Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There are two giant hills you must walk up and down on a daily basis but atleast you get a work out.


Very small amount of financial aid available for out of state low income students beyond Pell Grants.


The worst thing I can think is that the city seems to be in the middle of nowhere. But then again, that's one of the best things about Athens.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the noise in the dorms, but this is why they make study areas. The people down the hall from me are always loud and obnoxious while me and my roommate are trying to study.


Some people who attend this university are ignorant. Ignorant to people's cultures, and especially in regards to gender. I see too much misogyny here on campus. Too many disrespectful comments and actions solely based on someones gender (usually the extroverted gestures are committed by the guys here).


I love Ohio University and have a hard time coming up with the "worst thing" about it. But if I had to choose something, I'd say I was disappointed in the food that was offered. This sounds funny because there was so much variety, but that was part of my problem. I ended up eating a little of everything every day and got tired of it all pretty quickly. I think we need to go back to cafeteria-style food service where you only have a few choices rather than a full-on banquet at every meal.


There are so many hills


The fact that I am an out-of-state student I found myself to be at a disadvantage right off the bat. Many of the kids already knew each other and formed their cliques early, whereas my less socialable self has struggle to make any real good friends.


The partying and lack of focus on school work


I would say the worst thing about Ohio University is being so far from home. It is hard to adjust to college life when you are homesick and out of your comfort zone. However, I think it is essential to embrace this time away from home to truly learn about yourself and express your individuality. For that, the worst thing about my school becomes something that will benefit me for years to come.


The dining plan is the worst part of the school - it isn't very flexible and doesn't have much diversity. The school requires that you take the dining plan but I find myself using the plan dollars on laundry detergent, etc. more than food.


I wish they had a few more majors to help me figure out what i want to do


Ohio University has to many hills, that is my only complaint. I honestly can not come up with one bad thing about this school. I love this school!


The worst thing about my school is the reputation. it is known as a huge party school and most people get that image right away of me.


I hate the reputation. Anytime I am talking to a stranger and they say "Oh, OU the number one party school"...I have to take a minute to explain to them that Ohio University is so much more than a part school. It is a wonderful college that knows how to help its' students develop personaly and intellectually.


On South Green the rain floods the grass, however the school is fully aware of this and has built a catwalk so that even though it is annoying you are taken care of!


I feel that the worst thing about Ohio University is the lack of a shopping for the students. For example, students would have enjoyed a Target or even a small mall in addition to the local stores offered. I must mention that students are able to make the short treck to Columbus, but must have a car in order to do so. I strongly believe any sort of main stream shopping would have been beneficial.


I think the worst thing about Ohio University is having to walk around in the cold during the winter months.


OU is the number 2 party school in the country, which some people may like but I'm not much of a partier so it's kind of embarassing when that's all people associate OU with.


I felt that the lack of diversity at Ohio University was the worst thing about the school. It was very difficult for African-American students to get the things that they desired without having to travel to nearby Columbus or Parkersburg, West Virginia. I grew up in a diverse neighborhood and to experience real life segregation was very difficult for me. Though I sought to intergrate as much as possible, it was very difficult due to the fact that not to many blacks were education majors. I would often find myself being the only black in many of my courses.


Party school! It's the best and the worst at the same time.


The lack of personalization between teachers and students. Also, there are parties every night at OU. It is very easy to get distracted.


The worst thing about my school is the on-campus housing. There is not a large selection of housing on campus to choose from. The housing that is available is extremely costly and is not located near any major student buildings.


The worst part about my school is the emphasis of partying in all students.


I think that the above mentioned that is the most frusturating thing about Ohio University is probably the worst thing about Ohio University. Theres really nothing bad about this school, many of the students really enjoy being here and build friendships and skills for life.


Out of all of the things that Ohio University has to offer, it's hard to say that there's something generally bad about it. The classes encourage students to get involved and speak out. The campus is the perfect size to get around and visit off-campus places with ease of walking at maximum 10-15 minutes. The only thing that could be considered the worst thing is learning to find a balance between academics and social life, but if you really keep focused, it's not hard to find a happy medium.


