Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Age of dorms, lack of A/C


As a junior at Ohio University, I still have the worry of not being able to get in the classes needed for me to graduate on time. Due to the increasing number of interested students in my major, the faculty numbers are low. Also, these classes are only offered during certain quarters, which leads to increasing classroom sizes and less one on one interaction within the classroom. Needless to metion, not all students are able to get into the needed classes, resulting in a later graduation date and more expenses.


Ohio University is many things, but organized is not one of them. I have heard countless stories from friends and classmates detailing how they went to an advisor for academic help only to end up more confused. One friend in particular considered transferring schools after he became so frustrated with the lack of guidance and accountability in regards to his major. In addition, the school is now in the process of moving from quarters to semesters, which I fear will only agitate the problem.


Ohio University has been given a reputation of a "party school," and in some ways that is true. Drinking on the weekends is a major part of OU's social culture. For students who do not drink, it can be difficult to find things to do on the weekends, although if they are creative, they can find plenty of fun options.


There is a bit more drinking by my peers than I would like. Drinking and going to parties once in a while is fun, but I've seen too many people drink too much here. It interferes with academics and can be a major nuisance.


As a conservative, I sometimes feel out of place on campus--especially come election time. People are very passionate about their political views, and sometimes it comes off as abrasive or unfriendly (if you have contrasting views.)


I think that the worst thing about my schoool would be the lack of diversity on campus. College is a place for others to learn from other people and it seems that a lot of the people on campus have similar backgrounds and have never interacted with people who are differernt from themselves.


Off-Campus housing, there are struggles between landlords and students.


The worst thing about my school is scheduling because it is based on how many credits you have. Therefore, you never get into your first choice classes unless you took college classes in highschool.


The worst thing about my school is its unfortunate reputation for being a party school. I feel this description discredits my university highly because I can compare other universities to mine and I feel the amount of drinking/ partying is similar at other schools. It's just a shame that our academics which do shine when looked at cannot shine past our reputation.


distance from towns and activities you have to have a car to get to things such as the movies and walmart, and those are the only stores close to campus


I believe that the lack of ethnic diversity is detrimental to the social atmosphere of minorities. There are very little activities that allow for an inclusive atmosphere for minorities. Being the only black person in many of my classes also makes me feel uncomfortable.


Personally, the distance for me is the worst thing. My hometown is 6 hours away so I can never really go home for a weekend visit.


Ohio University has been labeled a "party school" which is not a false statement but I feel it carries a negitive connotation. OU students are very talented and hard working, but this effort is sometimes lost due too our reputation.


freshman dorms


There seems to be a bad reputation about freshman drop-out rates dues to the parties held off campus involving alcohol.


I think the only negative thing I would have to say about OU is the amount of people who come here and don't respect the Bobcats. They're all about OSU and the Bukeyes, which is great, but have some loyalty to what will be your alma mater.


The lack of loyalty to the football team and the constant desire to drink to have fun.


It has gotten some bad press in the recent past.


The cost of education and living


As much as I enjoy my school and its surroundings, there are not many cultural things to do, i.e., museums, arts & craft galleries, etc.


The emphasis placed on drinking and heavy partying can be distracting. There were countless times last year when I would be trying to sleep and had to listen to drunken screams and yells in the hallways and outside our window. While there are plenty of activites for students who do not wish to partake in those kind of social activities, those who do go out and drink every night tend to be a distraction to everyone else.