Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Honestly, I wish I would have realized how hard it would be to visit home as often as I wanted to. I enjoy being able to live on my own and get to experience life, but I wish visiting my family wasn't so difficult. I wish I knew that being three hours from home would take such a toll.


The first few weeks of college were one of the hardest times of my life and I wish I would have known that everything would be ok. I should have realized that I wasn’t going to find the same type of friends I had at home and that that was okay. I have made some amazing friends with the girls on my floor and my roommate and I plan to room together next year. I wonder how much further we would have been in our relationship if I would have came to Ohio University with an open mind.


the transition is harder than you think it will be but if you stick it out everything will work out in the end.


I wish I has a better grasp on what I wanted to do with my life. Knowing what I know now, I would have focused on a healthcare related field.


How to study better.


I wish I had known that Athens, Ohio has a lot of hills so that makes it hard and tiring to walk to class. The campus life is fun and alive, but outside of the campus there's not much going on. It's a quiet town and is said to be very poor. So if you enjoy shopping at malls, then you can not find any of that around here. People say Ohio University is a party school, but if you aren't much a partier, you'll be fine because there are many people who do not party.


The biggest thing for me would be realizing how much a college education is worth, in a sense of money. With our global economy taking a turn for the worst, one of the biggest impacts it has set on is the amount of money it costs for a college education. You need to go to college in order to make money, but you have to have money in order to pay for college. Having the opportunity to go to college makes me ever so greatful, but knowing I will graduate in thousands of debt, makes me sick.


In high school, I was excited to move away from home and did not think a college four hours from home would be challenging. In retrospect, I wish I would have realized that I did not need to move as far away from home to be inderpendent.


Athens is such an interesting place to be, exploring is a must! When I first got to school I only scratched the surface and played it safe studying and focusing on grades. After I gained confidence in myself I tested the grounds and broadened my knowledge of the area. While I still have several years to enjoy the environment I wish I had known that there can be a healthy balance between responsibility and fun and still manage to keep the grades!


I wish I had known how much work would actually go into each class. I would also have liked to have known how to manage my time, you have so much free time in college.


Before I came here I wish I would have known about all the awesome bike trials in and around campus. If I would have known this before coming down here I would have for sure brought my bike my freshman year.


I wish i had known more about the dorms, like what you need and everything like that. Also figuring out what i owed the school, and how my scholarships and loans applied was extremely confusing.


I wish I knew about the amount of reading that is needed for the classes before I came to the school. Also I wish I had known about the dining halls and which ones are the best to eat at.


How important it is to request a dorm room early. The best go fast. How much time marching band would take from my studies.


I wish I would have been more prepared for the "harshness" of college. I was not fully prepared to study and spend my time wisely. I do not think this is my college in specific, but all colleges in general. I was not physically or mentally ready for college as a whole.


I wish that I knew how there is so much partying, and that there are ways of avoiding it , by finding other people with the same values and by joining groups .


That I would have needed more financial aid than what I had. Money is really a problem for me.


I wish I had known about the amazing people and aweasome experiences that I would have. I wish I would have known that there was nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be nervous about; that I would find a great grouip of people to be friends with who like me for who I am.


I wish I truly knew how expensive it was going to be compared to the previous 2-year school I attended. Also, knowing what classes I needed for my major before I transferred here.


I wish I would have known that it is okay to not be a partier. I was worried that I would feel very out of place since I don't party, but, really, it's not that big of a deal.


I wish I would have known that college classes were actually going to be fun. When I was finishing high school I was worried that college was going to be very difficult and dreadful. However, so far in my fall quarter of college I have had really interesting classes that I enjoyed and learned from. Now that I am in my winter quarter my new classes are also interesting and actually fun! I would also tell my high school self that there are so many different and diverse people to meet in college which makes it nothing like high school!


The career path I would change to so I could have taken education classes freshman year


I can't think of anything I wish I'd known. On my campus visits, the students who showed me around told me exactly what I was getting into.


I wish I had stopped to consider different majors more from the getgo. The university encourages students to try different things, but I thought I was already set in my path and did not stop to consider other interests.


I wish I knew what I wanted to major in before attending college


To intern more. To talk more in class, and remain in contact wth professors. To volunteer more.


Its a very secuded college town, the only things to do in the area are on campus, and you must walk to get there.


I wish that I would have known more about things to do outside of the Athens Community. Since it is a small college town there is no supporting city and it is easy to fall into the bubble of college life in Athens and lose contact with the rest of the world.


I wish that there wasn't so much pressure on kids to drink alcohol.


There's almost too much to mention in 100 words! The first would be that college is one of the two rare opportunities where you get to reinvent yourself if you'd like. You don't have to be the same kid you were in high school - if you'd like to evolve into another being, you're welcome to. I also wish that I had known just how much hard work it would be going into my field - the class work isn't difficult, but the hands on work involved can be strenuous and very time consuming.


How hard it is to keep work and play in balance.


I wish I had known just how much, financially, it was going to set me back so that I could have prepared more.


I wish that I had known that this school has little to offer off campus. The campus life is eventful, but once you step foot off campus, there is literally nothing to do for a college aged student.


I wish I had known how to study for college courses better before I came to college. I also wish I knew how very little there was to do outside of campus (like shopping, restaurants, etc.) before coming to Athens.


I wish i knew how strong of Academics there were.


how off the beaten path it is


I wish that I knew how to get more involved my first year of school and also to interact with my professors more. They are really helpful when students ask for help. It took me a while to get involoved and it changed my experience drastically when I did.


I wish it would have really been stressed to me the opportunity you have to meet new people. I kept to myself a lot freshman year and then branched out sophomore year. I will never regret the friendships I have made because of it and I have met some of the most amazing people.


How much faster everything is, and how expensive it is.


I wish I had known all the drug use and anti semitism on campus


I wish I had experience using Mac commupters, OU has tons of labs and most of them are Mac based.


I wish I had known how much of a transition it would have been between high school and college. College takes a lot more time and effort to recieve the grades you would like to earn. It is quite difficult managing your time and I would have liked to be advised on that.


I wish I knew how to cook!


I knew most things about the school before I went just from living in the town.


I knew everything I needed to know before I came here. I knew people who came here first and I researched.


I guess I wish I had known I would have changed my major haha I dunno


How very cold the winters can be.


The rain! When does it stop?......


I don't really wish i knew anything i didn't know coming in. I had heard things from family and friends about what college was like but i didn't want to put to much faith in what they said. I liked coming in to college not knowing exactly what was going to happen because it let me have my own experierience and i didn't let what other people had said affect what i thought of school.


That I needed to walk up some huge hills to get to the class buildings, and that the other options for getting around the hills were so far out of the way.