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What are the academics like at your school?


Not too tough, just make sure you pick the right classes and schedule the easiest for Spring and hardest for Winter.


Some professors are sweet, some aren't. I like most of my classes, because they are about language, and I love language. Class participation is common, which is fine by me, because I usually participate. Yes, we do have intellectual conversations outside of class, and they are quite enjoyable. We don't seem to be very competitive, but I always have been. LING 270 was pretty sweet, but I also like PSC 100 Survey of Astronomy. My major is Englistics, that is, English and Linguistics. I really love both of them, and so far they seem to love me back. The teachers are great, the classes are great, and everyone seems to care about the topic. I don't spend much time with professors outside of class, but if I need to I'm sure I could. The school's requirements aren't bad, but the College of Arts and Sciences can get a little ridiculous. I'm geared toward learning for it's own sake, but I think it depends on the student and the major.


Although I enjoy the atmosphere and student body at OU, I have felt as though some of the professors in some of my classes do not seem very enthusiastic about their subject. I believe that a lack of enthusiasm in professors leads to an uninterested class of students. However, in some classes, such as my German class and my Current Events class, I have witnessed a great enthusiasm from professors, which has served to help me become interested in the subject being taught, as well.


All of my professors know my name, because I'm in classes with 25 students of less. True, there are big lecture hall classes, but I'd say the student to teacher ratio is very good here. My favorite class is geography 330 (Western Europe) with professor Hugh Bloemer. Perhaps it's because geography is my major. But Dr. Bloemer is so experienced in geography, cartography, and knows the subject like the back of his hand. He makes the class very interesting too.


Professors are really knowledgeable and willing to help out. I absolutely hate having Teaching assistants or grads are teachers, but it doesn't happen as much here as with other colleges. My freshman years has been filled with a majority of actual professors.




My favorite class has to be the Philosophy 120 class that I am taking this quarter. The professor is extremely intelligent, yet he has a likable personality, and it's quite easy to talk to him. The School of Journalism has high expectations of its students, as we must take a wide range of classes in order to get a journalism degree. Plus, we must get a C or better in the journalism "core" classes, or we must retake the classes again.


In my smaller classes my professors know me by name, but not so much in my lecture classes that consist of 400 people. My least favorite class is math. The most unique class I've taken in anatomy 204. I feel that people underestimate the competitiveness of the curriculum of many classes. People think that OU is easy to get in and an easy school with classes, when in reality the classes are challenging.


I really enjoy my professors, they're all really helpful. Office hours really make a difference.


I learned more from one quarter of classes at Ohio than I learned in four years of high school. The teachers are always willing to help out and if you pay attention and do the homework its almost impossible not to learn things.


Ohio has very diverse academics. You have so many different directions to do in, it was a great place to go as an undecided freshman.


Academics are like at most colleges I imagine. If you want to talk to a professor they're usually available, even in larger lecture hall classes.


There is not common class participation because classes are slightly huge. But most students are very competitive. Ohio's academic requirements are pretty fair, and it is definitely geared towards getting ajob. Too expensive though.


Studying happens when you need to study, and thats totally cool. Get your stuff done, and then go out and have fun. We party a lot, but also always do our work.


Professors in smaller classes know my name, and if I made the slightest effort they could learn it in the larger classes. My favorite class is chemistry where we get to play around with dangerous chemicals and fire. My least favorite is calculus- dry, dull and boring. Some students never open a book, and some do nothing but study and pull all-nighters a few days in a row. Class participation depends on the class. Some students have intellectual conversations, but some don't- it depends on the student. Again, some students are competitive and some aren't. I'm a Forensic chemistry major in the chem department. It's pretty cool, my professors are former police detectives and we get hands on experience. I spend time with some professors outside of class. Ohio's academic requirements could be tougher. Some classes are geared towards emplyoment, and some towards learning.


