Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about going to Ohio University is that it is hard to find what class you want to go to online along with making sure you can get the maximum amount of loans. If you go to the main campus you will only recieve around 400$ which is not enough to help pay bills.


Wish I had more advice/ pressure from advisors on picking classes, discussing career options and choosing a major.


I wasnt sure if I was in the right major and it was hard for me to know who to contact to talk about my options.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it has a well known reputation for being a party school. Going to a school that prides itself on drinking and partying makes it hard to focus on the reason you are actually attending the university in the first place. There have been multiple times where, if it were not for the atmosphere of the campus, I would be in much better academic standing than I currently am. Overall, Ohio University is a wonderful school but it requires a lot of each student to turn away from these activities.


My school is in a small town so there is not really much there. It is also an expensive school that charge to much for certain things.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the administration. The administrators at this school are, to boil it down to a few choice adjectives, a bunch of greedy, apathetic, money-grubbing scrooges. The top administration, from the Board of Trustees down to the Provost, are more interested, and I am tempted to say, solely interested, in squeezing every last penny out of students pockets. This manifests itself in various ways; food quality (poor), education quality (good, but could be much better) and athletics (more emphasized for benefit of the administration as a profit-generating tool, than student enjoyment).


Trying to schedule the classes you need.


There is a lot of partying and that is why most people attend this college. Sometimes I'm looking to do more with other people but they are very focused on that.


One of the most frustrating things about Ohio university is the amount of drinking and partying in which many underage students participate. I knew that I worked very hard to get where I was and I was not going to let that kind of lifestyle interfere with what I was there to do and I could never understand how so many others did not feel the same way that I did. That said, there are many students who had the same outlook I did, and I had a wonderful experience at Ohio University.


The most frustrating aspect of my school deals with the dorms. It really is stressful meeting a new person, and automatically living together in the room as if you've known each other for years! The system in becomming paired up with someone who shares similar feelings and lifestyles definitely needs some adaptations and adjustments so that students can feel comfortable coming to college and sharing living space with another individual.


With some core classes like math, it can be *very hard* for freshmen to get into the necessary classes.


Meal plans are frustrating. Having to live in the dorms 2 years can be frustrating as well. For those who don't drink, it can be awkward at first. there's plenty to do here besides drink, despite our reputation. There's plenty to do besides drink; concerts, poetry readings, coffee shops, bowling, roller skating, skate boarding, swimming, sports (varsity, club and other), attending sport events, food places, sights to see, clubs, recreational activities, hanging on the greens. You just have to find it all.


The most frustrating thing was parking. They don't have a lot of parking available and the parking lots that they do have are pretty far away.


Its so far away from any major shopping areas.


The most frustrating thing about Ohio University has to be growing accustomed to the new administrative decisions. My senior year the school will be switching from quarters to semesters, so many things about our future are up in the air. When someone is trying to figure out what they will do with the rest of their life, this can make it more intimidating and frustrating when even your superiors are not quite sure how things will work for our school in the future.


The most frusturating thing about Ohio University is that certain classes are only offered certain quarters, so it can be annoying trying to get into a class from time to time.


The most frustrating thing about my school is its reputation. Ohio University has a reputation of a "party" school. I do not party, I chose to come here for other reasons other than partying. When I tell people I go to OU there reply is usually "oh so you are a partier?" I do not want this reputation, and the fact that I have it strictly because of the school I chose I think is unfair. It is frustrating to be considered something I am not: a partier.


The tendency towards drinking that most the people on campus engage in is pretty fustrating.


The most frustrating thing about Ohio University is that the school receives a bad repuation from the public because we are known as a "party school." The fact is that, yes there are parties, but they can be found at all colleges around the United States, not just here, in Athens, Ohio. It's frustrating being a student, who is really focused about my education, at OU because sometimes the partying will make other people over look you as an individual, just because you attend a "party school."


The most frustrating thing about Ohio University is how alone the school really is. There isn't much to do here. Anyone looking for a good time has to go either home or north towards columbus in order to find anything interesting to do. That's why Ohio University kids drink so much! There's nothing else to do in Athens!


Not being close to a bigger city.


Ohio University focuses mostly on scholarships for racial minorities but does not give any money to ethnic minorities, such as my roommate who was born in Romania. They did not give her money because she labeled Caucasion/White on her application even though she qualified for many minority scholarships. The only good on-compas jobs are available to work study students.


The desire to register for classes that are filled quickly or wanting to take a specific course and not having it offered.


lack of spirt at football games


The intolerance of truth.


The rainy weather


The most frustrating thing about OU is the people who run it seem to only be interested in money. They give practically no financial aid, even for students who do extrememly well.


The school can't always meet everyone's needs, such as in the counseling center, and there is a long wait to get help and then there are restrictions for getting that help.


Trying to find a job and no one can ever graduate on time because of the way that classes are offered. They make it hard to get in the classes you need.


just the fact that ohio university has the lowest diversity rate of any other public university of its size in the state of ohio. I believe that this fact speaks volumes about my frustation as a minority at this university


Sometimes it is impossible to get into the classes that you need to. This causes you to not be able to stick to much of a course plan.


The quarter system


The dining hall is terrible, and not being able to understand most math teachers.


The most frustrating thing about this school would have to be some of the foreign instructors. A lot of the instructors can barely speak english, and if they can, their accents are very thick.


I wish that the school was more diverse. About %90 of the school is white.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is winter time. During winter the roads get very slippery and we don;t really get snow we just get sleet. The reason this is such a problem is because Ohio University is a very hilly campus and when the roads are like that walking to class is not the easiest task.