not worry about in three months. In high school I was worried about small things like how am I going to get to the game this weekend; now being in college I have so many more important responsibilities. Now I worry about things such as how am I going to pay for this class so that I can graduate. High school was a very fun and exciting time, but college has taught me responsibilities that I will carry for the rest of my life.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, and knowing what I now know about college life and the transition I would tell myself firstly to work harder in high school to better prepare myself for the workload in college. Also I would tell myself that it?s not as scary as it seems, even though it?s far away everyone else around you is going through the same thing that I will be going through. Yes you will get homesick once in a while but you can?t always stay at home forever .You have to leave at some point in your life, and lastly don't be so scared about it, it's a great time! You just have to be ready for the workload.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not be be so nervous! When I first arrived to college, I was in a different state than where I went to highschool and I was afraid of not making any friends since I didn't know anyone going to the same university. I was also afraid of the difficulty of the classes in college. During highschool everyone pushes you to do really well and warns you once you get to college you will be struggling. However, I didn't find that the case. I would most likely say, "Brendan. Don't worry about college. You are going to have the time of your life, learn so many things, and become a better person overall. Don't be nervous about meeting your new roommate, its not like you are being sentenced to jail with an inmate waiting for you to arrive. You will soon be making at least two new friends every day, and you'll never want to leave once you start. Once the first day rolls around, just be confident--thats all you need."