I did/do not have any problem going to class everyday. I love the smaller classes because it gives you more of an opportunity to get to know your professors and peers one on one. This makes you want to go to class more often and makes you feel involved. One of my favorite classes here was definitely World of Plants with Art Trese. My least favorite is Intro to Health and Life Choices with Julie Miller because it is an online class and I am not about it. Also, the professor is sort of a bitch.


My least favorite class was either BIOS 103 (8 a.m. M-F fall quarter) or my poorly taught Art History class. My favorite class and one I would recommend to anybody is Social Work 101 with Sylvia Hawranick, class was always interesting and tests weren't too hard. Bigger lecture classes are nice if it's a subject you grasp easily, for a subject you struggle in the smaller classes are best; that way if you struggle the teacher more than likely knows names to faces and it'll be easier to get help.


worst teachers of all time, extremely opinionated,biased and all of them have an agenda. the classes are miserably boring. it is absolutely ridiculously that art and science majors have to take two years of a language, also the quarters system is absolutely horrible. the academics of this school is the reason im transferring


I hate Geography labs, I hate science. Students study all hte time. I know some of my professors names not all, i never talk to most ofthem. Class participation depends on class size. Intellectual conversations depend on the student not everyone's smart.


I have had an excellent academic experience here. If you want an easy ride there are some majors and classes that are, but if you want to challenge yourself and get the best education possible, you can. I have been accepted into a PhD program in psychology next year, and I feel my academic experience here has really prepared me. I love the variety of classes available as well. Psychology department is awesome.


My favorite class was probably my Plant Biology lab. I hate science, but this was a really neat interactive class where we made different things every week like paper, waffles out of scratch by taking apart the wheat brans and seeds, etc. Students study probably everynight for a little bit, and then cram before the big tests. Students are competitive if their major is harder to get into. In Early Childhood you have to apply to get into the program first, which has driven me to do really well this year with competing against others. The education at Ohio is geared both towards getting a job and learning for its own sake.


The small classes are beneficial. My professors typically know my name in the smaller classes, but not the large lecture hall classes. I actually have one professor who passes out pieces of paper to prove students participate. Yes students are competitive and have intellectual conversations outside of class.


Like many other colleges, Ohio University has classes with over 400 students in it, and others with only about 20. The professor's seem very qualified and passionate about what they teach. As a result (but not solely due to the professors, for many students have always held a passion for certain subjects), that same kind of passion can be seen throughout the students. Even though OU has a reputation of being a party school, that does not keep students from taking their studies seriously. We even have extra sessions for certain classes that are commonly well-attended. OU offers tons of majors, minors, and certificates amongst which its students can find something that interests them. Ohio has an education abroad program, a foreign exchange program, and as I am an education major, I know firsthand that it also has an excellent College of Education. I'm motivated and excited about my education classes and learning to become a teacher. The professors and faculty of OU are reachable and relatable too which makes it that much easier to connect and learn. Intellectual conversations often take place outside of the classroom, as OU as a whole is an entire learning experience.


Most professors really want to see you suceed and make themselves available frequently for discussion or help. 101 classes are huge and professors rarely get to know you on a personal level.


I feel that while some of the classes are so big that there is no way they can all know your name they try their best. If you make it a point to meet your professors and get to know them they will remember who you are. Once you get into your classes of your major they are smaller and focus more on you as a student. I am a physical education major and my professor are great. They get to know you and help you out in any way possible. I feel that the physical education program has changed for the better. They have a set of standards and make sure that you learn them. Also, they teach you how to teach something that applies to everyone.


I know my professors by name. Sometimes the classes are large, but I have never had a professor who was unwilling to meet with me persoanlly when I needed help. Some of the professors here are the kind of people you want to go get a beer with. Certain professors have really changes my outlook on life by what they teach and how they involve students. the best thing about many of my classes is that we are left to make our own decisions. It has really helped me grow as an individual. I think students have most of their intulectual conversations outside of class. You are only in class for a short period of time, so it is outside the classroom where real subjects come up and real meaning is found.


Students in my classes have often made our own study groups and through the library and the student help center there is always help available when you need it. I love the Career Services Department at the Baker Center. The Career Services not only helps decide what major you should consider, but they also help you get the job you want (including setting up interviews for you at their offices).