The worst thing I would consider about my school is the weather. I would love for it just to be sunny and warm most of the time, but unfortunately there is alot of rain and snow. So it makes going to class bad since you have to walk through the weather.


The one thing that made me unsure about attending Ohio University was the location. It is located out in the middle of nowhere, theres not very many jobs available. I was nervous that I wasn't going to like being that far away from a city but in all honesty it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would.


I consider lack of tables/chairs in the dining halls to be one of the worst aspects. Many people want to go to the same dining hall and have to wait in an extensive line. Some people have even sat on the floor to eat because there weren't any tables or chairs available. There are four dining halls available, as well as grab and go facilities, and a food court. The food court /two of the dining halls are always overcrowded. Better food and updated facilities are two reasons that students tend to go to the same dining halls.


The worst thing about our school is the reputation that we have. I believe that we are a school of much more talented students than we give ourselves credit for, and this ultimately brings down the reputation and glory of attending Ohio University in the end.


The worst thing about my school is that it is not more than 30% handicapp accessible. I am not handicap but I do wonder sometime, if I would be able to go to this University if I were. I go to class each day and I admire those who need wheel chairs or crutches in order to get around campus. I wish that there were more buildings equipped to cater to handicap needs.


The thing i would consider worst about my school is that there is not enought diversity within the student body.


The fact that it is in the middle of no where and is in a small town with little activties to do other than study and drink.


The worst thing about Ohio University is probably its reputation. You hear on the news about all the bad things that happen at Ohio University, but really its not like that. I've been there a year and I don't view Ohio University as a horrible party school at all.


Not enough ethic diversity.


I think the worst thing about my school is the lack of shopping and variety of stores locally. Freshman are not allowed to park on campus so unless they know an upperclassmen or park off campus they are very limited in getting resources outside of Court Street, the markets and the student center. There are not many restaurants withing walking distance and the closest department stores or shopping mall requires a car.


I think the only problems with Ohio University is the diversity issue, but we are currently working hard on enrolling more racially diverse and ethnic peoples.


There is a lot of drinking which if done irresponsibly can negatively impact course work.


The worst thing about Ohio University in Athens Ohio, would have to be the cost. The reason I say this is because I don't have enough financial aid, even though I was supposed to be fully covered, and I need money to be able to go to school.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of smokers.


There's too many hills while walking to class.


Too many people drink alcohol on campus.


The worst thing I consider about Ohio University is its reputation. OU has a rep as being a party school but that is not all that it has to offer. Alot of the times when I tell people I go here I get the response that I must like to drink. Yes OU has a big party scene but any school our size is going to. The majority of the student body is here to get a good education which OU can give them. There is also plenty to do here that does not involve partying or drinking.


Ohio University is a wonderful place to attend college. However, this school has many financial problems. We always seem to be cutting budgets in every area and raising tuition. The administration then fails to communicate to the students and families where all of the money is being allocated, leaving a large disconnect between the student body and the school administration.


The hills! A bit of advice: don't wear flip flops when it rains or you'll bite the brick.


Teacher's don't make students go to events or extra curricular activities, which they should, because there are a bunch of good things to do, but we didn't have incentive to do them. It is also expensive to see many things, so activities should be cheaper. And we had no transportation system.


The poor availablity of on-campus jobs. Most of the on -campus jobs are for the students who qualify for financial aid, which is unfair the rest of us struggling college students.


The worst thing about my school is the president and his misguidedness about what the students and faculty want and need. He really seems to be doing the complete opposite of what is wanted from him and although he gets terrible reviews from the faculty and student body, he continues to change policy and get rediculous pay raises.


It is almost impossible to get any financial aid unless you do sports or are black. It is also hard to get career service advice/help.


When they say that Ohio University is a party school, they do mean it. While this might bother some prospective students, it is still a very safe environment for all students who drink or don't.