My professors usually don't know me by name, but that isbecause I am still taking 100 level lectures. I would say students study a lot compared to schools my friends go to. Class participation varies from class to class. My most unique class would be IART117. I like that OU has the tier program. I think education is geared towards both learning and getting a job.


Being in a master's program its a bit different, but I have pretty good relationships with the faculty in my department. While there are some students who take academics seriously, it is the exception to the rule, and one of the disappointments i have here. The classes do seem to be geared towards learning for learnings sake.


For the most part, I've had great relationships with my professors. If you need any extra help, professors are always willing. Ohio University does a good job of making sure you get enough classes outside of your major to get a broad education, while still making sure you get more than enough experience in your field of choice.


I really enjoy a lot of my classes. I have noticed that the chemistry courses are very tough. All classes vary in some way. Being a freshman i've been in mostly lectures. But there is still some class participation. In my sociology class we had class discussions everyday. In some classes there were no participation. I have a lot of intellectual conversations outside of class, more than I ever did at home. I'm a Human Biology major, and so far I have only taken the Intro Bios courses, which were quite difficult. I haven't really spent much time with my professors outside of class unless there was a problem or just picking up one of my exams. Being here for almost a full year, I have already realized how much information I have learned.


they are really bad.


small classes, professors are awesome for the most part, lots of students study outside. the school does a lot to help graduating seniors find jobs.




I have known all my professors fairly well and my experience has felt rather home like with is a good thing.


Academics at Ohio are what make Ohio such a great school. Class sizes vary, but usually in a class of 50-100 people professors do not have a hard time remembering names. Thus far, my favorite class has been in the English department (which is my major as well.) I have not personally spent time with professors outside of class, but I know many students who have. I understand the purpose for academic requirements is to make students more well-rounded; however, many of the requirements are a bit ridiculous. For example, I am a creative writing major. Because the English department is located in the school of Arts & Sciences, I am required to take 18 hours of natural science. While courses such as biology and anthropology may be beneficial to a science major, they are not beneficial to me. I feel as though I am wasting hours upon hours studying and attending classes that mean nothing to me, when I could be taking English courses that would better benefit my major and me.


Ohio has a great academic program, but sometimes I felt like the classes were too easy (keep in mind, I graduated magna cum laude). The professors are great and there's an awesome liberal feel to the entire campus. I definitely spent time with some professors outside of class, having lunch or dinner, and I regularly keep in touch with a couple professors even though I've graduated and moved on. As an education major, I don't feel as though the College of Education was rigorous enough with its curriculum, but it still did a great job preparing me for teaching and finding a job after college.


here the instructors are very dedicated to their work and making sure the students get the attention they need and know the information. They also make learning fun and unique to their own style. The big plus about OU is that there is so many tutoring services to help in any subject


I'm a visual communications (Vis Com) major at OU. The professors know the student's names in the classes, because they're so small (in Vis Com), and it has a pretty laid back, yet competitive atmosphere. Other large classes don't have that personal basis, but most professors are more than willing to work with the students and offer help with office hours or appointments. Students do study, some more that others, especially depending on the class. Student's do have intellectual discussions outside of class, whether it's working on a group project, or hanging out at dinner. Many fields at OU either require or strongly reccomend at least one internship to help students get job experience and possibly lead to a job after graduation. In Vis Com there are many guest lecturers who give advice and expectations for being in the "real world," but more importantly, many of the speakers (and teachers) inspire students to want to do better and succeed.


OU has some very strong academic programs. It is not known nationally for too many of those programs though. Some notable programs include: the Honors Tutorial College, Scripps School of Journalism, and Russ College of Engineering.


completely underrated. there are excellent professors to be found. large lecture classes exist, yes, but i've only had two in my entire two years. the scripps school is fabulous, and the honors tutorial college is unparalleled. the opportunities to be found within the HTC are mind-blowing.


Part of having reputation as a party school means that OU students can be perceived as a bunch of drunken idiots, which, even for people who do drink a lot, isn't always true. We do have our fair share of morons, of course, but at any given moment you can walk around and somewhere people will be having actual conversations - about classes, about politics, current events, whatever. We aren't a bunch of self-important, overintellectual ivy-leaguers, but we aren't totally stupid, and we do have opinions and ideas. For the most part I have to say that I do really like my classes here. Class participation really depends on the size, level, and subject of the class, but mostly I would say that if you want to be heard in class, you will be. My favorite class so far has been my archaeology class, because I have a good teacher with an awesome sense of humor. My least favorite has been my chemistry classes, but the only thing I can blame for that is my complete loathing of the subject.


I love all of my classes at Ohio University. My professors all know me, not just by name, but they remember who I am as a person. They take the time to get to know their students, and that makes all the difference in the classroom. My favorite class so far has been an introduction to French Literature. I loved that class, because we read so many different styles and authors, and the genres ranged from prose, to theater, to poetry. Another thing I have noticed about my classes is that my professors have presented the material in such a way as to encourage discussion, both in and out of the classroom. When a professor can get their students to talk about the material during their own free time, that says something to me. That says that the professors are passionate about their subjects, and that passion is passed on to their students.


I am a middle child education major with a math and science concentration. I really love the college of education. The professors are amazing!


There are some professors who get to know our names. Not very many, though. Most classes are pretty big so I'm sure it's difficult for them, especially when they teach so many classes during a single quarter. There are definitely those that make a real effort to get to know us. My favorite class was Social Work 101. Great professor, great topics, fantastic class. My least favorite was Social Work 350-Research Methods for Social Work. It wasn't taught well, professor was VERY unclear. Personally, I study a lot-mostly on the few days before an exam. I live with all freshman, though, who are still in their 101 classes who don't really study that often. Class participation varies from class to class. You'll get a lot of discussion in literature or political classes but not so much in psychology or science classes. I think that OU students do have intellectual conversations outside of class. We don't all just sit around talking about booze, I promise=) The most unique class I've taken is Biology 205-Reproductive Biology. The professor is kinda quirky and makes things in class fun. My major is okay, the department isn't fantastic. Had I know that I would be a Social Work major going in, I probably wouldn't have stuck around. The department is very unorganized, people just need to get on the same page, already! I don't spend time with professors outside of class and to be honest, I don't know a lot of people who do. OU academic requirements, at least for the College of Arts & Sciences, are pretty typical. I enjoy the classes that are outside of my major that I'm required to take. The education at OU if a little of both-for getting a job and for learning. The majority is learning for its own sake but a lot of professors will say "If you're going to be a social psychologist, this is the kind of thing you would be doing...", which helps=)


I can honestly say that I have been very satisfied with my academic classes at OU. I've found that for the most part, the teachers are knowledgeable and concerned about their students. I really haven't had an experience where it feels like the professor is just teaching the class. They are honestly interested in the topic they are teaching and want the students to be excited about it as well. The few times that I have had a teacher who wasn't fantastic, it is because they are either brand new professors or teaching an introductory course that is sometimes difficult to be excited about. While these courses can be frustrating, I always appreciate the course reviews at the end of the quarter where we can tell the professors that they aren't particularly great at one aspect of teaching or the other.


The classes aren't as big as you would considering the size of the school. There are about 25-30 students in most of the classes, so you get to know the teachers pretty well.


My major is a part of the Classics department, which is very small for the size of this campus. I wouldn't have it any other way, I love that I know my professors, they know me, and that I know that I can go to them for any help that I need.


From my experiences here, professors only know your name if you engage them or are failing in a small class and they take it upon themselves to talk to you about your grades. Class participation is usually only seen by the same three people in the class and all of them are sitting in the front row. Outside of class, the only talk about academia is whether or not you took the notes so that someone else can copy them from you.


I like how small my classes are, how they're all taught by professors instead of TA's that may or may not speak English. There's a wide enough variety of classes that I can fulfill GEC's and still have fun doing it.